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We dedicate this book to our long-suffering partners, Gary Cleaver and John Callaghan, who kept us supplied with food, drink, and encouragement while we slaved over our laptops every evening and weekend writing this book.


We thank our colleagues across many organizations over the years who have assisted us in our attempts to put best practices into practice. In particular, Liz Gallacher would like to thank Dave Cousin, who encouraged her to follow her instincts and gave her the opportunity to do just that in two major projects.

We thank the teachers who shared their passion for service management during our ITIL V2 Manager courses all those years ago: Ben Weston, Andrew Jacobs, and Mark Haddad, who taught Helen, and Dave Wheeldon and Lloyd Robinson, who taught Liz. Our commitment to focusing our careers in IT service management can be traced back to those few intense weeks.

We thank all the students we have taught for sharing their experiences with us and the clients who have had faith in us and our ability to put theory into practice. Our understanding of service management grows and develops with every organization we work with.

We thank all the ITIL trainers, wherever they are, spreading the service management message every week of the year.

We thank Dave Jones and Jim Tebby for checking the content of this book and for the helpful suggestions they made.

About the Authors

Liz Gallacher  is a service management consultant and trainer with 30 years of practical experience. She placed in the top 5 percent of candidates in the ITIL Manager certificate and was invited to join the ISEB V2 Managers Certificate Examiners panel. She holds the ITIL Expert certification and is a certified ISO/IEC 20000 consultant.

Liz provides consultancy and training on all aspects of IT service management, focusing on the ITIL framework and the ISO/IEC2000 standard. She has designed and implemented improvement initiatives covering many areas of service management for a variety of organizations, large and small. Her experience over the past 30 years has been a mixture of consultancy, training, and implementation, including setting up service desks for many large organizations, working with clients to design their service management processes, and evaluating and implementing service management toolsets that met their requirements. She also advises organizations seeking certification against the ISO/IEC 20000 standard, performing gap analyses, advising and mentoring improvement plans, and so on.

Liz has worked for global organizations, central and local government departments, the U.K. National Health Service, and many others. She has set up service management organizations from scratch. In each case, she designed and documented the processes, procured the service management toolset, recommended the organizational structure, drafted job descriptions, and recruited several hundred staff over a number of projects. She then trained the staff and devised appropriate marketing campaigns to publicize the new service desks to the customer base.

She has implemented service improvement initiatives for several clients, combining improvements in processes and tools with customer awareness coaching for IT staff. For a national railway infrastructure organization, she implemented a 24×7×365 service desk to replace 18 other sources of support, delivering a service that was assessed by the Gartner and Maven organizations to be “world class” and “highly efficient.”

She has provided consultancy on many aspects of service management, including service-level management, change management, request fulfillment, and incident and problem management. She has compiled detailed service catalogs.

For many clients, Liz has gathered toolset requirements, evaluated products, and recommended the purchase of products that matched the requirement. She has also specified the tool configuration to support the processes, delivered the required reporting, and overseen the implementation. She has also delivered user training.

Liz has developed and delivered customized training for clients covering particular aspects of service management. She has also coauthored classroom and distance-learning courses covering the ITIL framework. She delivers ITIL foundation and intermediate training and consultancy worldwide, with courses in 22 countries so far, as well as the United Kingdom. With Helen Morris, she has devised an innovative blended approach to mentoring and supporting clients remotely.

Helen Morris  provides quality training and consultancy to organizations, assisting with delivery of IT service management. She specializes in providing cultural change support and training to organizations to enable the full exploitation of the benefits from implementing service management best practices.

Helen has 25+ years of experience in service management, including operational management of service desks, technical support teams, and service level management. She holds the ITIL Expert qualification and has delivered service management training for many years. She now delivers ITIL foundation and intermediate training in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. She has coauthored and recorded distance-learning courses covering the ITIL framework. Helen is also a certified ISO/IEC 20000 consultant.

Helen is an experienced trainer, consultant, and service delivery manager focused on providing customer satisfaction and business benefits. Many of her assignments involve an initial assessment against best practices, recommendations for improvement, and target setting. She leads programs to achieve significant improvements in customer satisfaction, quality of service, reduced costs, and better control.

Helen has presented at a number of international service management conferences, and she blogs regularly on service management topics. With Liz Gallacher, she has devised a unique approach to mentoring, providing assistance and resources to clients while encouraging them to develop the skills they need without the need for expensive on-site consultancy.

As an experienced consultant, Helen has led a number of successful service management improvement programs, working with organizations to develop their service management strategy and being a key player in the implementation of the strategy within the organizations. She has delivered strategic improvements in customer satisfaction, service delivery, and regulatory standards.

Helen managed the support environment for a Microsoft partner and supported the launch of Windows 95, implementing an improvement initiative to achieve the required customer satisfaction targets. Throughout this period, Helen was also leading a team to achieve and maintain successful ISO 9001 compliance within the division. This included extensive process reengineering in the support division to ensure an efficient and effective
process to support the customer satisfaction targets.

An assignment with a blue-chip telecommunications company allowed Helen to implement strategies for introducing best practices into the service delivery management team as the lead for the rollout of ITIL. This formed part of the company initiative to achieve BS15000 (a precursor to ISO 20000), in which Helen was a key player, specializing in incident and problem management.

Many of Helen's assignments have involved assessing and restructuring the support environment to provide improvements in cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. This has often required working across a broad spectrum of the business to achieve an agreed-on approach within the organization. Helen was the lead consultant in delivering the service improvement program for an outsource provider; she provided support services and networks for a large number of blue-chip and financial institutions, delivered by a service support function of more than 120 personnel. Helen achieved and maintained an improvement in service levels from 80 percent to 95 percent (target) within three months across all service areas.

Helen and Liz co-wrote the successful Sybex ITIL Foundation Study Guide and the ITIL Lifecycle Exams Companion Guide.