Prescription for Lasting Success

Prescription for Lasting Success

Leadership Strategies to Diagnose Problems and Transform Your Organization
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von: Susan Reynolds

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Transform your team during crises and establish an enthusiastic and strategic culture In an approach similar to the way a doctor reads a chart and runs tests to diagnosis an illness, Prescription for Lasting Success offers a practical system for solving problems in an organization. Leaders can get back on track and increase their effectiveness in spite of significant change. Readers learn to diagnose the 4 Ps: purpose, passion, planning, and people. Using the 4 Ps model, the book gives practical suggestions to help teams, businesses, and associations increase their effectiveness and help organizations transform into dynamic, profitable entities. Particular focus is given to finding ways to incorporate purpose and ignite passion into the workplace, and remove obstacles to peak performance Addresses how the model can be used to achieve peak performance in the workplace and maintain it over an extended period of time Dr. Susan Reynolds is President and CEO of The Institute for Medical Leadership. A former emergency physician, emergency medical center CEO, and White House health care advisor, Dr. Reynolds is the creator and Program Director for the highly acclaimed Chief of Staff Boot Camps Get the right prescription for your organization's issues and help them thrive, even in times of great challenge.
Acknowledgments xi Introduction 1 Looking Beyond the Chief Complaint 5 What is Success? 8 PART ONE The Diagnosis from Outside-In: Assessing Your Organization 11 CHAPTER 1 Introducing the 4-Ps Model for Strategic Transformation 13 Defining the 4 Ps of Organizational Transformation 14 Building a Dynamic Organization 17 Diagnosing Organizations from Outside-In 17 Looking Within an Organization 19 The 4 Ps for Organizational Transformation 20 The Success of Apple 23 Diagnosing and Treating 25 CHAPTER 2 The 4 Ps and Effective Leadership: Assessing Your Leadership Style 27 Defining the Four Aspects of Personal Health 28 Leadership and Health 29 CHAPTER 3 The 4 Ps and Organizational Transformation: Assessing Your Organization 35 Look Beyond the Chief Complaint 38 Lasting Success 40 PART TWO The Treatment from Inside Out: Transforming Your Organization 43 CHAPTER 4 Realigning Your Organization’s Purpose and Core Values 45 Core Purpose: The Mission Statement 46 The Netflix Story: Changing Its Core Purpose 48 Core Values 50 Core Values Gone Awry: The Wall Street Debacle 51 Core Values as Guideposts for Success: The Story of Zappos 52 Evolving Missions: Assessing Your Market 53 Personal Mission Statements 55 Changes in the Healthcare Industry 56 CHAPTER 5 Restoring Passion in the Workplace 61 The Effect of a Positive Attitude 62 The Effect of Negative Emotions 64 The Biochemistry of Emotion 65 Releasing Negative Emotions 66 Dealing with Boredom 66 Resolving Anger 68 Dispelling Fear 69 Recognizing Burnout 72 The Power of Positive Emotions 72 The Power of Caring 75 Passion in the Workplace 75 CHAPTER 6 Creating and Communicating a Compelling Organizational Vision 79 The Importance of Vision in an Organization 81 Where Does Vision Come From? 83 Creating an Organizational Vision 85 Guided Imagery Exercise 86 Vision and Creative Problem Solving: Improving Patient Satisfaction in the Emergency Department 89 Communicating and Creating Buy-In to Your Vision 90 Connecting with Your Audience 90 Listening 91 Building Rapport 94 Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) 96 Are You Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic? 98 NLP Mismatch 100 Leading with Vision: The Story of Meriter Medical Group 101 CHAPTER 7 Developing a Strategic Plan for Organizational Transformation 105 Internal and External Organizational Analysis 106 Goal Setting 107 TheWorking-Backwards Process 108 Developing Three to Five Specific Organizational Goals 109 Developing Two to Four Specific Objectives for Each Goal 110 Time: Create a Timeline for Each Step 110 Talent: Build Your Team 115 Treasure: DetermineWhat Resources You Need 115 Do a Reality Check 116 Prioritizing Goals and Objectives 116 Remain Open to New Opportunities 117 Telling Others about Your Goals—AWord of Caution 118 Create a Feedback Loop to Assess Your Progress on a Quarterly Basis, and Adjust Your Plan Accordingly 119 Reward Your Team for Reaching Milestones 119 Personal Strategic Planning 120 CHAPTER 8 Developing People, Transforming Your Culture 123 The Value of the Right Human Capital 124 Motivating Others 126 Coaching to Improve Performance 127 Mentoring Generation Y 130 Building an Effective Team 132 Invest in People 135 The Power of Rewards 136 Physical Assets 137 CHAPTER 9 Making Success Last: The 5th P, Perseverance 141 The 5th P: Perseverance 142 Elements of Perseverance 145 The Importance of Renewal 147 Building versus Maintaining 149 The Time Frame Challenge 150 Perseverance in Business 150 Assessing Perseverance 152 Personal Perseverance Scale 153 Organizational Perseverance Scale 153 Improving Commitment 153 Improving Focus 154 Improving Endurance 154 Improving Renewal 155 CHAPTER 10 The Final Prescription: A Strategic Transformation Summit 157 Putting All 5 Ps Together 158 Pre-Summit Preparation 159 Step 1: Choose the Right People to Participate in the Summit 159 Step 2: Do an Environmental Scan 159 Step 3: Do a SWOT Analysis. Identify Key Issues that Need to be Addressed 160 Step 4: Complete an Organizational Health Assessment 160 The 5 Ps Summit 161 Introduction: Give an Overview of the 5 Ps Process 161 The 1st P: Purpose and Core Values 161 The 2nd P: Passion 162 The 3rd P: Planning—Part 1: Vision 163 The 3rd P: Planning—Part 2: Setting Goals and Objectives 164 The 4th P: People and Physical Assets 165 The 5th P: Perseverance 167 An Organization in Transformation: The California Medical Association 169 Transforming Your Organization 172 APPENDIX A Personal Health Assessment 175 Personal Health Assessment 176 Person: Physical Health 176 Planning: Mental Health 177 Passion: Emotional Health 178 Purpose: Spiritual Health 179 Total Health Assessment Score 180 Interpretation of Scores 180 Person: Physical Health 180 Planning: Mental Health 181 Passion: Emotional Health 181 Purpose: Spiritual Health 182 Total Health 183 APPENDIX B Organizational Health Assessment 185 Organizational Health Assessment 186 People and Physical Assets 186 Planning 187 Passion 188 Purpose 189 Total Organizational Health Assessment Score 190 Interpretation of Scores 190 People and Physical Assets 190 Planning 191 Passion 191 Purpose 192 Total Organizational Health 193 Notes 195 About the Author 203 Index 205
SUSAN F. REYNOLDS, MD, Phd, is the President and CEO of The Institute for Medical Leadership®, which for over twelve years has been conducting organizational assessments, leadership development seminars, executive and physician coaching, and strategic planning retreats for numerous organizations. A former emergency physician, emergency medical center CEO, and White House healthcare advisor, Dr. Reynolds is the creator and Program Director for the highly acclaimed Chief of Staff Boot Camp®. She is also a keynote speaker and consultant for businesses and Fortune 500 companies, as well as hospitals, health systems and medical society CEOs, and physician leaders.
This book is about not just any success; it is about lasting success. Being able to sustain success requires more than a quick fix. Lasting success requires setting goals that allow an organization to grow while also providing much needed products and services to its marketplace. It requires effective leadership and perseverance at every level of your organization. In a method similar to the way a doctor reads a chart and runs tests to diagnosis an illness, Prescription for Lasting Success offers a practical system for solving problems in any organization. Author Susan Reynolds, MD, PhD, presents a unique approach to leadership development and organizational transformation based on four levels of assessment and focused change. The 4 Ps model of strategic transformation, focusing on Purpose, Passion, Planning, and People, enables leaders to improve their effectiveness and allows organizations to succeed during periods of significant transformation. This book offers proven guidance on how to maintain peak performance over an extended period of time. You'll learn how to: Realign your organization's strategies with your overarching purpose Find ways to inspire purpose and ignite passion in the workplace Create and communicate a compelling organizational vision Develop a strategic plan for sustainable transformation Incorporate the 5th P—perseverance—into your corporate culture, making it a part of your ongoing renewal process Meaningful change must come from within. Prescription for Lasting Success offers a formula for strengthening the weakest areas of your business. Get the right prescription for your organization's issues and help it thrive, even in times of great challenge.
Praise for Prescription for Lasting Success "On a bookshelf full of management and leadership books, Prescription for Lasting Success stands out. It stands out because it is based on real-world experience and histories, not on theory or assumption. It stands out because these techniques have worked time and again, and it stands out because it is logical and makes sense. These are the factors that will allow it to stand the test of time." —Richard F. Corlin, MD, Past President, American Medical Association "It has always surprised me that so few companies/organizations can explain why customers and clients should do business with them. Dr. Reynolds's 4 Ps get to the root of the matter—especially in describing the need to articulate a company's purpose and passion. Organizational leaders would be well served to understand and implement these principles, as sustainable success is sure to follow." —James L. Weidner, CEO, Cooperative of American Physicians "Susan has captured the essence of my own experience with her leadership development and executive coaching here at Northeast Georgia Health System. Prescription for Lasting Success offers a foundation for personal and organizational development that one can continue to build on for years to come." —Carol Burrell, President and CEO, Northeast Georgia Health System "Leadership takes on real life in Dr. Reynolds's must-read book. It is filled with practical approaches and results-oriented suggestions. Challenges facing physicians and hospitals will be dealt with more effectively by everyone who reads this worthwhile contribution to the literature." —C. Duane Dauner, President and CEO, California Hospital Association "Prescription for Lasting Success is literally a masterpiece. It hits all the notes perfectly, talking about people and organizations and why they are successful and why they fail and even how they can be resurrected and healed. The book is not for the faint of heart nor is it written in academic jargon that masks the passion and joy of unbridled success. It is written by an exceptionally gifted author who herself has faced incredible challenges and accepted both defeat and success as treasures. I promise you that once you turn to the first page you are in for a great learning experience." —Charles S. Lauer, author and former publisher, Modern Healthcare magazine

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