Practical Support for Lean Six Sigma Software Process Definition

Practical Support for Lean Six Sigma Software Process Definition

Using IEEE Software Engineering Standards
, Band 70 1. Aufl.

von: Susan K. Land, Douglas B. Smith, John W. Walz

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Practical Support for Lean Six Sigma Software Process Definition: Using IEEE Software Engineering Standards addresses the task of meeting the specific documentation requirements in support of Lean Six Sigma. This book provides a set of templates supporting the documentation required for basic software project control and management and covers the integration of these templates for their entire product development life cycle. Find detailed documentation guidance in the form of organizational policy descriptions, integrated set of deployable document templates, artifacts required in support of assessment, organizational delineation of process documentation.
Preface xiii Acknowledgments xv 1. Introduction and Overview 1 2. Standards and Software Process Improvement 7 3. 12207 Primary Life Cycle Processes 17 4. 12207 Supporting Life Cycle Processes 67 5. 12207 Organizational Processes 133 6. Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals 161 7. Lean Six Sigma Techniques and DMAIC 173 8. Applying Lean Six Sigma 233 Appendix A. 12207 Supporting Work Products 245 Appendix B. Planning For Small Projects 357 Appendix C. CD ROM Reference Summary 367 Appendix D. IEEE Standards Abstracts 369 Appendix E. Mapping From IEEE 12207 to ISO/IEC 12207:2008 377 Appendix F. Acronyms 379 References 383 IEEE Publications 383 ISO Publications 385 Lean Six Sigma References 386 Other References 389 Index 393 About the Authors 411
"The book will be useful to software project managers, developers, and organizations deploying process improvement practices, because of its comprehensiveness. Students of software engineering may finds its templates useful, as they provide a simulated project environment." (Computing Reviews, December 22, 2008)
SUSAN K. LAND is employed by MITRE, a not-for-profit organization chartered to operate in the public interest. She has more than twenty years of industry experience in the practical application of software engineering methodologies. Ms. Land is an active volunteer supporting the IEEE Computer Society. A former vice president of the Standards Activities Board (SAB) for the Computer Society, she now serves as a member of this board and as a member of the Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC). She is also the author of Jumpstart CMM/CMMI Software Process Improvement: Using IEEE Software Engineering Standards, and with John W. Walz, Practical Support for CMMI SW Software Project Documentation: Using IEEE Software Engineering Standards, and Practical Support for ISO 9001 Software Project Documentation: Using IEEE Software Engineering Standards (all published by Wiley). DOUGLAS B. SMITH is a Northrop Grumman Information Technology Technical Fellow and Program Manager of the Northrop Grumman IT Defense Group Lean Six Sigma Program. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has been involved in process improvement since 1987. He is a member of the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society. JOHN W. WALZ retired as senior manager of supply chain management at Lucent Technologies. His thirty-year career at Lucent & AT&T was highlighted by customer-focused and results-oriented management. Mr. Walz is Vice President of the SAB and also serves as a member of the S2ESC.
Detailed guidance on developing Lean Six Sigma processes In the race to remain competitive in a global economy, businesses are looking for methods to continuously improve software projects and to make the software they produce more reliable. Increasingly, government agencies and commercial companies are turning to Lean implementations of Six Sigma project management as a viable solution. Practical Support for Lean Six Sigma Software Process Definition illustrates how software process definition, documentation, and improvement should be an integral part of every software engineering effort. The book begins with the fundamentals of software engineering, and goes on to supply software project managers and development staff with the materials needed to define their core software development processes and practices. Next, it helps support the refinement of these software and systems engineering processes using Lean Six Sigma methods. Practical Support for Lean Six Sigma Software Process Definition offers: An overview of Lean Six Sigma methodologies Detailed organizational policy examples An integrated set of over 40 deployable document templates Examples of over 70 common work products required in support of process improvement activities Examples of organizational delineation of process documentation The goal is to provide practical support for individuals responsible for the development and documentation of software processes and procedures and present the reader with an integrated set of documents that support the initial requirements of a Lean Six Sigma program. Practical Support for Lean Six Sigma Software Process Definition is the only book available specifically geared to help engineering teams, software project managers, and quality managers implement Lean Six Sigma processes from an IEEE standards-driven and software engineering best practices approach.

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