Power Boating For Dummies

Power Boating For Dummies

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von: Randy Vance

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 13.04.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470486917
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Power Boating For Dummies is a guide to power boating for both new and experienced boaters. It advises readers of necessary boating supplies, safety concerns and equipment, accessories, and includes locations of boating facilities, and how to safely pilot the ship.
Introduction. Part I: Getting On the Right Boating Track. Chapter 1: Powering Up to Be a Boater. Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Boat Type and Engine for Your Boating Needs. Chapter 3: Finding and Buying the Right Boat for You. Chapter 4: Accessorizing Your Boat for Safety and Fun. Part II: Safely Operating Your Boat. Chapter 5: Towing Your Boat and Maintaining Your Trailer. Chapter 6: Launching and Loading Your Trailered Boat. Chapter 7: Hitting the Open Water: Driving Your Boat. Chapter 8: Docking, Rafting Up, and Anchoring. Part III: With Much Boating Fun Comes Much Responsibility. Chapter 9: Rules Do Apply: Navigating to Avoid Collisions and Confusion. Chapter 10: Finding Your Way on the Water. Chapter 11: Navigating Bad Weather. Chapter 12: Preparing for and Handling Boating Emergencies. Part IV: Keeping Your Boat Shipshape. Chapter 13: Keeping Up with Routine Boat Maintenance. Chapter 14: Getting Your Boat Ready for Winter and Spring. Chapter 15: Repairing Leaks and Other Damage to Your Boat. Part V: Enjoying Your Boat. Chapter 16: Finding a Safe Harbor for Your Boat. Chapter 17: The Well-Fed Boater. Chapter 18: Getting Your Feet Wet with Boat Clubs. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 19: Ten Tactics That Separate Pros from Amateurs. Chapter 20: Ten Important Items to Keep Onboard. Chapter 21: Ten (Plus Two) Mechanical Checks for Buying a Pre-Owned Boat. Index.
Randy Vance is a lifelong boater who has made a career of writing about boating. As the operator of a small resort and marina in Missouri for more than 20 years, Vance hosted or appeared on many radio and television programs covering boating and fishing topics. During his tenure at Boating Life, the magazine and some of Vance's articles have won awards in many publishing circles.
Your comprehensive guide to captaining your own boat Whether you're a nautical novice or an experienced boater, this friendly guide explains everything you need to know about owning and operating a power boat. From the basics of safe seamanship and docking and mooring techniques to necessary equipment, routine maintenance, and hosting guests, you'll discover how to get the most out of this exciting sport. Power up to be a boater— determine what type of boat is right for you, set your boat budget, and get trained and licensed Gear up for safety and fun — select quality safety gear, secure and protect your boat, and make a splash with watersports activities Handle your boat like a pro — tow your boat, maintain your trailer, launch and load your boat, and drive properly and safely Be a responsible boater — know boating rules and regulations, read boat lights, and understand navigation markers Keep your boat shipshape — perform maintenance and minor repairs (and know when to call a mechanic), and get your boat ready for winter and spring Open the book and find: Eight pages of color photos featuring different types of power boats available Details on all types of power boats, from fishing to sport Info on boating exams and safety courses Step-by-step instructions with illustrations for operating your boat Anecdotes from the author to help you avoid mistakes Checklists for buying new and used boats Tips on docking, rafting up, and anchoring Options and guidance on how and where to store your boat

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