Podcasting For Dummies

Podcasting For Dummies

3. Aufl.

von: Tee Morris, Chuck Tomasi

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 15.09.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119412267
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Produce a podcast like the pros More people than ever are turning to podcasts for on-demand, mobile entertainment and information. Podcasting For Dummies offers a fast and easy way to get the know-how you need to produce and distribute one of your very own. Written by a pair of podcasting pioneers, this book shares insight on the technology behind recording, editing, and sharing podcasts, along with tips and tricks on how to produce a pro-level podcast. Podcasting has enjoyed a recent boom thanks to a new crop of hit podcasts catching the ears of the public and media along with the continued growth of mobile and streaming devices as a source for entertainment. If you want to jump on the podcasting bandwagon, you've come to the right place! In this fully updated edition, would-be and experienced podcasters alike will get all the tech information, production insight, and promotional tips they need to either get a podcast off the ground or improve on an existing one. Get the gear you need Find your podcasting voice Find and build an audience Plan your podcast New tools have made it easier than ever to create a podcast—and this book shows you how.
Tee Morris was an early podcaster whose first podcasts helped build audiences for his writing. Today he is a social media and communications professional who podcasts on topics ranging from original fiction to Internet security to video game reviews. Chuck Tomasi is an IT professional who began with one podcast in 2004 and quickly grew to several more. He has taken his podcast passion to his day-job to drive community and sales.
Get the tools you need to produce your own podcast Find expert advice on producing outstanding content Discover helpful tips for building an audience Start podcasting like a pro Whether it's to help break up the monotony of a dull commute or just a fun way to escape the world for a bit, podcasts offer something for everyone — and listeners can't seem to get enough. If you're a budding Internet broadcaster with dreams of getting your thoughts and passions out to a like-minded audience, this easy-to-follow guide makes it simpler than ever to conceptualize, write, record, produce, and release a podcast that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Inside … Recommended podcasting hardware Understand audio settings Record your first podcast Reach your audience Podcast on the go Dabble in video podcasting Generate sponsorship income Subscribe to the companion podcast