Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch

Preserving Family Wealth Beyond the Third Generation
Bloomberg 1. Aufl.

von: Ilze Alberts

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Veröffentl.: 20.03.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781119486459
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Sustain and grow your family’s capital throughout generations Families need to have vision and foresight to sustain the family’s capital throughout generations. Unfortunately, many of them build wealth effectively but find, near the end of their lives, that it has little sustainability to prepare the next generations that will be the beneficiaries of their hard work. Passing the Torch teaches high net-worth families how to foster a strong family dynamic to be truly generational. Inside, first-generation wealth creators will learn how to create a culture of sustainability and growth and endow subsequent generations with the tools and mindset necessary to prosper. Subsequent generations will learn how to receive the torch, sustain and grow the family’s capital and pass the torch to the next generation. •    Discover the importance of emotional intelligence •    Learn to view generational wealth from a behavioral lens •    Transcend financial instruction to find a sense of purpose and direction •    Map out your family’s legacy Whether you’re consulting an advisor or taking matters into your own hands, this is the essential reference you need to sustain wealth for generations to come.
Foreword Preface My Story True Family Wealth Why Are You Reading This Book Chapter 1: What You Perceive Is Missing Drives You Perceiving a Lack of Money and What That Can Ignite The Power of Knowing What’s Most Important to You Live Your Destiny and Leave Your Mark in Life Chapter 2: The Wealth Creator Extraordinaire Live with a Vision and a Mission Vision, Mission, Dream, and Legacy—Build Your Powerful Family Chapter 3: The Genius of the Wealth Creator Extraordinaire Traits of a Mentally Empowered and Intelligent Person Chapter 4: The Wealth Creator Extraordinaire as a Business Leader Unlocking the Leader Inside How to Be a Great Businessperson Chapter 5: The Wealth Creator Extraordinaire as a Money Manager Chapter 6: The Wealth Creator Extraordinaire as a Family Leader How to Build Powerful and Strong Family Relationships Seven Keys to a Successful Marriage Traits of a Family Leader Chapter 7: The Wealth Creator Extraordinaire as a Social Leader Shaping Your Legacy Philanthropy, a Thinking Man’s Gift to the World Chapter 8: The Wealth Creator Extraordinaire as a Health and Vitality Leader Healthy Eating and Drinking Habits The Value of Exercise and Body Movement The Value of Breathing The Value of Rest and Restoration The Body-Mind Connection Is Gratitude the Key to Unlocking Happiness? Chapter 9: A Conversation with Dr. John Demartini Chapter 10: Principles of the Demartini Method, Based on Universal Laws and Truths Chapter 11: A Conversation with James E. Hughes, Author of Family Wealth Chapter 12: My Letter of Wishes for You Afterword Index
Ilze Alberts (South Africa) is a Wealth Psychologist, family expert and mentor, and international speaker. Her company, Ilze Alberts Incorporated, has attracted clients such as high net worth families, leaders of companies and political parties, and heads of prominent families. Ilze speaks at events hosted by wealth departments of banks, financial institutions, wealth conferences and expos. She publishes a monthly blog in a local South African online business called Biznews ( and regular blogs on her website and database of more than 5,000 subscribers. She is the go-to person in South Africa on the topic of “generational family wealth,” and journalists interview her regularly on the subject.

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