Paediatrics and Child Health

Paediatrics and Child Health

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von: Mary Rudolf, Malcolm I. Levene

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Veröffentl.: 02.02.2010
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Paediatrics and Child Health is the definitive guide to paediatrics for medical students. This brand new exciting edition has been completely revised for the contemporary curriculum. Paediatrics and Child Health follows a symptoms and problem-based approach. The book focuses on the full development of a child from birth through to adolescence. The authors’ expertise is enhanced by clear explanations and full colour presentation. The book has been designed for easy navigation for both in-depth learning and revision. Major features include: A CD Rom with demonstrations of child examination techniques with handy hints and tips 'Find your way around' mind maps that visualize important conditions and differential diagnoses Summary 'At a Glance' boxes for rapid revision A major self-assessment section to further aid revision High quality photographs and line drawings Paediatrics and Child Health is perfect for medical students, and junior doctors on Foundation Programmes, and will aid General Practitioners, paediatric nurses and MRCPCH examination candidates. Pre-publication reviews "I'd have loved to have discovered this book during my own paediatric rotation and exams! It's got lots of colourful illustrations and is really interesting and easy to read. It's a great text to use both as an introduction to paediatrics, as well as a brilliant revision guide. Definitely recommended to anyone trying to get to grips with the basics of paediatrics!" —Final year student, Oxford University "there is no other undergraduate textbook of Paediatrics available that offers such a concise yet complete exposition of the subject." —Final year student, Imperial Medical School "the best description and approach I've ever read to the notoriously difficult and problematic topic of paediatric history and examination" —Fourth year student, Southampton Medical School "the content is pared down to cover what students need to know and no more" —PhD student, Barts and QM medical school, London "Almost the perfect paediatrics textbook...this should be a really useful book" —Fifth year student, Oxford University Reviews of Previous Edition "…beautifully presented book… The 'At a Glance' summary presentations are a superb aid to student and registrar learning" —Family Practice "I do not know if there are other paediatric textbooks that could make paediatrics easier to read than this one." —Medical Student, Sydney University, Australia Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
Part 1 Introduction to paediatrics. 1 How to use this book. 2 About children. Part 2 A paediatric toolkit. 3 History taking and clinical examination. 4 Developmental assessment. 5 Investigations and their interpretation. 6 Taking an evidence-based approach. Part 3 Common paediatric symptoms and complaints. 7 Introduction to common symptoms and complaints. 8 The febrile child. 9 Respiratory symptoms. 10 Gastrointestinal symptoms. 11 Pain. 12 Urinary symptoms. 13 Rashes and skin lesions. 14 Genitalia. 15 Lumps, bumps and swelling. 16 Growth problems. 17 Developmental concerns. 18 Emotional and behavioural problems. 19 Other problems. Part 4 Emergency paediatrics. 20 Emergency paediatrics. Part 5 The child with long-term medical and educational needs. 21 Chronic medical conditions. 22 The child with a disability. Part 6 Before and beyond childhood. 23 The newborn. 24 The adolescent. Part 7 Health care and child health promotion. 25 Health care and child health promotion. Part 8 Test your knowledge. Questions. Answers. Index. CD Video: Clinical Examination of the Child (inside back cover)
Reviews of this edition: "I think it is the actually the best paediatric book currently on the market that I have seen. Its strong points are that it is in colour and well laid out. The chapters are all of a good size and it goes into the right amount of depth for a medical student. I like the way that it has both detailed text and the at a glance boxes. There are also plenty of pictures throughout the book which aid memory. I also have found it particularly useful the way it references other pages of the book which are related to what you are reading. I can't think of anything that it can approve upon. I only wish that I had it at the beginning of my paed module!" UEA Student "This book is easy to read and full of well thought out colourful diagrams and pictures; the sometimes overwhelming developmental milestones are particularly well laid out. Complete with a CD-ROM on the examination of children this is the best undergraduate textbook on paediatrics I have read, I only wish I had found it before my finals. Recommended to all 4th and 5th year students." Surgo, Glasgow University Medical Journal, 78:4 Reviews of previous editions: "What the authors of this new book have succeeded in doing, is providing something lacking in other texts. The masterful illustrations present symptoms, signs and the medical equipment and clinical skills often seen and required on the wards. The 'At a Glance' boxes provide quick and easy reference to common paediatric conditions with a carefully selected, manageable knowledge base. This book was written with the new GMC recommendations in mind, and it appears to have achieved its aims of presenting core information and skills in a memorable way." Guy's Gazette, Guy's, King's & St Thomas' Hospitals Medical & Dental Schools " excellent text with a novel and very successful approach to the teaching of child health." SouthamptonHealth Journal " a student nurse I have found this book invaluable in the short time I have had it...When working on a busy ward this book will be a vital guide for quick referencing and invaluable for teaching sessions. Having this book on the ward will also enable a student nurse or staff nurse to look up a particular diagnosis to expand their knowledge. Many of my colleagues also share my high opinion of this book." Journal of Child Health Care "...beautifully presented book...The 'At a glance' summary presentations are a superb aid to student and registrar learning." Family Practice "In contrast to many medical textbooks this is beautifully presented and a pleasure to read. There is a large emphasis on community paediatrics, which other textbooks seem to neglect." Barts and the London Chronicle "Buy it" Cambridge Medicine, Addenbrooke's Clinical School Gazette "This is a very well designed book which covers the whole of paediatrics from prematurity to adolescence dealing with both ill health and health prevention issues. A well designed text which students should find informative and yet easy to read." CALReviews "I do not know if there are other paediatric textbooks that could make paediatrics easier to read than this one." Medical Student, SydneyUniversity, Australia "This book offers a clinically orientated and hands-on approach to paediatrics unlike other textbooks in the field. The pages are colourful with excellent figures and the book benefits from an included self-assessment section. The CD-ROM features an easy to follow demonstration of paediatric examinations which is a handy addition to the examination chapter in the book" Medical Student, Oxford University "Plenty of vivid disease cases and situations with minimal technical vocab. makes it a pleasant read. The Questionning encourages reflection and analysis whilst comon pitfalls are pointed out. The imaginative structure and colouring ensures the information is never overwhelming with lots of valuable tips and handy summaries." Medical Student, Brighton Sussex Medical School "A clear and comprehensive book that will no doubt become indispensible to any medical student about to embark on a paediatrics rotation, beautifully presented." Medical Student, St. Andrews University "Exhaustive without being exhausting, this book manages to cover pretty much everything without wearing you out in the process. An interesting, fun, well written book." Medical Student, St. Georges Medical School "A good core text which is well laid out, easy to read, understand and navigate through." Medical Student, Manchester University "A fully comprehensive text covering paediatrics and child health for medical students and junior doctors. It has up-to-date information and is designed for effective learning, with full colour illustrations - an essential buy." Medical Student, Nottingham University
Mary Rudolf- Professor of Child Health, East Leeds PCT and University of Leeds Malcolm Levene- Professor of paediatrics and Child Health, School of Medicine, Leeds General Infirmary
This is the definitive guide to Paediatrics and Child Health. A brand new exciting edition completely revised and updated, written by an expert team from Leeds University. Paediatrics and Child Health follows a symptoms and problem-based to provide medical students with the tools to become competent diagnosticians. The book focuses on the full development of a child from newborn all the way through to adolescence. The book is in full colour throughout, using high quality photographs and line drawings to help the reader visualise the concepts and procedures as discussed in the text. The layout is clear and well structured, with clear use of colour and design to help navigate around the topics. Each chapter commences with a ‘Finding your way around’ mind-map that provides a visual overview of the differential diagnosis for a symptom and highlights the common and important conditions. Learning objectives are also outlined to show medical students the knowledge, skills and attitudes they should acquire. ‘At a Glance’ boxes have been used throughout the text to summarise all key information on a particular topic and are designed as a rapid revision aid. Self-assessment is covered in the form of multiple choice questions which are included in the ‘Test Your Knowledge’ section at the end of the book. These questions will help the students to reinforce their knowledge and enable them to identify gaps in their learning - forming an invaluable part of their revision programme. An additional bonus feature is a brand new free CD-ROM (included in this book) that contains narrated video clips of child examination techniques, with many useful hints and tips. This shows clearly how to put your knowledge into practice. Paediatrics and Child Health is perfect for medical students, junior doctors on Foundation Programmes, General Practitioners, paediatric nurses and MRCPCH examination candidates. Reviews of Previous Edition “…beautifully presented book… The ‘At a Glance’ summary presentations are a superb aid to student and registrar learning” Family Practice “I do not know if there are other paediatric textbooks that could make paediatrics easier to read than this one.” Medical Student, Sydney University, Australia

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