Organisational Behaviour For Dummies

Organisational Behaviour For Dummies

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von: Cary L. Cooper, Sheena Johnson, Lynn Holdsworth

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 11.04.2012
ISBN/EAN: 9781119951230
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Your plain-English introduction to organisational behaviour Organisational Behaviour (OB) is the study of how people, individuals, and groups act in organisations. Whether you're studying OB, or you just want a better understanding of people at work, Organisational Behaviour For Dummies gives you all the essentials for understanding this fascinating subject. Inside you'll find out about personality and individual differences, teams and groups, personnel selection and assessment, and health and well-being at work. You'll also find out how leaders lead, how motivators motivate, and how the modern workplace is changing and evolving. An easy-to-read introduction to organisational behaviour for business, management, and organisational psychology students A useful reference for managers A fascinating look at behaviour in the modern workplace Whether you're a student of organisational behaviour, a manager, or a lifelong learner with an interest in human behaviour and psychology in the workplace, Organisational Behaviour For Dummies has you covered.
Introduction 1 Part I: Getting to Grips with Organisational Behaviour 7 Chapter 1: Introducing Organisational Behaviour 9 Chapter 2: Working Nine to Five: Understanding Psychology and Behaviour in the Workplace 19 Part II: All About the Employee 31 Chapter 3: Getting to Know People: Personality and Intelligence Differences 33 Chapter 4: Having the Right Attitude at Work 51 Chapter 5: Working Together: Teams and Groups 69 Chapter 6: Reducing Stress, and Improving Health and Wellbeing 87 Chapter 7: Handling Emotionally Demanding Jobs 107 Part III: All About the Employer 123 Chapter 8: Leading the Way: Leadership in the Workplace 125 Chapter 9: Motivating the Workforce 141 Chapter 10: The Unwritten Agreement: Psychological Contract 161 Chapter 11: Ensuring Fairness at Work 175 Part IV: All About the Organisation 193 Chapter 12: Designing Jobs 195 Chapter 13: Fitting In: Organisational Culture 209 Chapter 14: Changing Organisations 227 Chapter 15: Keeping Pace with the Global Workplace 241 Chapter 16: Working Virtually 257 Part V: All About Hiring and Developing People 271 Chapter 17: Hiring the Right People 273 Chapter 18: Assessing and Appraising 293 Chapter 19: Training and Developing People 311 Part VI: The Part of Tens 329 Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Good Employee Relations 331 Chapter 21: Ten Stressful Occupations 337 Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Managing Your Manager 341 Chapter 23: Ten Up and Coming Issues in Organisational Behaviour 345 Chapter 24: Ten Engagement Factors for Employees 351 Index 355
Cary L. Cooper, PhD, is Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health and Pro Vice Chancellor at Lancaster University. Lynn Holdsworth, PhD, is a research fellow at Manchester Business School. Sheena Johnson, PhD, is an occupational psychologist and a lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester Business School.
Get up to speed on the science of human behaviour in the workplace Organisational behaviour is all about how people behave at work. It encompasses a wide range of topics that are crucial to business success. This fun-to-read primer quickly gets you up to speed on all the essentials of this fascinating subject. From personality differences and teams to personnel selection and motivation, the authors – all distinguished experts in the field – cover all the core OB concepts, making this the perfect introduction for students and a useful guide for managers looking to apply these concepts in practice. Get the lowdown on OB – find out why understanding psychological and behavioural principles can be so important to success Find out what makes people tick – gain powerful insights into why individuals behave the way they do in the workplace and the roles of intellectual, personality, and cultural differences Discover why people act the way they do in groups – benefit from the latest OB thinking on group and team dynamics Make sense of leadership – explore various leadership styles and their effects on groups, as well as how great leaders consistently motivate employees to exceed their limits Take a bird's-eye view – get a clearer picture of the workplace at the organisational level and a deeper understanding of company culture and climate, organisational change, and more Hire for excellence – get the latest on employee recruitment, development, and performance appraisals Open the book and find: A look at the nature of the individual in the workplace Advice on group and team dynamics and why they can break down Guidance on the employer/employee psychological contract Effective leadership and motivation methods Job design and performance appraisal techniques Advice on hiring and developing employees How to minimise the cost of stress in organisations How the modern workplace is changing Learn about: The psychology of the workplace The role of individuals, teams, and groups in organisations Personality, motivation, and leadership in the workplace How the modern workplace is changing

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