New Media for a New China

New Media for a New China

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von: James F. Scotton, William A. Hachten

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Veröffentl.: 16.03.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9781444319125
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New Media for a New China is a timely introduction to the current state of the mass media in China and it’s growing role in the 21st Century global communication system Brings together an international cast of scholars to analyse the diverse roles of China’s media, covering all the major industries (advertising, newspapers, broadcasting, magazines, film, TV, PR) Considers the position of China’s media in the middle of the country’s tremendous social, economic and political changes Explores the concept of the 21st century as “China’s Century” because of the nation’s unprecedented growth
Notes on Contributors. Preface. Introduction. 1 2008: New Challenges to China’s Media (William A. Hachten and James F. Scotton). 2 Development and Theory of the Media (William A. Hachten). 3 The Impact of New Media (James F. Scotton). 4 Newspapers: Changing Roles (Guo Ke). 5 Magazines: An Industry in Transition (Chen Peiqin). 6 Radio Broadcasting: Deregulation and Development (Chen Peiqin and Haigui Liu). 7 Television: Entertainment (Anne Cooper-Chen with Yu Leon Liang). 8 Television: News (Anne Cooper-Chen and James F. Scotton). 9 Xinhua: The Voice of the Party (James F. Scotton). 10 Advertising: Wings for the Media (Hong Cheng). 11 Public Relations (Yan Jin). 12 Film: An Industry versus Independents (Yong Liu). 13 English-Language Media in China (Guo Ke). 14 Overseas Media Serve Chinese Diaspora (William A. Hachten). 15 Conclusion (William A. Hachten and James F. Scotton). Notes. Bibliography. Index.
William A. Hachten is Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison where he taught for 30 years. His publications include: The Troubles of Journalism, Third Edition (2005), The Growth of Media in the Third World (1993), and The Press and Apartheid (1984). James F. Scotton is Associate Professor of Journalism at Marquette University, Milwaukee. He has taught in China, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, and has worked as a reporter, editorial writer, and editor with the Associated Press and newspapers in several states.
New Media for a New China covers the current state of the mass media in the People's Republic of China. This awakening giant is going through tremendous social, economic and political changes. Some see the 21st century as "China's Century" because of the nation's unprecedented growth. Comparatively little has been published about its media and their role in this transformation. New Media for a New China analyses and delineates the diverse roles and interactions that China's media play within the Chinese juggernaut. China is vast and so are its communications—more computers, more-emails, more cell phone messages, more films and music videos and larger audiences for more television programs. And whether by cable or satellite there are messages that are threatening the existing social order. China's media are right in the middle of all changes and struggles. Looking at media in China as part of the global communication system, New Media for a New China gives a much needed overview on the growing role that they do and will play in the 21st Century.

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