Mission-Based Management

Mission-Based Management

Leading Your Not-for-Profit In the 21st Century
Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management Series, Band 231 3. Aufl.

von: Peter C. Brinckerhoff

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Veröffentl.: 16.10.2009
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The only nonprofit management book you must have-in an exciting new edition As a nonprofit manager, you have to be more effective and more efficient than ever to win funding and support to ensure your organization pursues its mission, meets community needs, and maintains its budget, while juggling the demands of funders, clientele, boards, staff, and community. This Third Edition of Mission-Based Management provides comprehensive, hands-on guidance that addresses your unique concerns as a nonprofit manager and policy-maker Addresses the effects of SOX, organizational transparency, new technologies, technology planning, and marketing in today's environment Is written by a nationally recognized expert who has trained thousands of nonprofit managers in hundreds of seminars on the best practices in nonprofit management Includes in each chapter a recap and a list of questions for group discussion More than ever before, as a nonprofit manager, you want and need practical guidance on how to do your job and run your organization more effectively and efficiently. And more than ever before, Mission-Based Management, Third Edition provides the definitive answer.
Acknowledgments. Preface to the Third Edition. About the Author. Chapter 1 Introduction. A look at three core philosophies, who the book is written for, how the book is designed, and how to get the most from reading it. Chapter 2 Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We're Going. A brief history of the nonprofit world, an examination of the relationship between nonprofits and their funders, and an updated prediction of the nonprofit world for the next ten years. Chapter 3 What Works: The Characteristics of a Successful Nonprofit. An updated list of the ten things that a nonprofit needs to continue to do its mission well in the twenty-first century. Chapter 4 The Mission Is the Reason. How to get the most benefit from the reason that nonprofits exist. For many, the mission is an underutilized resource. A discussion on updating and then using a motivational mission statement. Chapter 5 Being Ethical, Accountable and Transparent. Effective nonprofits are highly ethical, accountable to their communities and transparent both inside and outside the organization. The best ways to do this on the highest moral plane possible is covered. Chapter 6 A Businesslike Board of Directors. What an effective board is, and what the board's and the staff's respective roles are. Reducing board liability and recruiting and retaining a board will be covered as well. Chapter 7 Leading Your People. A new approach to nonprofit leadership that succeeds in today's high-speed, information-driven environment, also including better communications, evaluations, and rewards. Chapter 8 Embracing Technology for Mission. How to use technology to better serve, manage, inform, market, empower, and compete in today's all-tech, all-the-time environment. Chapter 9 Creating a Social Entrepreneur. How to develop a culture that takes reasonable risks on behalf of the people it serves. The criteria of a social entrepreneur. How to focus on your core competencies and remain flexible. Chapter 10 Developing a Bias for Marketing. The best way to bring your entire team into the marketing process, to discover who your markets really are and how to meet their needs and wants. The characteristics of a market-driven and mission-based organization. Why asking is so important. Chapter 11 Financial Empowerment. The eight key characteristics of a financially empowered nonprofit, better internal reporting, and how a nonprofit can keep what it earns. Chapter 12 A Vision for the Future. How to plan where you are going, and how to get the most from the planning process as well as from the plan itself. Sample plan outlines. Chapter 13 The Controls That Set You Free. The way to get the most from nine different kinds of policies, including a tested method for their development and enforcement. Chapter 14 A National Agenda: Empowering Our Nonprofits. A new way of looking at nonprofits for everyone to consider: funders, donors, volunteers staff, board, the public and the press. What we all need to do together to improve, free, embolden, and empower the not-for-profits that are so essential to our community. Chapter 15 Final Words. Index.
Peter C. Brinckerhoff is an internationally renowned trainer, author, and consultant to nonprofit organizations. He brings years of experience in the field to his work, as he is a former board member of local, state, and national not-for-profits, and has worked on the staff and as executive director of two regional not-for-profits. Since founding his consulting firm, Corporate Alternatives, in 1982, Mr. Brinckerhoff has helped thousands of organizations become more mission-capable. He is the award-winning author of Mission-Based Management, Third Edition; Social Entrepreneurship; Mission-Based Marketing, Second Edition; and Faith-Based Management, all published by Wiley.
MISSION-BASED MANAGEMENT Leading Your Not-for-Profit in the 21st Century THIRD EDITION It is a fascinating and exciting time to be in the nonprofit world. There are more challenges, more opportunities, and more ways to respond to the increasing community needs that are at your door. As a nation and as a planet, nonprofits are necessary more than ever. You want to take your mission to a new level and Mission-Based Management, Third Edition will help you, your board, and your staff get there. This significantly updated edition of this classic expands on the invaluable hows and whys of not-for-profit empowerment covered in the Second Edition to offer highly effective new ideas and new criteria for success in today's increasingly competitive nonprofit terrain. This Third Edition of Mission-Based Management provides comprehensive, hands-on guidance, addressing: The unique concerns of today's managers in nonprofit organizations A refreshed set of priorities for the mission-based manager Revised characteristics of a successful mission-based organization Updated predictions for the next ten years A new chapter on ethics, accountability, and transparency addressing organizational transparency, the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, new technologies, technology planning, and disaster planning Updated discussion questions at the end of each chapter, allowing you to generate better conversations with your staff and board about which parts of the book most apply to your organization's unique needs As a leader of a twenty-first century nonprofit, you have to concern yourself with many differing and conflicting needs and demands, those of your funders, the people you serve, your board, staff, community, and peers. Mission-Based Management, Third Edition reveals how top-quality not-for-profits really run and how to ensure that your organization is one of the ones that works, both this year and throughout the twenty-first century.
Praise for MISSION-BASED MANAGEMENT Leading Your Not-for-Profit in the 21st Century THIRD EDITION "Peter really nailed it this time! This timely, practical, and comprehensive guide on leading and managing not-for-profits should be mandatory reading in every business school across the nation and is a must-read for every nonprofit executive." —Deborah Atkinson, AVP, NISH 4; Learning and Performance Excellence "Mission-Based Management continues to be the platform for great management thought and execution. It is the 'why' and 'how' a not-for-profit organization should use in these uncertain times. A great update to a classic." —Ray Bishop, President, Goodwill Industries of North Georgia "Nonprofit leadership demands constant vigilance and recognition that the best ways to govern and manage may, and probably will, change over time. Mission-Based Management, Third Edition retains its earlier emphasis on the most important aspect of nonprofit leadership—remaining focused on the mission—while providing both practical and new advice for board and staff leaders. In his easy-to-understand style, Brinckerhoff has written a true reference book!" —Cheryl Taylor, President Foellinger Foundation "Mission-Based Management is a timely and essential must-read for today's nonprofit managers. Brinckerhoff focuses with laser-sharp precision on the key essentials of nonprofit management while using practical examples that reflect the challenges of today's environment." —Kristen J. McCormack, Faculty Director, Public and Nonprofit Management Program and Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Boston University School of Management NOW IN AN EXCITING NEW EDITION, THE ONE BOOK EVERY NONPROFIT LEADER MUST HAVE Written by a nationally recognized expert on improving the management of nonprofit organizations who has trained thousands of people in hundreds of seminars on best practices in nonprofit management, this hands-on guide to managing nonprofit organizations uses standard business techniques, while at the same time addressing your unique challenges in managing a nonprofit organization.

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