How to Create a Kickass Workforce to Achieve Long-term Business Excellence
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von: Kristopher G. Harold, Alexis Ee-Khem Aw, John K. Williams

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Workplace stress and burnout is a multi-billion-dollar problem affecting organisations. The impacts of workplace stress and burnout include low productivity and profitability, rampant presenteeism and absenteeism, alarming workplace safety performance and workers compensation claims, poor quality assurance, high negative staff turnover and even, sometimes, work-related suicide. How do you solve such complex problems when the root cause is often nebulous or emotionally-charged? Workplace mental fitness is the answer. MindFit introduces Link:Flow:Grow, a breakthrough organisational design and development toolkit that puts workplace mental fitness first. This practical, field-tested solution empowers your workforce to: ?     skyrocket productivity and increase revenue ?     improve workplace safety and reduce workers compensation figures ?     reduce negative staff turnover and restore employee engagement ?     transform organisational culture and address other chronic business challenges. MindFit introduces a transformative business management paradigm backed by mental fitness stretches, relatable stories, practical insights and handy checklists to empower your Company, your Team and your Self. It’s idealism made practical, complex made cheeky and education made entertaining. Don’t leave work without it!
Foreword ix About the authors xiii Acknowledgements xvii Preface xix Introduction xxv Part I: Setting the Scene 1 1 Workplace mental fitness 3 2 Burnout 15 3 Link:Flow:Grow 21 4 Shining beyond brightness 31 5 The Intelligent Org Chart (IOC) 37 6 Rock the bands of the IOC 43 7 Who makes things happen? 61 8 HIL climbs are worth the view 69 9 Whole-brain leadership in multi-tone organisations 79 10 The culture rots from the head 85 11 Hello Driver, how’s the weather? 93 12 EveryBest in action 99 Part II: Making It Real 105 13 The IOC: A beacon for change 107 14 Candy shells just don’t satisfy 111 15 The classic slow roll 117 16 Build your people up 123 17 Messing up big time takes seconds 127 18 Say no to being a ‘Yes’ person 133 19 The brilliant destroyer 137 20 Living on a roller coaster 143 21 The rise and rise of the meat robot 149 22 Habits can change 155 23 The one-sided coin 161 24 A key to spectacular success 165 25 Look for the signs 171 26 Fast cars and ninja warriors 177 27 Love the challenge, not the job 181 28 The problem to every solution 18529 Everyone relax … except HR 189 Conclusion 195 Notes 203 Index 207
Kristopher G Harold is a transformational senior manager, the creator of the Link:Flow:Grow methodology, and a founder of LinkPADD. Alexis Ee-Khem Aw is a versatile word alchemist, self-empowerment enthusiast and marketing communicator at LinkPADD. John K Williams is an experienced workplace coach, a small business director, and a project director for LinkPADD.
Promote mental fitness in your organisation to stop burnout and build a high-performance culture MINDFIT outlines an easy-to-implement organisational design and development program that will put mental fitness at the centre of your business. Using the data-backed Link:Flow:Grow strategy, this accessible guide will help you increase revenue, reduce safety and workers compensation figures, skyrocket productivity and restore employee engagement. You will learn: why workplace mental fitness is a 'must-have' for organisational success how to establish critical links with an intelligent org chart and deliver excellence to all key business functions what four types of manager you need to create a high-performance culture how to implement mental fitness action plans that will grow your company, your team and your self. MINDFIT empowers your organisation to put mental fitness first to maximise profits and engagement. It's idealism made practical, complex made cheeky and education made entertaining. Don't leave work without it!

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