Millionaire Expat

Millionaire Expat

How To Build Wealth Living Overseas
3. Aufl.

von: Andrew Hallam

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 14.01.2022
ISBN/EAN: 9781119840152
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 336

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<p><b>Build your strongest-ever portfolio from anywhere in the world</b></p> <p>Now in its third edition, Millionaire Expat is the world’s most trusted, bestselling guide for expat investors.  It shows readers how to protect themselves from financial sharks and build effective portfolios that maximize profits and tax efficiency. This updated guide includes model portfolios of ETFs or index funds.  It recommends subtle differences for investors based on nationality, while explaining why all-in-one portfolio funds are even simpler and more profitable than individual ETFs.  Millionaire Expat also provides investment models for socially responsible funds.</p> <p>Best of all, this book is specific.  Author Andrew Hallam doesn’t just offer theory.  He shows you exactly what to buy and where to buy it from.  He explains how much you should sell each year, upon retirement, and discusses repatriation: showing how different countries deal with the taxation of portfolios that were built abroad.</p> <p> And if you’re looking for a hands-free approach, Millionaire Expat offers something for you as well:  lists of roboadvisors and full-service financial firms that offer guidance and build portfolios of ETFs and index funds.</p> <p>But what if you started investing late and can’t afford to retire? In that case, Andrew Hallam has you covered.  He profiles several low-cost countries that are popular with expats.  He explains what countries are great for Global Nomads and for retirees looking for tax breaks, safety, solid health care systems and a low-cost, enjoyable standard of living.</p> <p>Millionaire Expat (3rd edition) is an entertaining guide, showing readers how to maximize their money and their life satisfaction based on simple, smart investing and their choice of retirement destination.</p> <p><i>Author Andrew Hallam was a high school teacher who built a million-dollar portfolio—on a teacher's salary. He knows how everyday people can achieve success in the market. In Millionaire Expat, he tailors his best advice to the unique needs of those living overseas to give you the targeted, real-world guidance you need.</i></p>
<p>Acknowledgments</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>Chapter 1: Grow Big Profits Without Any Effort</p> <p>Chapter 2: Don’t Start a Fight with an Escalator</p> <p>Chapter 3: Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?</p> <p>Chapter 4: Expats Should Avoid Snakes In Suits</p> <p>Chapter 5: Self-Appointed Gurus and Neanderthal Brains</p> <p>Chapter 6: Investment Advisors with a Conscience</p> <p>Chapter 7: Couch Potato Investing</p> <p>Chapter 8: Model Portfolios for American Expats</p> <p>Chapter 9: Portfolio Models for Canadian Expats</p> <p>Chapter 10: Portfolio Models for British Expatriates</p> <p>Chapter 11: Portfolio Models for Australian Expats</p> <p>Chapter 12: Portfolio Models for Europeans and Other Nationalities</p> <p>Chapter 13: Setting Your Bulls Eye</p> <p>Chapter 14: Retiring In Latin America</p> <p>Chapter 15: Retiring in Europe</p> <p>Chapter 16: Retiring in Southeast Asia</p> <p>Low-Cost Retirement Country Resources</p> <p>Conclusion</p> <p>Index</p>
<p>When <b>ANDREW HALLAM</b> isn’t getting eaten by mosquitoes in a tropical jungle, cycling up the side of a volcano with his wife during a downpour or trying to drive to Argentina in a van, he’s speaking and writing about happiness, personal finance and low-cost retirement destinations. Profiled by such media as <i>CNBC</i> and <i>The Wall Street Journal</i>, the former high school teacher is the first person to have a #1 selling finance book on Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon UAE and Amazon Singapore. He has written columns for <i>The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business</i>,, <i>MoneySense</i>, and Swissquote. His other books include <i>Millionaire Teacher</i> and <i>Balance: How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health and Wealth</i>. Find him online at <b></b>
<p><b>Praise for MILLIONAIRE EXPAT</b> <p>“If your own journey into personal finance is just beginning, I highly recommend Andrew as the ideal traveling companion. He will make sure you see all the essential sights while painlessly communicating great reams of useful knowledge. Best of all, this new updated edition of <i>Millionaire Expat</i> shows you options you may never have considered — from low cost investing strategies to exotic and cheap places to retire. And yes, oh yes, he will make you laugh.”<BR><b> —Ian McGugan</b>, <i>The Globe and Mail</i> <p>“There was nothing like this book 32 years ago when we achieved FIRE [Financial Independence Retire Early] at 38 years old. We discovered the advantages of retiring in low-cost countries. That enhanced the returns and longevity of our portfolio. It would have been easier if we had this book. <i>Millionaire Expat, Third Edition</i> is a must-read!”<BR><b> —Billy and Akaisha Kaderli</b>, authors of <i>The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement, Fourth Edition, Your Simple Path to FIRE</i>, at <p>“As an investment expert and expat himself, Andrew Hallam provides rock solid advice that is both approachable and understandable. If you are looking for a definitive guide to managing your money, look no further than <i>Millionaire Expat, Third Edition</i>.”<BR><b> —John S. Woerth</b>, former chief spokesperson, Vanguard <p>“This <i>Third Edition</i> of <i>Millionaire Expat</i> teaches you how to retire and live lavishly overseas without needing a million dollars. There is no better guide for expat investors. I’ve been investing for many years, travelling the world since retiring in my 30s, and I still learned a ton from Andrew Hallam.”<BR><b> —Kristy Shen</b>, bestselling author of <i>Quit Like a Millionaire</i> and founder of

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