Masterful Coaching

Masterful Coaching

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von: Robert Hargrove

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Veröffentl.: 20.08.2008
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When the first edition of <i>Masterful Coaching</i> was published, it quickly became the standard resource for anyone who was a coach, considering becoming a coach, or curious about being an extraordinary coach. In this completely revised third edition of his groundbreaking book, Hargrove presents his profound insights into the journey to of becoming a masterful coach along with guiding ideas, tools, and methods.
<p>Preface ix</p> <p>Introduction xi</p> <p><b>Part One: Mapping the Territory of Coaching 1</b></p> <p>1 Coaching is an Idea Whose Time Has Come: The Masterful Coaching Vision, Mind-Set, and Method 3</p> <p>2 Wanted: Extreme Leaders: Extreme Leaders Want to Make a Difference 27</p> <p>3 The Four Waypoints: How Do You Know If You Are in the Masterful Coaching Zone? 41</p> <p><b>Part Two: The Journey to Masterful Coaching 59</b></p> <p>4 Becoming a Masterful Coach: Lead People to an Impossible Future and Change Their Lives 61</p> <p>5 Coaching is a Way of Being, Not Just a Technique: Coaching Comes from the Heart, Not the Head 75</p> <p>6 Coaching Happens in Conversations: Speaking and Listening from a Stand Versus Moods, Reactions, and Attachments 91</p> <p>7 Masterful Coaching is Transformational: Triple Loop Learning 110</p> <p><b>Part Three: Coaching Executives to Realize an Impossible Future and Win in Their Business: Twelve Months, Twelve Coaching Conversations 131</b></p> <p>8 Coaching Conversation 1: Create an Extraordinary Coaching Relationship: Thinking and Working Together 135</p> <p>9 Coaching Conversation 2: Declare an Impossible Future: One That Represents Winning at the Great Game of Business 148</p> <p>10 Coaching Conversation 3: 360-Degree Leadership Feedback: Go for an Alteration, Not Just an Assessment 158</p> <p>11 Coaching Conversation 4: Mount a Successful Change Insurgency: A Transformational Goal Requires Eating Radical Change for Breakfast 172</p> <p>12 Coaching Conversation 5: Create a Source Document or Winning Game Plan: A Blueprint for the Future 184</p> <p>13 Coaching Conversation 6: Build a Team of Talented A Players: Engage People in Playing the Big Game 194</p> <p>14 Coaching Conversation 7: Executive Time Management: Don’t Add Before You Subtract 205</p> <p>15 Coaching Conversation 8: Execute Catalytic Breakthrough Projects: Spearhead a Breakthrough 213</p> <p>16 Coaching Conversation 9: Be a Coach and Mentor: The Leader as Coach 221</p> <p>17 Coaching Conversation 10: Make Great Decisions and Judgment Calls: Wisdom Versus Intelligence 231</p> <p>18 Coaching Conversation 11: Focus on the Scoreboard: Connect Coaching with ROI 239</p> <p>19 Coaching Conversation 12: Executive Life Coaching: Achieving Nonfi nancial Wealth 245</p> <p><b>Part Four: Master Classes With Robert Hargrove 255</b></p> <p>20 Secrets of Great Groups: Become a Masterful Facilitator 259</p> <p>21 Creative Collaboration 3.0: How to Coach People to Deal with Strategic Dead Ends, the China Price, Customers Jumping Ship 273</p> <p>22 Jump on the Reinvention Roller Coaster: To Reinvent the Organization, First Reinvent Yourself 291</p> <p>23 From Defensiveness to Learning: How to Recognize and Disperse Defensive Routines with Individuals or Groups 301</p> <p>24 Provide Meaningful Feedback: How to Give Feedback That Rips the Blinders Off Without Making People Resent You 314</p> <p>25 Teaching New Skills and Capabilities: Move Between Performance and Practice Fields 330</p> <p>26 Creating a Coaching and Mentoring Culture: Look for Openings Rather Than the Big Bang 343</p> <p>27 Coaching Small Enterprises: Get People to Race Up the Value Chain and Wallop Wal-Mart 352</p> <p>28 Building a Super-Successful Coaching Practice: Lesson 1: How to Get Clients 361</p> <p>29 Get People to Bring Their Whole Selves to Work: Give Them an Opportunity to Make a Difference 367</p> <p>A Final Reflection 377</p> <p>Notes 379</p> <p>About the Author 385</p> <p>Index 387</p>
<b>Robert Hargrove</b> is a worldfamous thought leader on executive coaching. He has trained over 30,000 people in transformational leadership. Coaching clients include a U.S.A. Under Secretary of Defense, a New York Stock Exchange chairman, and a European CEO of the Year. He is the author of <i>Masterful Coaching</i> and <i>The Masterful Coaching Fieldbook</i>, both from Pfeiffer, and <i>Your Coach in a Book</i> from Jossey-Bass.
<p>Masterful Coaching</p> <p>"What is Masterful Coaching?" asks Robert Hargrove. "Masterful coaching is about nothing but co-creating an Impossible Future with someone—from a good leader to great one, from a third world nation to a first, from industry follower to industry game changer."</p> <p>Says Hargrove, "Coaching is the fastest, most powerful way to develop leaders at all levels." Ask people "'What is impossible that you are going to do today?' versus 'How are we going to get our list of homogenized corporate leadership competencies into you?'"</p> <p>As people stretch to reach goals, they realize that what got them here as a leader isn't going to get them there. Masterful coaching is about transformational learning, not transactional techniques.</p> <p>When the first edition of Masterful Coaching was published, it quickly became the standard resource for anyone who was a coach, considering becoming a coach, or curious about being an extraordinary coach. In this completely revised third edition of his groundbreaking book, Hargrove presents his profound insights into the journey of becoming a masterful coach along with guiding ideas, tools, and methods.</p> <p>You will gain the confidence and skills needed to master one-year coaching engagements with Hargrove's 12 Catalytic Coaching Conversations.</p> <p>This new edition will show you how to:</p> <ul> <li> <p>Stand in people's greatness, even when they fall from it</p> </li> <li> <p>Coach executives to realize an Impossible Future and Transformational Change</p> </li> <li> <p>Co-create a winning game plan and jump start it with catalytic breakthrough projects</p> </li> <li> <p>Develop extraordinary leaders in the process of producing extraordinary results</p> </li> <li> <p>Provide people the ultimate self-development and growth experience</p> </li> <li> <p>Implement the "secrets" of worldclass coaches in building a super successful coaching practice</p> </li> </ul>
<b>Praise for the prior editions of <i>Masterful Coaching</i></b> <p>"Robert Hargrove's <i>Masterful Coaching</i> sets the context of the coach as steward rather than mere teacher, a critical agent in transforming organizational cultures and developing the skills and capabilities necessary for new cultures to be sustained."<br /> —Peter Senge, author, <i>The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization</i></p> <p>"<i>Masterful Coaching</i> will empower you to stand for an Impossible Future while acting boldly in the present to make it a reality."<br /> —Richard W. Severance, president, Conoco, North American Downstream</p> <p>"<i>Masterful Coaching</i> brings clarity, power, and velocity to producing extraordinary leaders and extraordinary results."<br /> —Tom Kaiser, president, Zurich Financial Services</p> <p>"The author's five-step 'transformational' coaching model has been field-tested by thousands of managers worldwide."<br /> —<i>Accounting Today</i></p> <p>"Finally, a book that helps release people's collective aspirations—almost nonexistent in today's corporate environment—and links them to business goals. A treasure trove of 'take-action' tools!"<br /> —Melanie Warren, vice-president, Fidelity Investments</p> <p>"This is a great hands-on book . . . . Hargrove explains how to coach a person through one frame of reference (paradigm) to another or to coach groups of individuals into a cohesive, collaborative team."<br /> —Net Results</p> <p>"Masterful Coaching provides thorough descriptions of the characteristics of a coach and thoughtful insights about becoming an effective coach."<br /> —Canadian HR Reporter</p> <p>"If you are looking for some techniques to help your employees creatively meet your customers' needs, this is a must read."<br /> —The Business Resource</p>

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