Marine Environmental Quality

Marine Environmental Quality

Healthy Coastal Waters
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von: Frederic Muttin, Helene Thomas

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Understanding marine pollution and the contamination of coastal environments requires knowledge from a variety of scientific fields. <i>Marine Environmental Quality</i> promotes a multidisciplinary approach to investigations, drawing on not only natural sciences, but also applied mathematics and social sciences.<br /><br />The investigations in this book focus on both organic and inorganic pollutants, firstly in a study conducted in the city of La Rochelle, on the North Atlantic French coast, then expanding the areas under examination to regions of English and Portuguese waters and, lastly, to the Mediterranean Sea. The improvement such research can bring to biomarkers, models and experiments enables equal progress in the quality of seawater in ports and protected areas of coastal regions.<br /><br />The eight chapters of <i>Marine Environmental Quality</i> present many aspects of this research, including experiments with floating barriers, water governance in various areas, sampling sites and sentinel species that act as biomarkers in harbors. Also covered are environmental commitments, both international and local, the risk that marine contamination poses to human health, experimental designs for interactions with microplastics and a study biomonitoring the juveniles of sentinel species. Such results will bring many benefits, to human health, to economic inclusion and to regional development.
<b>Frederic Muttin</b> is a Research Professor in Applied Mathematics and Marine Sciences at the EIGSI engineering school in La Rochelle, France. He has led national and international research projects on marine pollution. His research, spanning over thirty years, focuses on fluid– solid interaction and mechanics.<br /><br /><b>Helene Thomas</b> is Associate Professor in Ecotoxicology and Marine Sciences at the LIENSs research unit at La Rochelle University, France. She led the Amare research group and directs the Master’s course on Environmental Engineering and Coastal Areas. Her research focuses on bivalve species and coastal environments.

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