MacBook For Dummies

MacBook For Dummies

9. Aufl.

von: Mark L. Chambers

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 31.03.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781119775683
Sprache: englisch
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<p><b>Learn how to drive the coolest laptop on the planet</b></p> <p>You took the plunge, paid extra, and—even though it looks and feels like perfection—have that fleeting doubt: is my MacBook really worth the investment? You'll be pleased to know that the answer is totally yes, and <i>MacBook For Dummies</i> is the ultimate way to learn the thousand and one reasons why the MacBook Pro or Air you now own is a modern masterpiece—as well as the ten thousand and one (and counting) things you can do with it. With its super-smooth performance, top-shelf LED screen, rugged reliability, and powerful, trouble-free operating system, you're going to have a lot of fun.</p> <p>Keeping jargon to a minimum, Mark L. Chambers—prolific tech author and all-round Mac whiz—gives you a friendly, step-by-step welcome to everything MacBook, from reviewing the hardware and powering up for the first time to getting familiar with files, security settings, launching apps, and entering the digital netherworld of iCloud. Then, with the basics reassuringly in place, you can begin your journey to power-user mastery in whatever areas of MacBook-ing you're most interested in, from doing the accounts in Numbers to perfecting that soon-to-be-released cinematic classic (with original score) using iMovie and GarageBand.</p> <ul> <li>Get familiar with the latest macOS, Big Sur</li> <li>Communicate with Messages and FaceTime</li> <li>Stream music, movies, and TV shows</li> <li>Manage and edit photos and video clips</li> </ul> <p>Whether you're a PC convert, Mac veteran, or completely new to the astonishing potential of the MacBook world, you'll find everything you need to get the most out of the technical marvel that's now at your command.</p>
<p><b>Introduction</b><b> 1</b></p> <p>Foolish Assumptions 1</p> <p>About This Book 2</p> <p>Icons Used in This Book 3</p> <p>Beyond the Book 4</p> <p>Where to Go from Here 4</p> <p><b>Part 1: Tie Myself Down with a Desktop? Preposterous! 5</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 1: Hey, It Really Does Have Everything I Need</b><b> 7</b></p> <p>An Overview of Your Mac Laptop 8</p> <p>The parts you probably recognize 9</p> <p>The holes called ports 11</p> <p>Don’t forget the parts you can’t see 13</p> <p>Meet the MacBooks 14</p> <p>Comparing the MacBooks 15</p> <p>Look, Ma, no moving parts! 17</p> <p>Whoa! Where’s my familiar USB port? 18</p> <p>Sharing a CD or DVD drive 19</p> <p>Location, Location, Location! 20</p> <p>Unpacking and Connecting Your Laptop 21</p> <p>Unpacking for the road warrior 21</p> <p>Connecting Cables 101 22</p> <p>Great — a Lecture about Handling My Laptop 23</p> <p>An Overview of Mac Software Goodness 23</p> <p>What comes with my laptop? 24</p> <p>Connecting to the Internet from your lap 24</p> <p>Applications that rock 25</p> <p>Boot Camp For Dummies 25</p> <p>Other Stuff That Nearly Everyone Wants 26</p> <p><b>Chapter 2: Turning On Your Portable Powerhouse</b><b> 29</b></p> <p>Tales of the On Button 30</p> <p>Mark’s Favorite Signs of a Healthy Laptop 30</p> <p>You Won’t Lecture Me about Batteries, Will You? 31</p> <p>Setting Up and Registering Your Laptop 34</p> <p>Your iCloud account is your friend 34</p> <p>Setting up macOS Big Sur 35</p> <p>Registering your MacBook 36</p> <p>Importing Stuff from Another Mac 37</p> <p>Importing Stuff from Windows (If You Must) 39</p> <p><b>Chapter 3: The MacBook Owner’s Introduction to macOS Big Sur</b><b> 41</b></p> <p>Your Own Personal Operating System 42</p> <p>The Big Sur Desktop 43</p> <p>Meet me at the Dock 43</p> <p>Check out that Control Center 44</p> <p>Dig those crazy icons 45</p> <p>There’s no food on this menu 45</p> <p>The Finder menu bar is your friend 47</p> <p>There’s always room for one more window 47</p> <p>Wait a Second: Where the Heck Are the Mouse Buttons? 48</p> <p>Launching and Quitting Applications with Aplomb 51</p> <p>Performing Tricks with Finder Windows 55</p> <p>Scrolling in and resizing windows 55</p> <p>Minimizing and restoring windows 56</p> <p>Moving and zooming windows 57</p> <p>Closing windows 58</p> <p>Juggling Folders and Icons 59</p> <p>A field observer’s guide to icons 59</p> <p>Selecting items 61</p> <p>Copying items 62</p> <p>Moving things from place to place 63</p> <p>Duplicating in a jiffy 63</p> <p>Using Finder Tabs 64</p> <p>Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts to Fame and Fortune 65</p> <p>Special keys on the keyboard 65</p> <p>Using the Finder and application keyboard shortcuts 66</p> <p>Home, Sweet Home Folder 67</p> <p>Working with Mission Control 69</p> <p>Switching Desktops with Spaces 70</p> <p>Personalizing Your Desktop 72</p> <p>Taking Control of Your MacBook 73</p> <p>Customizing the Dock 74</p> <p>Adding applications and extras to the Dock 75</p> <p>Keeping track with Stacks 76</p> <p>Resizing the Dock 77</p> <p>What’s with the Trash? 78</p> <p>All You Really Need to Know about Printing 79</p> <p>And Just in Case You Need Help 81</p> <p>The Big Sur built-in Help system 81</p> <p>The Apple web-based support center 81</p> <p>Magazines 81</p> <p>Local Mac user groups 82</p> <p><b>Part 2: Shaking Hands with macOS Big Sur 83</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 4: What’s New in macOS Big Sur?</b><b> 85</b></p> <p>Introducing the Control Center 85</p> <p>The Return of the Widgets 86</p> <p>Your Guide to the Perfect Trip 87</p> <p>Safari Covers New Ground 87</p> <p>Messages Adds Effects, Images, and Pins? 87</p> <p>Becoming One with Your Battery 88</p> <p><b>Chapter 5: A Nerd’s Guide to System Preferences</b><b> 89</b></p> <p>An Explanation — without Jargon, No Less 90</p> <p>Locating That Certain Special Setting 92</p> <p>Popular Preferences Panes Explained 93</p> <p>The Displays pane 94</p> <p>The Desktop & Screen Saver pane 95</p> <p>Mission Control preferences 97</p> <p>The General pane 99</p> <p>The Battery pane 101</p> <p>The Dock & Menu Bar pane 102</p> <p>The Sharing pane 104</p> <p>The Time Machine pane 105</p> <p>Apple ID preferences 107</p> <p>Notifications preferences 108</p> <p><b>Chapter 6: Sifting Through Your Stuff</b><b> 111</b></p> <p>Doing a Basic Search 112</p> <p>How Cool is That? Discovering What Spotlight Can Do 115</p> <p>Expanding Your Search Horizons 116</p> <p>Customizing Spotlight to Your Taste 118</p> <p><b>Chapter 7: Using Reminders, Notes, Notifications, and Maps</b><b> 121</b></p> <p>Remind Me to Use Reminders 122</p> <p>Taking Notes the Big Sur Way 125</p> <p>Staying Current with Notification Center 127</p> <p>Introducing the Maps Application 128</p> <p>Switching Views in Maps 130</p> <p>Getting Directions Over Yonder 131</p> <p>Creating and Using Guides 133</p> <p><b>Part 3: Connecting and Communicating 135</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 8: Let’s Go on Safari!</b><b> 137</b></p> <p>Pretend You’ve Never Used This Thing 137</p> <p>Visiting Websites 139</p> <p>Navigating the Web 141</p> <p>Configuring Your Home Page and Start Page 144</p> <p>Adding and Using Bookmarks 145</p> <p>Working with the Reading List 148</p> <p>Downloading Files 149</p> <p>Using History 150</p> <p>Tabs Are Your Browsing Friends 150</p> <p>Printing Web Pages 152</p> <p>Protecting Your Privacy 153</p> <p>Yes, there are such things as bad cookies 154</p> <p>Banishing pesky iCloud Keychain passwords 155</p> <p>Handling ancient history 155</p> <p>Setting notifications 156</p> <p>Avoiding those @*!^%$ pop-up ads 156</p> <p><b>Chapter 9: iCloud is Made for MacBooks</b><b> 157</b></p> <p>So How Does iCloud Work, Anyway? 158</p> <p>Moving, Saving, and Opening iCloud Documents 159</p> <p>Putting Handoff to Work 160</p> <p>Expanding Your Horizons with Sidecar 161</p> <p>Configuring iCloud 161</p> <p>Managing Your iCloud Storage 163</p> <p><b>Chapter 10: Your Laptop Goes Multiuser</b><b> 165</b></p> <p>Once Upon a Time (an Access Fairy Tale) 166</p> <p>Big-Shot Administrator Stuff 167</p> <p>Deciding who needs what access 167</p> <p>Adding users 168</p> <p>Modifying user accounts 170</p> <p>I banish thee, mischievous user! 172</p> <p>Setting up login items and managing access 174</p> <p>Tackling Mundane Chores for the Multiuser Laptop 178</p> <p>Logging in and out of Big Sur For Dummies 179</p> <p>Interesting stuff about sharing stuff 182</p> <p>Encrypting your Home folder can be fun 182</p> <p><b>Chapter 11: Working Well with Networks</b><b> 185</b></p> <p>What Exactly is the Network Advantage? 186</p> <p>Should You Go Wired or Wireless? 187</p> <p>Be a Pal: Share Your Internet! 189</p> <p>Using your MacBook as a sharing device 189</p> <p>Using a dedicated Internet-sharing device 189</p> <p>What Do I Need to Connect? 190</p> <p>Wireless connections 190</p> <p>Wired connections 194</p> <p>Connecting to the Network 198</p> <p>Sharing stuff nicely with others 199</p> <p>USE YOUR FIREWALL! 201</p> <p>Playing Buck Rogers with FaceTime 203</p> <p>Sending Instant Messages Across the Network 203</p> <p><b>Part 4: Living the iLife 205</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 12: The Multimedia Joys of Music and TV</b><b> 207</b></p> <p>What Can I Play in Music? 208</p> <p>Playing Digital Audio Files 209</p> <p>Finding songs in your Music library 213</p> <p>Removing old music from the library 213</p> <p>Keeping Slim Whitman and Slim Shady Apart: Organizing with Playlists 214</p> <p>Know Your Songs 216</p> <p>Setting the song information automatically 217</p> <p>Setting or changing the song information manually 217</p> <p>Ripping Audio Files 219</p> <p>Tweaking the Audio for Your Ears 220</p> <p>A New Kind of Radio Station 220</p> <p>Tuning in your own stations 221</p> <p>Radio stations in your playlists 222</p> <p>Creating a custom Music Radio station 222</p> <p>iSending iStuff to iPhone and iPad 223</p> <p>Burning Music to Shiny Plastic Circles 224</p> <p>Feasting on Music Visuals 225</p> <p>Exercising Parental Authority 225</p> <p>Watching Video with TV 227</p> <p>Buying Digital Media the Apple Way 228</p> <p><b>Chapter 13: Focusing on Photos</b><b> 231</b></p> <p>Delving into Photos 231</p> <p>Working with Images in Photos 234</p> <p>Import images 101 234</p> <p>Organize mode: Organizing and sorting your images 236</p> <p>Edit mode: Removing and fixing stuff the right way 242</p> <p>Exploring iCloud Photos 247</p> <p>Putting My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing to Work 248</p> <p><b>Chapter 14: Making Film History with iMovie</b><b> 251</b></p> <p>Shaking Hands with the iMovie Window 252</p> <p>A Bird’s-Eye View of Moviemaking 255</p> <p>Importing the Building Blocks 256</p> <p>Pulling in video clips 256</p> <p>Making use of still images 258</p> <p>Importing and adding audio from all sorts of places 258</p> <p>Building the Cinematic Basics 261</p> <p>Adding clips to your movie 261</p> <p>Marking clips 262</p> <p>Removing clips from your movie 263</p> <p>Reordering clips in your movie 263</p> <p>Editing clips in iMovie 264</p> <p>Transitions for the masses 265</p> <p>Even <i>Gone with the Wind </i>had titles 266</p> <p>Adding maps and backgrounds 267</p> <p>Creating an Honest-to-Goodness Movie Trailer 267</p> <p>Browsing Your Video Library 269</p> <p>Sharing Your Finished Classic 270</p> <p><b>Chapter 15: Recording Your Hits with GarageBand </b><b>271</b></p> <p>Shaking Hands with Your Band 272</p> <p>Composing Made Easy 274</p> <p>Adding tracks 275</p> <p>Choosing loops 277</p> <p>Resizing, repeating, and moving loops 280</p> <p>Using the Arrangement track 282</p> <p>Tweaking the settings for a track 283</p> <p>Sharing Your Songs 285</p> <p>Creating song files in Music 286</p> <p>Exporting a project 287</p> <p>Burning an audio CD 288</p> <p><b>Part 5: Getting Productive and Maintaining Your MacBook 289</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 16: Desktop Publishing with Pages</b><b> 291</b></p> <p>Creating a New Pages Document 292</p> <p>Opening an Existing Pages Document 293</p> <p>Saving Your Work 294</p> <p>Touring the Pages Window 294</p> <p>Entering and Editing Text 295</p> <p>Using Text, Shapes, and Graphics Boxes 296</p> <p>The Three Amigos: Cut, Copy, and Paste 296</p> <p>Cutting stuff 296</p> <p>Copying text and images 297</p> <p>Pasting from the Clipboard 297</p> <p>Formatting Text the Easy Way 297</p> <p>Adding a Spiffy Table 298</p> <p>Adding Alluring Photos 299</p> <p>Adding a Background Shape 300</p> <p>Are You Sure about That Spelling? 301</p> <p>Set Your Font Defaults and Speed Things Up 302</p> <p>Printing Your Pages Documents 302</p> <p>Sharing That Poster with Others 303</p> <p><b>Chapter 17: Creating Spreadsheets with Numbers</b><b> 305</b></p> <p>Before You Launch Numbers 306</p> <p>Creating a New Numbers Document 306</p> <p>Opening an Existing Spreadsheet File 307</p> <p>Save Those Spreadsheets! 308</p> <p>Exploring the Numbers Window 309</p> <p>Navigating and Selecting Cells in a Spreadsheet 310</p> <p>Entering and Editing Data in a Spreadsheet 311</p> <p>Selecting the Correct Number Format 312</p> <p>Aligning Cell Text Just So 313</p> <p>Formatting with Shading 314</p> <p>Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns 315</p> <p>The Formula is Your Friend 316</p> <p>Adding Visual Punch with a Chart 318</p> <p>Printing Your Spreadsheet 319</p> <p><b>Chapter 18: Building Presentations with Keynote</b><b> 321</b></p> <p>Creating a New Keynote Project 322</p> <p>Opening a Keynote Presentation 323</p> <p>Saving Your Presentation 324</p> <p>Putting Keynote to Work 324</p> <p>Adding Slides 326</p> <p>Working with Text, Shapes, and Graphics Boxes 326</p> <p>Adding and Editing Slide Text 327</p> <p>Formatting Slide Text for the Perfect Look 328</p> <p>Using Presenter’s Notes in Your Project 328</p> <p>Every Good Presentation Needs Media 329</p> <p>Adding a Background Shape 330</p> <p>Creating Your Keynote Slideshow 330</p> <p>Printing Your Slides and Notes 332</p> <p><b>Chapter 19: When Good Mac Laptops Go Bad</b><b> 335</b></p> <p>Repeat after Me: Yes, I Am a Tech! 336</p> <p>Step-by-Step Laptop Troubleshooting 337</p> <p>The number-one rule: Reboot! 337</p> <p>Special keys that can come in handy 339</p> <p>All hail Disk Utility, the troubleshooter’s friend 339</p> <p>Disk repair made easy 341</p> <p>Using Mark’s MacBook Troubleshooting Tree 343</p> <p>Step 1: Investigate recent changes 343</p> <p>Step 2: Run Disk Utility 344</p> <p>Step 3: Check your cables 344</p> <p>Step 4: Check your Internet and network connections 345</p> <p>Step 5: Check your Trash 345</p> <p>Step 6: Think virus 345</p> <p>Step 7: Check your login items 346</p> <p>Step 8: Turn off your screen saver 347</p> <p>Step 9: Run System Information 347</p> <p>Okay, I Kicked It, and It Still Won’t Work 348</p> <p>Local service, at your service 348</p> <p>The Apple Help Center 348</p> <p>Apple Help online 348</p> <p>And Now Windows? 349</p> <p>Figuring out how Boot Camp works 349</p> <p>Configuring Boot Camp 350</p> <p>Switching to Windows 352</p> <p><b>Chapter 20: Adding New Stuff to Your Laptop</b><b> 355</b></p> <p>More Memory Will Help 356</p> <p>Figuring out how much memory you have 356</p> <p>Installing memory modules 357</p> <p>Considering an Internal Drive Upgrade? 361</p> <p>Ponder your external options 361</p> <p>Gotta have internal 364</p> <p>A List of Dreamy Laptop Add-Ons 364</p> <p>Game controllers 364</p> <p>Video controllers 365</p> <p>Music hardware 365</p> <p><b>Chapter 21: Tackling the Housekeeping</b><b> 367</b></p> <p>Cleaning Unseemly Data Deposits 368</p> <p>Getting dirty (cleaning things the manual way) 368</p> <p>Using a commercial cleanup tool 371</p> <p>Backing Up Your Treasure 372</p> <p>Saving files 372</p> <p>Putting things right with Time Machine 374</p> <p>Maintaining Drive Health 376</p> <p>Automating Those Mundane Chores 377</p> <p>Updating macOS Automatically 379</p> <p><b>Part 6: The Part of Tens 381</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 22: Ten Laptop Rules to Follow</b><b> 383</b></p> <p>Keep Your Laptop in a Bag 383</p> <p>Maximize Your RAM 384</p> <p>Keep Tabs on Your MacBook 385</p> <p>Keepeth Thy Drive Encrypted 385</p> <p>Brand Your MacBook 386</p> <p>Disable Your Wireless 386</p> <p>Take a Surge Protector with You 387</p> <p>Use Power-Saving Features 388</p> <p>Use an External Keyboard and Mouse 388</p> <p>Not Again! What is It with You and Backing Up? 389</p> <p><b>Chapter 23: Ten Things to Avoid Like the Plague </b><b>391</b></p> <p>USB 2.0 Storage Devices 392</p> <p>Phishing Operations 392</p> <p>The Twin Terrors: Viruses and Malware 393</p> <p>Submerged Keyboards 394</p> <p>Antiquated Utility Software 394</p> <p>Software Piracy 394</p> <p>The Forbidden Account 395</p> <p>Unsecured Wireless Connections 395</p> <p>Refurbished Hardware 396</p> <p>Dirty Laptops 397</p> <p>Index 399</p>
<p><b>Mark L. Chambers</b> has written more than thirty computer books. His recent titles include <i>Macs For Seniors For Dummies, 4th Edition and iMac For Dummies, 10th Edition</i>. Mark is currently a full-time author and tech editor—and an unabashed Mac fan.</p>
<p><b>Make MacBook magic with this updated guide!</b></p><p>Sleek, super cool, and packed with power—that’s your new MacBook. This easy-to-follow guide shows you how to take full advantage of your MacBook’s features, whether you’re a PC convert or a Mac veteran. You’ll learn the basics, from setting up your MacBook to navigating the latest OS and downloading apps, but there’s so much more—staying connected with Messages and FaceTime, working with iCloud, getting creative with iMovie, and beyond. You and your MacBook will make a great team!</p><p><b>Inside. . .</b></p> <ul><b><li>Personalize the newest OS</li><li>Import files from Mac<sup>®</sup> or Windows<sup>®</sup></li><li>Master the new Control Center</li><li>Manage your iCloud<sup>®</sup> storage</li><li>Connect devices to your MacBook</li><li>FaceTime with everyone you know</li><li>Troubleshoot like a pro</li><li>Get a bonus chapter at</li></b></ul>

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