Legal Aspects of Radiography and Radiology

Legal Aspects of Radiography and Radiology

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von: Bridgit C. Dimond

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Veröffentl.: 15.04.2008
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Practical and jargon-free, this book is aimed at the non-lawyer and includes an extensive glossary of terms. It emphasises the legal issues encountered by those working in diagnostic radiography, radiotherapy and radiology and includes examples of legal dilemmas taken from these disciplines as well as exploring current issues.
Foreword by Sandy Yule, OBE. Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. SECTION A. THE LEGAL CONTEXT. 1. Introduction. 2. The Legal System. SECTION B. PATIENT-CENTRED CARE. 3. Rights of the Patient. 4. Consent and Information Giving. 5. The Duty of Confidentiality. 6. Data Protection and Access to Records. 7. Mentally Incapacitated Adults. 8. Legal Issues Relating to Children. 9. Pregnant Patients. 10. Death and Dying. SECTION C. PROFESSIONAL ISSUES. 11. Professional Registration and Statutory Controls. 12. Professional Standards and Misconduct. 13. Education and Training. SECTION D. ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE CIVIL AND CRIMINAL COURTS. 14. Negligence. 15. Health and Safety. 16. Radiological Regulation. 17. Legal Issues Relating to Equipment. 18. Records, Statements, Reports and Evidence in Court. 19. Handling Complaints. 20. Medicinal Products. SECTION E. MANAGEMENT AREAS. 21. Statutory Organisation of the NHS. 22. Employment Law. 23. Departmental Management. SECTION F. SPECIALIST AREAS. 24. PACS and Teleradiology. 25. Dental X-rays. 26. Complementary Therapies. 27. Scope of Professional Practice and the Expanded Role. 28. Legal Aspects of Research. 29. The Future. Table of Cases. Table of Statutes. Glossary. Further Reading. Index.
Clinicians in both diagnostic and radiotherapy services are key members of the health care team and recent government policies and their supporting legislation have identified areas of priority and the skills necessary to deliver these priorities effectively. Many books have been written about legal issues, but this book is unique in that it concentrates on the topics relating to diagnostic and therapeutic radiography and radiology and gives practitioners an understanding of the legal framework in which they practise. The author has identified many areas which will help to develop the necessary skills and knowledge of practitioners in both diagnostic and radiotherapy departments and enable them to take a proactive approach to issues arising from recent legislation. Essential areas covered include professional registration, standards and misconduct, negligence, record keeping, and radiation regulation and protection. Patient rights are emphasized throughout including issues such as informed consent, confidentiality, access to records, and death and dying. Sample situations with potential legal complexities are taken from practice and aa many relevant topics as possible have been included. This book provides clear guidance on the extensive legal framework within which radiologists and radiographers work. Key feature: Jargon-free for the non-lawyer. Clarifies complex issues, highlights recent legislation and identifies future developments. Uses examples taken from everyday practice. Ideal for students and practitioners needing to understand legal issues as they relate to themselves and patients. ‘This excellent book is key reading for all those professionals who are involved with the diagnosis or treatment of patients and also those who have to make use of these services.’ Sandy Yule, Risk Management Department, University Hospital of Wales.

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