Leadership Language

Leadership Language

Using Authentic Communication to Drive Results
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von: Chris Westfall

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 11.09.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781119523321
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The only language you need to know to change your results. Inside each of us is a vision of how things could be. Yet most people remain frustrated by a lack of impact, unable to connect and inspire the people they care about the most. Why? There’s a language we understand, but rarely use. A language that’s sincere. Powerful. Compelling. A language of words—and actions—that can’t be denied. Leadership Language will help you to peel back the ineffective “business speak”, so you can change the conversation. And change your results. Imagine what could happen when you replace frustration with an irresistible vision—for yourself, your team and your organization. Today’s leaders face so many challenges—employee retention, operational efficiency, culture, collaboration, leading across generations, and more—but communication is at the heart of every one of those issues. A clear message with a powerful delivery gets you halfway home. Honing in on your next conversation can drive more impact, better relationships, and greater overall effectiveness. For yourself. Your career. Your company. They say there’s nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come. So, take the lead. It’s time for you to create what’s missing. And Leadership Language will show you how. Get clear on your vision, get aligned with your story, and get others engaged with your message Connect with the people that matter most, in a way that invites innovation and new outcomes Find the courage to move forward, conquer change, and create powerful impact—while you help others do the same From student leaders to the C-suite, there is only one way for a leader to make an impact: communication. Leadership Language is your personal guide to mastering critical skills and unveiling your authentic potential. 
Foreword xi Introduction xv 1 When Leaders Can’t Lead 1 2 Where Leadership Lives 7 Going Beyond Limitations 13 3 Going Beyond Your Strengths 19 4 Conquering Change 33 5 Influence and the Empty Chair 43 6 Discovering Your Leadership Vision 49 7 Are You Listening? 57 Three Ways to Listen 62 Roger That 68 8 The Surprise Inside 73 Creativity 73 Enthusiasm? 76 9 Information and Impact 81 Engaging Your Audience by Making the Data Personal 84 Language to Avoid 88 10 The Credibility Connection 91 11 Assumptions and Blind Spots 111 12 The Unbranding of a Leader 119 13 Putting Power into Your Presentations 133 Appendix: The 10 Leadership Factors 151 Acknowledgments 153 About the Author 155 Index 157
CHRIS WESTFALL is leadership coach to entrepreneurs, high-growth businesses and Fortune 500 companies. The publisher of seven books, his writing has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS, and many other publications. His strategies on leadership communication have created multi-million dollar revenues on four continents, and helped launch over four dozen businesses. Learn more on his website:
Complacency is the enemy of every leader. If you have a vision—for yourself, your team and your organization—you owe it to yourself to access the language that replaces complacency with results. Leadership Language is a language of authenticity. Connection. Engagement. A language of words, demonstrated in actions, and delivering an impact that can't be denied. Whether you are an actual or aspirational leader, your words and actions will drive your results—either into the stratosphere, or into the ditch. Beyond the likes, tweets and swipes are the connections that really matter. True influence starts with connection—and the realization that leadership lives inside all of us. There's never been a greater need for a clear understanding of how you can lead others, and share your own vision, whatever that vision might be. Whether you tweet it or tell it, you deserve a conversation that cuts through the noise. This book is your personal guide into what leadership means, and where leadership can truly thrive. Inside you will find the antidote for the complacency in your career, your relationships and your company—as you discover the dialogue that brings your ideas to life. Unlike other leadership books, filled with the same old tips and techniques, Leadership Language puts a fresh focus on the intrinsic and powerful source of innovation, inspiration, and impact. You will learn how to access the authentic confidence that is irresistible to others and use the language that is the source of real influence, and effectiveness. Discover how your authenticity and vulnerability can inspire others to exceed expectations, achieve more and be more. Because complacency is never your destination.
Praise for Leadership Language "Chris Westfall helped me develop and deliver the presentation that changed my life." —J. EMILIO CANO, winner on season one of Shark Tank: Australia "Breakthrough communications strategies that can change the conversation and change your results." —DAVID HORSAGER, New York Times bestselling author of The Trust Edge "Chris has a gift. Period. What makes Chris unique is his ability in teaching that skill to others." —DR. BRANDON SWEENEY, PHD, co-founder of Essentium Technologies and winner of the Rice Business Plan Competition "Great book!Leadership Language is more than a 'how to' path to superior communication strategies. It's a roadmap for saving precious time. When everyone is in the same lane; confusion is eliminated, synergy is enhanced, and time is on your side." —VINCE POSCENTE, New York Times bestselling author of The Age of Speed "If you want to increase your ability to influence others and make powerful change, read this book now." —DORIE CLARK, author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business "A remarkable, imaginative, and life-changing book. During my forty years as a journalist, I simply figured that the great leaders I interviewed all possessed some intangible, unteachable ability to inspire those around them. It just never occurred to me that leadership could be taught. Then I read Leadership Language." —SKIP HOLLANDSWORTH, executive editor, Texas Monthly magazine, author of Midnight Assassin and co-writer of the movie, Bernie "Make Leadership Language an asset to your organization. Effective communication is the only way to drive results, operational efficiency and impact. You have to account for leadership if you want to influence others. This book will show you how to do that, and more." —CURT VANDERMEER, president and CEO, Endangered Species Chocolate "Masterful. Chris provides you with simple, powerful, effective strategies for quieting the noise. Read this book and accelerate your leadership transformation." —KAREN MANGIA, vice president, Customer and Market Insights, Salesforce "A brave look at where leadership lives. This book changes the conversation around impact, and what influence really means. There's never been a greater need for clear-headed leadership, and this book is your access point for new results." —JAY WINN, vice president, Ogilvy New York "Engaging stories and insights! Chris has a wonderful ability to inspire and connect. His message helps leaders to focus on their people and their clients—that approach is foundational to our business." —CHIP CLARKE, president, Americas, Transwestern

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