Keto Diet For Dummies

Keto Diet For Dummies

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von: Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams

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<p><b>Millions of people have lost weight and become healthier on the keto diet, and you can too!</b></p> <p><i>Keto Diet For Dummies</i> is your all-in-one resource for learning about the keto diet, getting started and reaping the full benefits like so many others have. The keto diet has gained immense popularity due to its effectiveness and the ever-growing science backing it. <i>Keto Diet For Dummies</i> provides you with the information and resources you need to succeed and achieve your goals.</p> <p>With the <i>Keto Diet For Dummies</i> book you’ll learn how to:</p> <ul> <li>Stock a keto kitchen</li> <li>Prepare more than 40 tasty keto recipes</li> <li>Eat right while dining out</li> <li>Overcome any obstacles</li> <li>Enjoy a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle</li> </ul> <p> </p> <p>Recipes in <i>Keto Diet For Dummies</i> include: Blueberry Almond Pancakes, Avocado Cloud Toast, Meatball Marinara Bake, Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry, Salmon with Avocado Lime Puree, Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Apple, Creamy Cookie Dough Mousse, Lemon Jello Cake, Key Lime Panna Cotta and much more!</p> <p>The keto diet (also known as ketogenic diet, low carb diet and LCHF diet) is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets. Maintaining this diet is a great tool for weight loss. More importantly though, according to an increasing number of studies, it helps reduce risk factors for diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, and more. On the keto diet, your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis. While in ketosis your body is using ketone bodies for energy instead of glucose.</p> <p>For anyone looking to lose weight, become healthier, improve and stabilize their daily energy levels, and understand and benefits of the complex nutritional sciences of the keto diet, this book has it all.</p>
<p><b>Introduction 1</b></p> <p>About This Book 2</p> <p>Foolish Assumptions 3</p> <p>Icons Used in This Book 3</p> <p>Beyond the Book 4</p> <p>Where to Go from Here 4</p> <p><b>Part 1: Getting Started with the Keto Diet 5</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 1: Brushing Up on the Basics</b><b> 7</b></p> <p>Understanding What the Keto Diet is 7</p> <p>Standard ketogenic diet 10</p> <p>Targeted ketogenic diet 11</p> <p>Cyclical ketogenic diet 11</p> <p>High-protein ketogenic diet 12</p> <p>Deciding Whether the Keto Diet is Right for You 13</p> <p>You want to lose weight fast and keep it off 13</p> <p>You’re not afraid of a little commitment 13</p> <p>You want to decrease your risk of diabetes 14</p> <p>You’re tired of feeling run down and sluggish 14</p> <p>You want to get healthy and stay that way for a long time 14</p> <p>Flipping the Switch on Your Metabolism 15</p> <p>Consuming the right ratio of macronutrients: Fat, protein, and carbs 15</p> <p>Knowing when you’ve entered a state of ketosis 17</p> <p>Knowing when to stop 17</p> <p>Clearing Common Hurdles 18</p> <p>Dietary restrictions 19</p> <p>Carb cravings 19</p> <p>Unpleasant side effects 19</p> <p>Social pressures 20</p> <p><b>Chapter 2: Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet </b><b>21</b></p> <p>The Numerous Benefits of a Keto Diet 22</p> <p>Weight loss 22</p> <p>Improved body composition 23</p> <p>Increased energy 24</p> <p>Improved mental focus .26</p> <p>Better sleep 27</p> <p>Stabilized blood sugar 28</p> <p>Healthier cholesterol levels 29</p> <p>Reduced blood pressure 30</p> <p>Reduced acne 30</p> <p>Less inflammation 31</p> <p>Health benefits 31</p> <p>Potential Drawbacks of the Keto Diet 34</p> <p>Keto flu 34</p> <p>Keto breath 35</p> <p>Ketoacidosis 35</p> <p>Nutritional deficiencies 36</p> <p>The Lowdown on Fat and Cholesterol 36</p> <p>Identifying the real villains: Sugar and processed foods 37</p> <p>Taking the blame off dietary fat 37</p> <p>Exposing the truth about cholesterol 37</p> <p><b>Chapter 3: Understanding What Happens to Your Body in Ketosis</b><b> 39</b></p> <p>Exploring Your Body’s Flex-Fuel System 40</p> <p>Burning carbs: Glycolysis 40</p> <p>Burning fat: Ketosis 41</p> <p>Burning protein: Gluconeogenesis 42</p> <p>Following the Energy Flow along the Metabolic Pathways 43</p> <p>When food is available 43</p> <p>When the body is in fasting mode 44</p> <p>When the body is in starvation mode 45</p> <p>Anticipating Changes in How You’ll Feel 46</p> <p>Short-term changes 47</p> <p>Long-term changes 47</p> <p>Testing to See if You’re in Ketosis 48</p> <p>Urinalysis testing 49</p> <p>Blood testing 49</p> <p><b>Chapter 4: Getting to Know Your Macros</b><b> 51</b></p> <p>Loading Up on Healthy Fats 51</p> <p>Healthy fats 52</p> <p>Less healthy fats 54</p> <p>Unhealthy fats 57</p> <p>Consuming Moderate Amounts of Protein 58</p> <p>Cutting Unnecessary Carb Consumption 58</p> <p><b>Part 2: Doing the Keto Diet 61</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 5: Stocking Up on Keto-Friendly Foods</b><b> 63</b></p> <p>Out with the Old: Clearing Out Your Carb-Heavy Stock 64</p> <p>Ridding your shelves of sugar 65</p> <p>Ditching flours and grains 68</p> <p>Eliminating starchy vegetables 70</p> <p>Tossing high-glycemic fruits 71</p> <p>Purging all processed foods 72</p> <p>In with the New: Healthy Fats, Proteins, and Carbs 73</p> <p>Saying hello to healthy fats 74</p> <p>Stocking up on healthy proteins 83</p> <p>Opting for healthier carbs 84</p> <p>Scoping out healthier sweeteners 87</p> <p>Shopping for pre-fab keto products 88</p> <p><b>Chapter 6: Checking Out Your Beverage Options</b><b> 93</b></p> <p>Making Water Your Go-To Beverage 93</p> <p>Calculating your water intake 94</p> <p>Flavoring your water with fruits and herbs 94</p> <p>Adding a no- or low-calorie water enhancer 96</p> <p>Adding electrolytes 99</p> <p>Opting for Coffee or Tea 100</p> <p>Checking out your coffee choices 100</p> <p>Considering your tea selections 101</p> <p>Finding a Suitable Milk Replacement 102</p> <p>Considering Alternatives to Fruit Juice and Soda 104</p> <p>Avoiding diet sodas 105</p> <p>Shopping for keto-friendly energy drinks 105</p> <p>Drinking Alcohol on the Keto Diet 106</p> <p>Leaning toward the low-carb options 108</p> <p>Avoiding the high-carb options 109</p> <p>Choosing a chaser 110</p> <p><b>Chapter 7: Achieving Ketosis Step by Step</b><b> 111</b></p> <p>Personalizing Your Keto Goals 112</p> <p>Setting your weight goals 112</p> <p>Targeting specific health conditions 115</p> <p>Preventing future health problems 118</p> <p>Calculating Your Macro Targets 118</p> <p>Total calories 119</p> <p>Fat grams 122</p> <p>Protein grams 123</p> <p>Carb grams 124</p> <p>Planning and Preparing Meals 124</p> <p>Snacking without Blowing Your Diet 125</p> <p>Snacking in moderation 126</p> <p>Keeping the carbs at bay 126</p> <p>Replenishing Lost Fluids and Electrolytes 127</p> <p>Drinking plenty of water 127</p> <p>Restoring your electrolytes 127</p> <p><b>Chapter 8: Making Sure You’re Getting the Nutrition You Need</b><b> 129</b></p> <p>Counting Net Carbs, Not Total Carbs 130</p> <p>Curbing Your Protein Intake 130</p> <p>Going Full Fat, Skipping Low-Fat 132</p> <p>Replenishing Your Electrolytes 133</p> <p>Adding Healthy Oils to Your Diet 133</p> <p>Getting Enough Fiber 134</p> <p><b>Chapter 9: Eating Out and Loving It!</b><b> 139</b></p> <p>Choosing Keto-Friendly Restaurants 140</p> <p>Steakhouses and barbeque 140</p> <p>Buffets 141</p> <p>Seafood 141</p> <p>Mediterranean 142</p> <p>Japanese 143</p> <p>Chinese 143</p> <p>Steering Clear of Carbs 144</p> <p>Loading Up on Fats and Proteins 146</p> <p>Making Special Requests 147</p> <p>Ordering Keto by Meal: A Few Suggestions 148</p> <p>Breakfast 148</p> <p>Lunch 149</p> <p>Dinner 149</p> <p>Opting for a Low-Sugar Beverage 150</p> <p>Dining at the Homes of Relatives or Friends 151</p> <p>Communicating your preferences 151</p> <p>Bringing your own beverage 152</p> <p><b>Part 3: Overcoming Obstacles 153</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 10: Dealing with Undesirable Side Effects</b><b> 155</b></p> <p>Getting Over the Hump: The Keto Flu 155</p> <p>Watching for Signs of Ketoacidosis 158</p> <p>Addressing More Specific Side Effects 159</p> <p>Cramps 159</p> <p>Constipation 160</p> <p>Diarrhea 161</p> <p>Heart palpitations 162</p> <p>Keto breath 163</p> <p>Reduced strength or endurance 164</p> <p>Hair loss 165</p> <p>High cholesterol 166</p> <p>Gallstones 168</p> <p>Indigestion 169</p> <p>Rashes 170</p> <p><b>Chapter 11: Alleviating Any Social Pressure</b><b> 173</b></p> <p>Staying Focused 174</p> <p>Letting Your Social Circle in on Your Journey 178</p> <p>Talking with Your Doctor 181</p> <p><b>Part 4: Maximizing the Benefits 185</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 12: Fasting</b><b> 187</b></p> <p>Recognizing the Benefits of Fasting 188</p> <p>Accelerating fat loss 188</p> <p>Boosting muscle gain 190</p> <p>Accelerating recovery and repair 192</p> <p>Improving skin tone 193</p> <p>Slowing the aging process 194</p> <p>Improving brain function 195</p> <p>Reducing inflammation 197</p> <p>Detoxing cells 198</p> <p>Sampling Different Fasting Methods 200</p> <p>The 16-hour fast 200</p> <p>One meal a day 201</p> <p>5-2 regimen 202</p> <p>Alternate-day fasting 203</p> <p>Reducing the Downside of Fasting with the Keto Diet 203</p> <p>Getting your mind right 203</p> <p>Starting slow and building your fasting muscle 204</p> <p>Staying active 204</p> <p>Maintaining healthy keto changes 204</p> <p>Staying hydrated 205</p> <p><b>Chapter 13: Maintaining a Fitness Routine</b><b> 207</b></p> <p>Anticipating the Impact of the Keto Diet on Exercise 208</p> <p>Exercising while transitioning into keto 208</p> <p>Exercising when you’ve adapted to keto 209</p> <p>Exercising while intermittent fasting 214</p> <p>Adjusting Your Macros to Accommodate Exercise 216</p> <p>Optimizing muscle gain 216</p> <p>Optimizing fat loss 220</p> <p>Adjusting for endurance 221</p> <p>Choosing the Right Style of Keto for Your Unique Goals 221</p> <p>Following the standard ketogenic diet 222</p> <p>Following a high-protein ketogenic diet to build muscle mass 222</p> <p>Following a targeted ketogenic diet to build workout progress 223</p> <p>Using a cyclical ketogenic diet for your endurance goals 224</p> <p>Adapting Your Exercise Routine 228</p> <p>Anaerobic exercise: High-intensity interval training and resistance training 228</p> <p>Aerobic exercise 229</p> <p>Balance or stability 230</p> <p>Flexibility or stretching 231</p> <p>Bonus workouts to reach your goals 233</p> <p>Considering Supplements That May Help 236</p> <p>Low-carb protein supplements 236</p> <p>Creatine 239</p> <p>MCT oil 240</p> <p>Ketones 240</p> <p>Other supplements for overall health 241</p> <p><b>Part 5: Keto Recipes 243</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 14: Breakfast: Starting Your Day the Keto Way</b><b> 245</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 15: Keto Lunches</b><b> 255</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 16: Keto Dinners</b><b> 265</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 17: Sides</b><b> .275</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 18: Appetizers and Snacks</b><b> 283</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 19: One-Pot Wonders</b><b> 291</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 20: Desserts: Having Your Sweets and Eating Them, Too</b><b> 301</b></p> <p><b>Part 6: The Part of Tens 315</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 21: Ten Benefits of Being in Ketosis</b><b> 317</b></p> <p>Jump-Starting Weight Loss 317</p> <p>Stabilizing Blood Sugar 317</p> <p>Increasing Energy 318</p> <p>Lowering Cholesterol Levels 318</p> <p>Lowering Blood Pressure 318</p> <p>Getting Better Sleep 319</p> <p>Eliminating Cravings 319</p> <p>Looking Your Best 319</p> <p>Lifting Your Mood 319</p> <p>Stopping Inflammation in Its Tracks 320</p> <p><b>Chapter 22: Ten Sources of Healthy Fats</b><b> 321</b></p> <p>Avocado/Avocado Oil 321</p> <p>Ghee 322</p> <p>Coconut Oil 322</p> <p>Olive Oil 322</p> <p>Almonds 323</p> <p>Grass-Fed Beef 323</p> <p>Medium-Chain Triglyceride Oils 323</p> <p>Fatty Fish 324</p> <p>Hemp Seeds 324</p> <p>Nut Butters 324</p> <p><b>Chapter 23: Ten Keto Resources</b><b> 325</b></p> <p>Diet Doctor 325</p> <p>Total Keto Diet App 326</p> <p>Healthline Nutrition 326</p> <p>Tasteaholics 326</p> <p>Peter Attia 327</p> <p>Mark’s Daily Apple 327</p> <p>KetoConnect 327</p> <p>Reddit’s /r/keto Subreddit 327</p> <p>Keto Macro Calculator 328</p> <p>Facebook Keto and Low-Carb Groups 328</p> <p>Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide .329</p> <p>Index 333</p>
<p><b>Rami and Vicky Abrams</b> are entrepreneurs and devoted foodies who were so impressed by how keto transformed their lives that they founded, a leading low-carb lifestyle blog; <i>Total Keto Diet,</i> one of the most popular keto apps; and So Nourished, Inc., a low-carb product company, to help share its health benefits around the world.
<ul> <li>Start and stick to the keto diet</li> <li>Find 55 delicious, easy-to-make recipes</li> <li>Lose the weight and get healthier the keto way</li> </ul> <p><b>Achieve lifelong health with the keto diet!</b> <p>Today, the ketogenic diet is the world's fastest-growing diet. It has been proven to burn fat, reduce inflammation, fight cancer, lower risks for diseases, balance hormones, and even increase lifespan. This book is filled with tasty recipes, from Chicken Pizza Casserole to Creamy Cookie Dough Mousse. You'll also get the skinny on stocking your kitchen, what to eat when dining out, and how to boost your brain health and energy levels way, way up! <p><b>Inside...</b> <ul> <li>Understand how ketosis works</li> <li>Stock your keto kitchen</li> <li>Prepare 55 tasty recipes</li> <li>Stay keto outside the home</li> <li>Build a keto exercise plan</li> <li>Maintain your weight loss</li> <li>Fast for better results</li> <li>Choose the right supplements</li> </ul>

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