ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards

ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards

Engineering and Financial Aspects
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von: Alan S. Morris

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Veröffentl.: 19.11.2004
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This book covers the cross-disciplinary areas between management issues and engineering issues relevant to implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to the ISO 14000 series standards. It summarises the requirements set by ISO14001 and considers the management and engineering policies needed to satisfy these requirements and achieve ISO 14001 certification. <ul> <li>Unique approach by integrating environmental management and engineering considerations</li> <li>Avoids overuse of complicated technical jargon</li> <li>Detailed coverage of measurement and calibration standards to meet ISO14001</li> <li>Provides example of EMS documentation and records manual</li> <li>Detailed coverage and control of air, water, noise, vibration pollution and waste management</li> </ul>
Dedication <p>Preface.</p> <p>1. Introduction.</p> <p>2. Design and Implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.</p> <p>3. Measurement Systems in Environmental Management.</p> <p>4. Measurement System Errors.</p> <p>5. Measurement Signal Conversion, Processing, Transmission and Recording.</p> <p>6. Quantification and Effects of Air Pollution.</p> <p>7. Quantification and Effects of Water Pollution.</p> <p>8. Control of Air and Water Pollution.</p> <p>9. Noise, Vibration and Shock Pollution.</p> <p>10. Waste Management.</p> <p>11. System Reliability and Risk Assessment for Environmental Protection.</p> <p>12. Statistical Process Control.</p> <p>13. Monitoring Process Parameter Values to Minimise Pollution Risk.</p> <p>Appendix 1: Summary of ISO 14000 Series Standards.</p> <p>Appendix 2: Typical Structure of an Environmental Management System Manual.</p> <p>Index.</p>
Dr. Alan Morris is a member of the Dept. of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK.
There is widespread concern about environmental matters in all developed countries around the world, and public interest in this is now so great that the implementation and operation of an efficient and effective environmental management system (EMS) is as important to the financial well-being of a company as it is to the environment that it is intended to protect. ISO 14000 is a descriptor for a set of standards that have been developed in response to this global concern about the environment. The primary standard amongst this set is ISO 14001, and the fundamental aim of this book is to cover the procedures that should be implemented by a company in order to satisfy the requirements laid down in this standard, and achieve ISO 14001 certification for the EMS. <p><i>ISO14000 Environmental Management Standards: Engineering and Financial Aspects</i> presents the requirements of ISO 14001 environmental management systems, summarises the company management schemes and procedures required for the implementation of ISO 14001 systems, and discusses the engineering considerations and procedures necessary to ensure the successful operation of ISO 14001 systems.</p> <ul> <li>First book to take a cross-disciplinary approach that covers both management and engineering issues relevant to implementing an EMS.</li> <li>Emphasises importance of good measurement practice (Chapters 3 and 4), critical to the success of EMS.</li> <li>Considers the control and management of air and water pollution, noise and vibration pollution, and the various techniques for waste reduction and environmentally-friendly waste disposal.</li> <li>Highlights financial implications and benefits of EMS uptake for an organisation.</li> </ul> <p>The difficulties in discussing technical matters to non- technical readers are well understood by the author, therefore all areas in the book are introduced in a comprehensible and straightforward manner before progressing to cover the necessary technical details. This book is primarily aimed at industry professionals who are involved with developing, implementing, maintaining and modifying environmental management systems, and at managers who are directing environmental policy. It will also prove invaluable reading for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students who are taking courses concerned with the design and implementation of environmental management systems.</p>

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