Investing in International Real Estate For Dummies

Investing in International Real Estate For Dummies

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von: Nicholas Wallwork

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Aspiring international real estate investors—expand your portfolio today!  The real estate world can be a particularly difficult place to do business, and this book helps aspiring international investors of all skill levels avoid some of the pitfalls first-timers often make. Expert author Nicholas Wallwork opens your eyes to how accessible international real estate can be and provides an excellent introduction to some of the main strategies and nuances when investing at home or away.    Investing in International Real Estate For Dummies covers expert strategies for investing in international real estate, going beyond the more obvious tactics like buy-to-lease and flipping houses. It gives you a solid roadmap for successful property investing that actually works in any market. It lays out checklists of tasks and offers step-by-step guidance and advice based on over a decade of in-the-trenches experience working in the international real estate investment sector. Learn previously unseen expert strategies Find out how to choose which countries to invest in Easily navigate your way around lease options Build an in-country network of reliable contacts Manage your new assets with ease How to build the mindset of a top real estate investor Looking to start or expand your international real estate portfolio? Everything you need is at your fingertips!
Introduction 1 About This Book 2 Foolish Assumptions 3 Icons Used in This Book 3 Beyond This Book 4 Where to Go from Here 4 Part 1: Building a Successful Real Estate Portfolio 5 Chapter 1: Introducing Real Estate Investment Strategies 7 Taking Your Real Estate Investments to the Next Level 8 Focusing on Investment Strategies That You Can Use Internationally 11 Running Your Property Portfolio as a Business 12 Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row 13 Blending Real Estate Strategies to Create a More Robust Portfolio 14 So Which Strategies Are Right for You? 20 Chapter 2: Investing at Home or Abroad: Which Is Right for You? 23 Deciding Whether to Invest Abroad: It’s Not All about the Numbers 24 Considering Your Budget 26 Assessing Your Risk Profile 28 Figuring Out How You’ll Manage Your Property 31 Drilling Down to the Right Market for You 33 Looking at the cold, hard facts and figures 33 Developing your knowledge of that country and region 34 Focusing Your Attention on One or Two Key Markets 35 Chapter 3: Treating Your Real Estate Portfolio as a Business 37 Aiming for Passive Income as the Ultimate Goal 38 Drafting a Dream Team 42 Investing in Systems and Technology to Grow Your Business 49 Promoting Your Real Estate Business 53 Managing Your Cash Flow Like a Boss 55 Getting the Right Insurance 57 Chapter 4: Protecting Yourself against Market Fluctuations 61 Diversifying Your Portfolio with Multiple Revenue Streams 62 Finding Strategies That Work Well in a Boom Market 65 Finding Strategies That Work Well in a Credit Crunch 68 Doing the Opposite of What the Mass Market Is Doing 71 Tailoring Your Funding to Economic Fluctuations 72 Considering Foreign Exchange Rate Risks 75 Chapter 5: Getting into the Mind-set of a Successful International Real Estate Investor 77 Continually Improving through Education 78 Networking in the Right Places 80 Setting Your Goals 82 Cultivating a Positive Mental Attitude 85 Visualizing for Success 88 Harnessing the Law of Attraction 91 Meditating to Manage Stress and Risk 95 Making meditation work for you 97 Part 2: Money, Money, Money 99 Chapter 6: Weighing Traditional Finance Options 101 Finance as a Key Element of Success and Growth 102 Seeing the link between leverage and growth 102 Understanding the full range of finance options 103 Considering the Main Financing Factors 104 Assessing a Range of Traditional Finance Products 112 Finding the Right Product for You 117 Dipping into International Finance versus Domestic Finance 118 Chapter 7: Understanding Property Valuation 119 Defining Value and Real Estate Valuation 120 Seeing Why Valuation Is Fundamental to Property Success 123 Looking at the Three Main Valuation Methods 128 Knowing Which Method Is Best for You and How Much an Investment Is Worth 132 Special Considerations for Valuing Property Abroad 134 Chapter 8: Looking at More Creative Financing Options 135 You Down with OPM? Investing with Other People’s Money 136 Joining Up with a Joint Venture 138 Securing Private Lending 146 Crowdfunding Your Way to Real Estate Success 149 Getting Control of a Property Instead of Owning It 149 Applying Creative Financing Strategies Overseas 150 Part 3: One-Off and Shorter-Term Income Strategies 153 Chapter 9: Developing Properties 155 Knowing What Property Development Means 156 Deciding Which Development Strategy Is Best for You 157 Sourcing Development Opportunities 161 Financing Your Development Projects 165 Managing the Development 169 Five International Locations Where This Strategy Would Work 176 Chapter 10: Dealing in Property Information 179 Dealing in Investment Property Leads: The Five-Minute Lowdown 180 Generating and Selling Property Leads 183 Acting as a Retained Buyer’s Agent 192 Five International Locations Where This Strategy Would Work 196 Part 4: Ongoing and Passive Income Strategies 199 Chapter 11: Making Rent-to-Rent Work for You 201 Defining Rent-to-Rent: The One-Minute Rundown 202 Addressing Rent-to-Rent’s Image Problem 203 Applying Rent-to-Rent across a Range of Properties and Strategies 205 Margin in the Middle: Understanding the Rent-to-Rent Financial Model 209 Sourcing the Ideal Rent-to-Rent Property (and Landlord) 213 Sorting Out Your Rental Agreement 218 Finding Tenants and Managing the Property 220 Identifying Five International Markets Where This Strategy Would Work 222 Chapter 12: Leveraging Lease Options 223 Understanding Lease Options and How They Work 224 Understanding the Financial Model for Lease Options 228 Knowing What’s in It for the Property Owner 232 Sourcing Lease-Option Opportunities 233 Negotiating the Deal and Contract 236 Identifying Five International Locations Where This Strategy Would Work 240 Chapter 13: Delving into Houses in Multiple Occupation 243 Introducing HMOs 244 Breaking Down the HMO Financial Model 245 Sourcing HMO Properties 246 Deciding Who You Want to Rent To 249 Finding the Best Location for Your HMO 249 Staying on the Right Side of the Law 250 Managing Your HMO 255 Scaling Up Your HMO Portfolio 262 Identifying Five International Locations Where This Strategy Would Work 263 Chapter 14: Renting to Students and Low-Income-Housing Tenants 265 Knowing What’s Involved in Renting to Students and Low-Income-Housing Tenants 266 Looking at the Pros and Cons of Renting to These Tenant Groups 268 Sourcing the Right Kinds of Property for Students and Low-Income-Housing Tenants 270 Marketing Your Property and Finding Tenants 272 Drafting the Tenancy Agreement 275 Physically Preparing Your Property for Use 278 Managing Your Property Effectively 281 Looking at Five International Locations Where This Strategy Would Work 283 Chapter 15: Providing Serviced Accommodation 285 Defining Serviced Accommodation 286 Looking at the Pros and Cons of Serviced Accommodation 289 Deciding What Level of Service to Offer 294 Sourcing Serviced Accommodation Properties 296 Preparing Your Property for Serviced Accommodation Use 299 Navigating Planning and Regulatory Restrictions 301 Getting the Right Business Processes and Systems in Place 302 Managing Your Serviced Accommodation Business on an Ongoing Basis 306 Identifying Five International Locations Where This Strategy Would Work 307 Chapter 16: Providing Vacation Rentals, at Home and Abroad 309 Knowing the Difference Between Vacation Rentals and Serviced Accommodation 310 Choosing the Right Location for You 312 Planning for Costs, Cash Flow, and Variations in Occupancy 314 Sourcing the Ideal Property for Vacation Rentals 318 Preparing Your Property for Use 320 Marketing Your Vacation Rental 324 Managing Your Vacation Rental 327 Identifying Five International Locations Where This Strategy Would Work 329 Part 5: The Part of Tens 331 Chapter 17: Ten (Or So) Practical Ways to Get into the Mind-Set for Success 333 Tapping Into Education Resources 333 Using Productivity Apps and Tools 334 Learning to Be in the Here and Now 335 Cementing Your Goals Using a Vision Board or Goal List 337 Trying Out a Visualization Exercise, Real Estate Style 338 Incorporating Positive Affirmations into Your Day 339 Recognizing and Giving Thanks for Your Successes 340 Downloading Helpful Apps 341 Chapter 18: Ten (Or So) Other Real Estate Strategies to Consider 343 Delving into Buy-to-Rent (Single-Tenant) Properties 344 Flipping Houses 344 Running a Bed-and-Breakfast, Guesthouse, or Hotel 345 Owning or Running a Care Home 346 Becoming a Real Estate Agent, Rental Agent, or Property Manager 347 Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts 348 Offering Emergency Housing Accommodation 349 Getting into Commercial Property 350 Trading in Freeholds 351 Index 353
Nicholas Wallwork is a successful entrepreneur, multimillionaire real estate investor, developer, and property and business mentor. He is known across all media channels as a highly respected authority in the real estate investment world and has an extensive and proven track record for delivering successful, high-return investments for his clients and students. Wallwork is dedicated to helping educate investors. Visit real-estate-courses for upcoming companion courses to this book.
Discover proven strategies to help you succeed Learn mind-set techniques needed for real estate success Pick the right international market for you Go international with confidence! Have you been thinking about investing in real estate at home or abroad, but feeling a little unsure about stepping out on your own? This guide will be your silent partner! Nicholas Wallwork lays out the strategies, tactics, and techniques you need to know, based on his own extensive and successful experience. Learn multiple new real estate investment strategies and how to tell whether the domestic or international market is right for you and your chosen investment strategy, protect yourself from market fluctuations, explore financing options, develop a highly successful investor's mind-set, and manage your investments with confidence! Inside... Avoid common investment mistakes Uncover niche investment strategies Choose the best investments Navigate lease options Discover houses of multiple occupation Explore serviced accommodation

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