Investing in Fixed Income Securities

Investing in Fixed Income Securities

Understanding the Bond Market
Wiley Finance, Band 225 1. Aufl.

von: Gary Strumeyer

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Investors who've primarily purchased equity securities in the past have been looking for more secure investment alternatives; namely, fixed income securities. This book demystifies the sometimes daunting fixed income market, through a user-friendly, sophisticated, yet not overly mathematical format. Investing in Fixed Income Securities covers a wide range of topics, including the different types of fixed income securities, their characteristics, the strategies necessary to manage a diversified portfolio, bond pricing concepts, and more, so you can make the most informed investment decisions possible.
Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: An Overview of the Fixed Income Securities Market. Chapter 2: The Basics of Debt Instruments. Chapter 3: Bond Pricing Concepts. Chapter 4: Risks Associated with Bonds. Chapter 5: Macroeconomics and the Bond Market. Chapter 6: Using Economic Variables to Forecast Interest Rates and the Bond Market. Chapter 7: The Yield Curve. Chapter 8: Money Market Instruments. Chapter 9: U.S. Treasury and Government Agency Securities. Chapter 10: Municipal Bonds. Chapter 11: Corporate Bonds. Chapter 12: Emerging Markets. Chapter 13: Distressed Debt Securities. Chapter 14: Mortgage-Backed Securities. Chapter 15: Asset-Backed Securities. Chapter 16: Preferred Stock. Chapter 17: Fixed Income Derivatives: Products and Applications. Chapter 18: Managing a Fixed Income Portfolio. About the Co-Writers. Notes. Index.
“The book couldn’t be more timely.” (, 30th March 2005)
Gary Strumeyer is the Managing Director of the Bond and Money Market Group at BNY Capital Markets, Inc., a registered broker-dealer subsidiary of The Bank of New York Company, Inc., and has been with the company for twenty years. He is a former adjunct professor of economics and finance at New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Strumeyer is the author of Keys to Investing in Municipal Bonds, published by Barron's in 1996. He recently served on the NASD's Corporate Debt Market Panel. The panel's purpose was to review and make recommendations to the NASD Board of Governors regarding how to best insure market integrity and investor protection in the corporate bond market.
In Investing in Fixed Income Securities, financial expert Gary Strumeyer distills nearly twenty years of investment experience in the fixed income marketplace to provide you with a comprehensive—yet not overly technical—overview of this investment arena. Through a user-friendly and sophisticated style, Strumeyer covers a wide range of topics, including basic terminology and concepts; the various types of debt instruments and their characteristics; the strategies necessary to manage a diversified portfolio, both domestic and non-U.S. securities; bond pricing concepts; and yield curves. Filled with in-depth insight and practical advice, Investing in Fixed Income Securities will help you: Learn essential bond market concepts and terminology Understand key differences among virtually all debt instruments Structure and manage a diversified fixed income portfolio Assess risks associated with each category of bond investment Apply appropriate valuation methods to both noncallable securities and those containing embedded options Navigate the money market, maximizing the return on your short-term funds The world of fixed income securities is diverse in many respects. In order to maximize the investment value of fixed income securities in your portfolio, it's necessary to understand the characteristics of these types of investments. With Investing in Fixed Income Securities as your guide, you'll gain a firm understanding of these instruments and learn how to make more prudent investment decisions that will enable you to achieve your financial objectives—without accepting unnecessary or inordinate risks in the process.
Investing in Fixed Income SECURITIES The goal of this book is to find a middle ground, crystallizing the essential information that will be useful to investors and market professionals alike. Many important fixed income topics are discussed, but the text highlights the most important issues that impact a decision to buy or sell a given security. For those of you new to fixed income, or in need of a refresher, the book will: Demystify the fixed income markets Provide a comprehensive analysis of all major debt instruments Explain macro-economic concepts and economic variables and their impact on the bond market Offer insight on structuring and managing a fixed income portfolio For the more experienced investors, the book will: Provide a thorough analysis of more complex instruments, such as mortgage and asset-backed securities Apply appropriate valuation methods to a variety of fixed income securities Offer current economic and market commentary from Phillip Braverman, a respected economist This book will be an invaluable resource to both the novice investor and the market professional.

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