Innovation and Society

Innovation and Society

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von: Françoise Cros

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This book takes stock of the state of the question on innovation in a particular area of ??education and training. But for this it must be noted that economists have appropriated the notion since Schumpeter and have constrained to think innovation in professions of intervention on others as if they were products to be delivered to the customer as quickly and the best (frugal innovation). Here the author brings a nuance and demonstrates the specificity of innovations in "soft" areas, their richness, while drawing the reader to caution and criticism because any innovation is not good in itself: it can Produce adverse effects in the medium and long term. The author proposes two supports for innovation: on the one hand the approach by its most objective evaluation which itself induces an innovation in its evaluation and, on the other hand, an approach to values ??and therefore to philosophy of the desired future man. A detour on the history of innovation, on its international approaches, on the imaginary investments it is often the object of (with a nuance of utopia) makes it possible to understand why innovation has been a means To drive the reforms and to convince people for a better future.
1. Socio-historical context and innovation. 2. From technical innovation to social innovation. 3. Innovation in education and training as social innovation. 4. Innovation as a political and governance issue.

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