Handbook of Race, Racism, and the Developing Child

Handbook of Race, Racism, and the Developing Child

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von: Stephen M. Quintana, Clark McKown

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Veröffentl.: 10.07.2008
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Filling a critical void in the literature, Race, Racism, and the Developing Child provides an important source of information for researchers, psychologists, and students on the recent advances in the unique developmental and social features of race and racism in children's lives. Thorough and accessible, this timely reference draws on an international collection of experts and scholars representing the breadth of perspectives, theoretical traditions, and empirical approaches in this field.
Acknowledgment. Contributors. Chapter 1: Introduction: Race, Racism, and the Developing Child (Stephen M. Quintana and Clark McKown). Chapter 2: Racial Perspective Taking Ability: Developmental, Theoretical, and Empirical Trends (Stephen M. Quintana). Chapter 3: Children's Developing Conceptions of Race (Lawrence A. Hirschfeld). Chapter 4: A Social-Cognitive Developmental Theory of Prejudice (Frances E. Aboud). Chapter 5: Applying Social Identity and Self-Categorization Theories to Children's Racial, Ethnic, National, and State Identifications and Attitudes (Martyn Barrett and Stephanie C. Davis). Chapter 6: Lay Theories and Intergroup Relations (Sheri R. Levy and Dina M. Karafantis). Chapter 7: Children's Perceptions of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination: Differences Across Children and Contexts (Christia Spears Brown). Chapter 8: Theory, Research, and Models (William E. Cross and T. Binta Cross). Chapter 9: Everyday Experiences of Ethnic and Racial Identity among Adolescents and Young Adults (Tiffany Yip). Chapter 10: Racial Identification among Multiracial Youth: Implications for Adjustment (Melissa R. Herman). Chapter 11: How to Catch a Moonbeam: A Mixed-methods Approach to Understanding Ethnic Socialization Processes in Ethnically Diverse Families (Diane Hughes, Deborah Rivas, Monica Foust, Carolin Hagelskamp, Sarah Gersick, and Niobe Way). Chapter 12: Racial Discrimination and the Mental Health of African American Adolescents (Shauna M. Cooper, Vonnie C. McLoyd, Dana Wood, and Cecily R. Hardaway). Chapter 13: Social Identity Development and Children's Ethnic Attitudes in Australia (Drew Nesdale). Chapter 14: Perceived Discrimination, Ethnic Minority Identity, and Self-Esteem (Maykel Verkuyten). Chapter 15: Social Influences on the Ethnic Achievement Gap (Clark Mckown and Michael J. Strambler). Chapter 16: The Impact of Race on Children's Occupational Aspirations (Julie Milligan Hughes and Rebecca S. Bigler). Chapter 17: Children's and Adolescents' Decision-Making About Intergroup Peer Relationships (Heidi McGlothlin, Christina Edmonds, and Melanie Killen). Chapter 18: Acquisition and Development of a Shared Psychological Intergroup Repertoire in a Context of an Intractable Conflict (Yona Teichman and Daniel Bar-Tal). Author Index. Subject Index.
"This is a good source book for those who want to read the latest thinking and research on race, racism, and children. Thus it will primarily appeal to researchers and graduate students." (PsycCRITIQUES, 9/10/08) "The book provides an in-depth, comprehensive, scholarly account of the research and theories in the field. The book will appeal to those who, like the contributors, have specialized interest in the field. For other clinicians who persevere, the book provides useful insights embedded within the larger theoretical context." (Psychiatric Services, September 2008)
Dr. Stephen M. Quintana is Professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is Associate Editor of Child Development, the premier interdisciplinary journal of development. He is previous recipient of Gimbel Child and Family Scholar Award for contributions to promoting ethnic, racial, religious understanding and of Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Award. Dr. Clark McKown is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago in the Division of Community and Prevention Research.? He received a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University and a Ph.D. in clinical-community psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.? Dr. McKown's work is supported by a Scholar's Award from the William T. Grant Foundation.

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