GURPS For Dummies

GURPS For Dummies

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von: Adam Griffith, Bjoern-Erik Hartsfvang, Stuart J. Stuple

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Verlag: For Dummies
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 26.06.2006
ISBN/EAN: 9780470043615
Sprache: englisch
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This is it—the key that unlocks the riches of GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) and gives you a wealth of information on how to create your character and fine-tune your play. Produced in partnership with Steve Jackson Games, the game's creator, GURPS For Dummies is the ideal companion to GURPS Basic Set, 4th Edition that explains the rules. It gives you insight into the choices you’ll make in everything from creating a fun, dynamic character using the allotted number of points, to playing in an adventure, to becoming a GM. Whether you want to be an Amazon princess or a stalwart warrior, an old-fashioned swashbuckler or a modern investigator, a tough cop or a cat burglar, a sorcerer casting spells or a cosmic ranger, fighting lawlessness in the asteroids, this guide will help you: Determine your character’s basic attributes: IQ, DX (dexterity), ST (strength) and HT (health) Figure out your character’s secondary characteristics Choose advantages (including powers and perks) and disadvantages (including quirks and disadvantages with a self-control roll modifier) Optimize your points by using talents Select your skills based on functional area or the campaign setting Enhance your character with spells, magic items, magic staves, and powerstones Strategically purchase equipment for different characters, tech levels, and campaign types Create and manage a character sheet, write a character background, keep a character log, and more—all with samples Choose good combat techniques and play with your character If you want to become a GM, this guide gets you going with advice on creating the adventure, managing the character creation process, managing combat, and interpreting the rules. There’s even a handy Cheat Sheet tear-out GM screen in the front of the book. There are tips throughout, plus advice on how to: Create your very own GURPS universe for your campaign, whether it’s dungeon-crawl, high-adventure, combat-focused, puzzle-focused, or masquerade-type Provide a basic write-up of the world for your players, including technology level, supernatural and supernormal abilities and powers, races, setting, character templates, cultural and social information, and limitations Create an electronic combat grid, a battle log, a tactical map, and more—with samples Do mapping, planning, and plotting Create memorable NPC (nonplayer characters), both good guys and bad guys GURPS For Dummies helps you create more detailed, exciting, and interesting characters and take your game to the next level. That’s important whether you’re saving a princess or saving the planet…searching for hidden treasure or for secrets to eliminate disease… fighting crime or combating armies of evil robots…casting spells in medieval castles or destroying terrorist cells in modern day milieus. With GURPS, the only limitation is your imagination.
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started with GURPS. Chapter 1: Introducing GURPS212;The Generic Universal RolePlaying System. Chapter 2: Determining Your Role. Chapter 3: Laying the Attribute Foundation. Chapter 4: Taking Advantages. Chapter 5: Finding Your Hero's Flaws. Chapter 6: Finalizing Your Character with Skills. Part II: Enhancing Your Character. Chapter 7: So You Want to Be a Wizard - Magic. Chapter 8: Powering Your Character. Chapter 9: Tackling Tech Level. Chapter 10: Playing Races Outside the Norm. Part III: Playing with Your Character. Chapter 11: Doing Unto Others: Combat. Chapter 12: Tracking the Details. Chapter 13: Playing the Role. Part IV: Running Your Own Adventure. Chapter 14: Playing the GM. Chapter 15: Building a Simple Adventure. Chapter 16: Motivating Players. Part V: Building Your Own World. Chapter 17: Creating a Complete Campaign. Chapter 18: Setting the State for Your World. Chapter 19: Mapping, Planning, and Plotting. Chapter 20: Creating Memorable NPCs. Chapter 21: Flavoring your Campaign. Part VI: The Parts of Ten. Chapter 22: Ten Rules for Spending Points. Chapter 23: Ten Advantages We Like. Chapter 24: Ten Disadvantages That Aren't Too Painful. Glossary. Index.
Adam Griffith is a 28-year gaming veteran skilled in creating characters and campaigns. Bjoern-Erik Hartsfvang has 24 years of experience crafting and running game worlds. Stuart J. Stuple has 15 years of gaming experience with a focus on technology and alien races.
Get the scoop from the experts and start playing today This is it 212; the secret passageway to success (and fun) with GURPS GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) is not like other role playing games because it gives you the freedom to create any world or character you can imagine. This fun and easy guide gets you up to speed, so you can get into the game and hold your own right from the start. Discover how to: Develop your character's skills and attributes Prepare for combat and other encounters Role play your character's personality Become a Game Master Create and populate your own game world

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