Guitar Chords for Dummies

Guitar Chords for Dummies

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von: Antoine Polin

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 09.04.2010
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Whether you're playing blues, rock, classical, or folk-all the chords you'll need are here Even Eric Clapton started with a few basic chords. And Guitar Chords For Dummies offers guitarists of every ambition, skill level, and musical genre a key to the simplest and most complex guitar chords-over 600 in all. Illustrated with a grid showing the position of the fingers on a string, a photograph of the chord being played, and a brief comment on the chord and how to play it, this handy, portable reference offers musicians, whether experimenting at home or playing in a coffee house, instant access to the full range of chords that can be played on a guitar. Covers the theory and techniques of guitar chords Features a handy, portable design, which can fit into a guitar case Includes a convenient lay-flat (wire bound) format, allowing users to easily try out new chords An ideal resource for broadening musical technique and getting new ideas, Guitar Chords For Dummies will help you, whether you're just picking up the guitar or a seasoned musician, add sparkle and range to your musical repertoire.
Introduction. Part I: C-family Chords. Part II: Db/ C#-family Chords. Part III: D-family Chords. Part IV: Eb/D#-family Chords. Part V: E-family Chords. Part VI: F-family Chords. Part VII: F#/Gb Chords. Part VIII: G-family Chords. Part IX: Ab/G# Chords. Part X: A-family Chords. Part XI: Bb/A#-family Chords. Part XII: B-family Chords. Index.
Antoine Polin was born in Paris and studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is a professional guitarist, teaching jazz guitar, harmony and conducting at the Jazz à Tours school.
All the chords you need to become an accomplished guitarist Want to learn chords ranging from minors and majors to power chords and diminished 7ths? With easy-to-follow descriptions and clear photos of every chord, as well as chord voicings for a variety of purposes and playing styles, you'll be an expert in no time. This handy lay-flat guide will help you increase your guitar confidence and add hundreds of chords to your repertoire. Create the perfect sound — use the photographs to position your fingers correctly every time Break a chord down — understand the theory of how a chord is put together Follow complete and illustrated walkthroughs — get going with a step-by-step guide through all the sharps, flats, minors and majors Hone your skills — become more accurate and improve your playing technique Open the book and find: Coverage of the full range of chords Clear photos of the finger positions needed for every chord New sounds and styles to explore Ways to improve your posture and playing style How to read tab Learn to: Play over 600 chords in all 12 keys Perfect your technique with a detailed photograph of every chord Experiment with new styles Work out names of chords and read chord boxes

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