Geriatric Emergencies

Geriatric Emergencies

A Discussion-based Review
Current Topics in Emergency Medicine 1. Aufl.

von: Amal Mattu, Don Melady, Vaishal Tolia, Scott Wilbur, Shamai Grossman, Peter Rosen, Robert Anderson, Christopher R. Carpenter, Andrew Chang, Jon Mark Hirshon, Ula Hwang, Maura Kennedy

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Veröffentl.: 19.05.2016
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The elderly represent the fastest growing segment of the population in developed countries, reflected in the patient population presenting to EDs and hospitals. These patients more often than not have greater co-morbidities, more complicated workups and utilize more laboratory and radiologic services. This text is designed to teach emergency physicians how best to care for this specific demographic of patients. It addresses physiologic changes, high-risk conditions, and atypical presentations associated with elderly patients in the ED that result in frequent misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis. It instructs the readers how best to care for elderly patients in order to minimize morbidity and mortality, addressing some of the difficult psychosocial issues that confront health care providers that care for elderly patients, such as psychiatric disease and end-of-life care. The utility of this text is not limited to emergency physicians, but it should be useful to all health care providers involved in the treatment of elderly patients with acute medical or surgical conditions.
List of Contributors, vii 1 General assessment of the elderly patient, 1Alison Southern & Scott Wilber 2 Physiologic changes with aging, 13Kate D. Zimmerman & Robert S. Anderson, Jr. 3 Functional assessment of the elderly, 28Kirk A. Stiffler 4 Pharmacological issues in the elderly, 43Ruben Olmedo & Denise Nassisi 5 Altered mental status in the elderly, 58Josh Joseph & Maura Kennedy 6 Geriatric psychiatric emergencies, 71Josh Joseph & Maura Kennedy 7 Acute abdominal pain in the elderly: Surgical causes, 83Katren Tyler & Maura Kennedy 8 Nonsurgical abdominal pain in the elderly, 99Katren Tyler & Maura Kennedy 9 Back pain, 110Nicholas Santavicca & Michael E. Winters 10 Headache, 123Benjamin W. Friedman & Rebecca Nerenberg 11 Dyspnea in the elderly, 139Mercedes Torres & Siamak Moayedi 12 Acute chest pain in the geriatric patient, 152Marianne Haughey 13 Acute cardiac disease in elder patients, 168Susanne DeMeester 14 Syncope in Geriatrics, 191Timothy C Peck, Nissa J Ali & Shamai A Grossman 15 Stroke, 203Julie Watkins-Torrey, Roxanna Sadri & Kama Guluma 16 Infections, 218Jason Ondrejka & Scott Wilber 17 Dizziness and vertigo in the geriatric population, 234Jonathan Edlow & Alessandro Cancelliere 18 Weakness and functional decline, 252Colleen M McQuown 19 Emergency department evaluation of falls in the elderly, 264Tania D. Strout & Robert S. Anderson 20 Trauma in the geriatric patient, 280Christopher R. Carpenter & Peter L. Rosen 21 Surgical considerations in the elderly, 304Charles W. O’Connell, Davut Savaser & Colleen Campbell 22 Oncologic emergencies, 321Gabriel Wardi, Alexander Bromfield & Leslie C. Oyama 23 Elder abuse and neglect, 351Michael C. Bond & Kenneth H. Butler 24 Geriatric emergency pain management case, 363Teresita M Hogan & Alexandra Wong 25 Ethical issues and end-of-life care, 386Phillip D. Magidson & Jon Mark Hirshon 26 Geriatric dispositions and transitions of care, 394Barbara Morano, Carmen Morano, Kevin Biese, Eric A. Coleman & Ula Hwang 27 The geriatric ED, 407Phillip D. Magidson, John G. Schumacher & Elizabeth A. Couser Index, 417

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