GED Test 2022 / 2023 For Dummies with Online Practice

GED Test 2022 / 2023 For Dummies with Online Practice

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von: Tim Collins

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Veröffentl.: 17.12.2021
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<p><b>Everything you need to succeed on the GED Test, plus a bonus mobile app for on-the-go study and practice!</b></p> <p>Prepare to do your best on the GED Test! Get the review and practice materials you need to take – and slay – the exam with confidence. <i>GED Test 2022/2023 For Dummies with Online Practice</i> provides an in-depth overview and deep content review for all test sections. You'll be able to answer GED practice questions for each subject area, plus you'll have access to two complete practice exams in the book and in the companion mobile app!</p> <p>Get ready to succeed on test day and get on your way to achieving your goals with this GED study guide that shares test-taking strategies for all the subjects covered on the exam. You’ll find clear information for hands-on learning. <i>GED Test 2022/2023 For Dummies with Online Practice</i> supports you in meeting your goals. This easy-to-use guide can help you get a higher score and earn your GED.</p> <ul> <li>Improve grammar and punctuation skills</li> <li>Get comfortable with the types of reading passages on the test</li> <li>Gain confidence in solving math and science problems</li> <li>Study for Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, and Reasoning Through Language Arts questions</li> </ul> <p>The book also connects you to the <i>GED Test 2022/2023 For Dummies with Online Practice</i> mobile app with two practice tests. Whether you're using the app or the book, you'll have GED practice for passing the four subject exams, which cover Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.</p>
<p><b>Introduction</b><b> 1</b></p> <p>About This Book 1</p> <p>A Few Assumptions 2</p> <p>Icons Used in This Book 2</p> <p>Beyond the Book 2</p> <p>Where to Go from Here 3</p> <p><b>Part 1: Getting Started with the GED Test 5</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 1: A Quick Glance at the GED Test</b><b> 7</b></p> <p>What to Expect: The Testing Format 8</p> <p>Reviewing the Test Sections 8</p> <p>Reasoning through Language Arts test 9</p> <p>Social Studies test 10</p> <p>Science test 11</p> <p>Mathematical Reasoning test 12</p> <p>It’s a Date: Scheduling the Test 13</p> <p>Determining whether you’re eligible 13</p> <p>Knowing when you can take the test 14</p> <p>Taking the GED Test When English Is Your Second Language 15</p> <p>What You Have to Score to Pass the GED Test 16</p> <p>Identifying how scores are determined 16</p> <p>Knowing what to do if you score poorly on one or more tests 16</p> <p><b>Chapter 2: The Ins and Outs of the Computerized GED Test</b><b> 17</b></p> <p>Familiarizing Yourself with the Computer 17</p> <p>Typing on the keyboard 18</p> <p>Clicking and dragging with the mouse 19</p> <p>Recognizing What the Questions Look Like on the Computer Screen 21</p> <p>Reasoning through Language Arts test 21</p> <p>Social Studies test 27</p> <p>Science test 30</p> <p>Mathematical Reasoning test 31</p> <p>Flag for Review button 35</p> <p><b>Chapter 3: The GED Test’s Four Sections and You</b><b> 37</b></p> <p>Examining the Reasoning through Language Arts Test 37</p> <p>The reading section 38</p> <p>The grammar and language section 41</p> <p>Handling the Social Studies Test 44</p> <p>Knowing How to Grapple with the Science Test 45</p> <p>Conquering the Mathematical Reasoning Test 46</p> <p><b>Chapter 4: Succeeding on the GED Test</b><b> 49</b></p> <p>Leading Up to Test Time 49</p> <p>Using Practice Tests to Your Advantage 50</p> <p>Finding Out What to Take to the GED Test 51</p> <p>Making Sure You’re Comfortable Before the Test Begins 52</p> <p>Discovering Important Test-Taking Strategies 53</p> <p>Watching the clock: Using your time wisely 53</p> <p>Addressing and answering questions 54</p> <p>Guess for success: Using intelligent guessing 54</p> <p>Leaving time for review 55</p> <p>Keeping Your Head in the Game 56</p> <p><b>Part 2: Minding Your Ps and Qs: The Reasoning through Language Arts Test 57</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 5: Preparing for the Reasoning through Language Arts Test</b><b> 59</b></p> <p>Grasping What’s on the Grammar and Language Component 60</p> <p>Looking at the skills the Grammar and Language component covers 60</p> <p>Understanding the format of the Grammar and Language component 62</p> <p>Rocking the Reading Comprehension Component 62</p> <p>Looking at the skills the Reading component covers 62</p> <p>Understanding the format of the Reading component 63</p> <p>Identifying the types of passages and how to prepare for them 63</p> <p>Preparing for the RLA Test with Tactics That Work 65</p> <p>Developing skills to read well 65</p> <p>Improving your mastery of grammar and language skills 66</p> <p>Learning about the format and content of each test section 67</p> <p><b>Chapter 6: RLA Question Types and Solving Strategies</b><b> 69</b></p> <p>Tackling Grammar and Language Questions 69</p> <p>Choosing Wisely in the Reading Component 72</p> <p>Dealing with multiple-choice Reading questions 72</p> <p>Dealing with drag-and-drop Reading questions 73</p> <p>Dealing with questions with multiple passage sets 74</p> <p><b>Chapter 7: Working through Some Practice RLA Questions</b><b> 77</b></p> <p>RLA Grammar and Language Practice Questions 77</p> <p>The questions 78</p> <p>The answers 84</p> <p>RLA Reading Comprehension Practice 87</p> <p>The questions 87</p> <p>The answers 94</p> <p><b>Chapter 8: Preparing for the Extended Response Component</b><b> 97</b></p> <p>Examining the Extended Response Item 97</p> <p>Looking at the skills the Extended Response covers 98</p> <p>Understanding the Extended Response format 98</p> <p>Preparing to succeed on the Extended Response 99</p> <p>Writing the RLA Extended Response 101</p> <p>Managing your time 101</p> <p>Putting together a winning essay 103</p> <p><b>Chapter 9: Writing an Extended Response Item</b><b> 105</b></p> <p>Getting Familiar with RLA Extended Response 105</p> <p>A Sample Extended Response Prompt 106</p> <p>Evaluating Your Response 107</p> <p>Checking Out a Sample Response 107</p> <p><b>Part 3: Finding Your Way: The Social Studies Test 109</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 10: A Graph, a Map, and You: Getting Ready for the Social Studies Test</b><b> 111</b></p> <p>Looking at the Skills the Social Studies Test Covers 112</p> <p>Understanding the Social Studies Test Format and Content 114</p> <p>Checking out the subject areas on the test 114</p> <p>Identifying the types of passages 115</p> <p>Examining Preparation Strategies That Work 115</p> <p><b>Chapter 11: Social Studies Question Types and Solving Strategies</b><b> 117</b></p> <p>Answering Questions about Text and Visual Materials 117</p> <p>Questions about text passages 118</p> <p>Questions about visual materials 118</p> <p>Acing the Social Studies Items 121</p> <p>Choosing an answer from multiple choices 121</p> <p>Coming up with an answer for fill-in-the-blank questions 123</p> <p>Dragging and dropping answers where they belong 124</p> <p>Choosing from a drop-down menu 125</p> <p>Managing Your Time for the Social Studies Test 125</p> <p><b>Chapter 12: Practicing Social Studies Questions</b><b> 127</b></p> <p>Social Studies Practice Questions 127</p> <p>Answers and Explanations 145</p> <p><b>Part 4: Peering at Your Specimen: The Science Test 151</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 13: From Aardvarks to Atoms: Confronting the Science Test</b><b> 153</b></p> <p>Looking at the Skills the Science Test Covers 154</p> <p>Understanding the Test Format and What Topics Are Covered 154</p> <p>Examining Preparation Strategies That Work 156</p> <p><b>Chapter 14: Science Question Types and Solving Strategies</b><b> 159</b></p> <p>Tackling the Science Test Questions 159</p> <p>Questions about text passages 159</p> <p>Questions about visual materials 160</p> <p>Practicing with Sample Items 163</p> <p>Multiple-choice questions 163</p> <p>Fill-in-the-blank questions 164</p> <p>Drag-and-drop questions 165</p> <p>Drop-down menu questions 166</p> <p>Managing Your Time for the Science Test 167</p> <p><b>Chapter 15: Sampling Some Science Practice Questions</b><b> 169</b></p> <p>Science Practice Questions 169</p> <p>Answers and Explanations 189</p> <p><b>Part 5: Counting All the Possible Solutions: The Mathematical Reasoning Test 193</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 16: Safety in Numbers: Facing the Mathematical Reasoning Test</b><b> 195</b></p> <p>Looking at the Skills the Math Test Covers 195</p> <p>Understanding the Test Format 197</p> <p>Revealing Some Helpful Prep Pointers 197</p> <p><b>Chapter 17: Mathematical Reasoning Question Types and Solving Strategies</b><b> 201</b></p> <p>Perfecting Your Approach with Sample Questions 201</p> <p>Making the most of multiple-choice questions 202</p> <p>Providing the answer in fill-in-the-blank items 204</p> <p>Answering other special item types 204</p> <p>Using the Mathematical Reasoning Test’s Special Features 205</p> <p>Solving questions with and without a calculator 206</p> <p>Refreshing your memory with the formula sheet 206</p> <p>Inserting special symbols 207</p> <p>Managing Your Time for the Math Test 207</p> <p><b>Chapter 18: Practicing Sample Mathematical Reasoning Problems</b><b> 209</b></p> <p>Mathematical Reasoning Practice Questions 210</p> <p>Answers and Explanations 219</p> <p><b>Part 6: Putting Your Skills to the Test: GED Practice Test 1 225</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 19: Practice Test 1: Reasoning through Language Arts</b><b> 227</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Reasoning through Language Arts 228</p> <p>Extended Response 243</p> <p><b>Chapter 20: Answers for Practice Test 1, Reasoning through Language Arts</b><b> 247</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 248</p> <p>Sample Extended Response 252</p> <p>Answer Key 254</p> <p><b>Chapter 21: Practice Test 1: Social Studies </b><b>255</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Social Studies 256</p> <p><b>Chapter 22: Answers for Practice Test 1, Social Studies</b><b> 271</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 272</p> <p>Answer Key 276</p> <p><b>Chapter 23: Practice Test 1: Science</b><b> 277</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Science 278</p> <p>Science Test 279</p> <p><b>Chapter 24: Answers for Practice Test 1, Science</b><b> 293</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 294</p> <p>Answer Key 298</p> <p><b>Chapter 25: Practice Test 1: Mathematical Reasoning</b><b> 299</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Mathematical Reasoning 300</p> <p><b>Chapter 26: Answers for Practice Test 1, Mathematical Reasoning</b><b> 319</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 320</p> <p>Answer Key 328</p> <p><b>Part 7: Getting More Test Practice: GED Practice Test 2 329</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 27: Practice Test 2: Reasoning through Language Arts</b><b> 331</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Reasoning through Language Arts 332</p> <p>Extended Response 345</p> <p><b>Chapter 28: Answers for Practice Test 2, Reasoning through Language Arts</b><b> 351</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 352</p> <p>Sample Extended Response 356</p> <p>Answer Key 357</p> <p><b>Chapter 29: Practice Test 2: Social Studies </b><b>359</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Social Studies 360</p> <p><b>Chapter 30: Answers for Practice Test 2, Social Studies</b><b> 373</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 374</p> <p>Answer Key 378</p> <p><b>Chapter 31: Practice Test 2: Science</b><b> 379</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Science 380</p> <p><b>Chapter 32: Answers for Practice Test 2, Science</b><b> 395</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 396</p> <p>Answer Key 400</p> <p><b>Chapter 33: Practice Test 2: Mathematical Reasoning</b><b> 401</b></p> <p>Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Mathematical Reasoning 402</p> <p><b>Chapter 34: Answers for Practice Test 2, Mathematical Reasoning</b><b> 417</b></p> <p>Answers and Explanations 418</p> <p>Answer Key 425</p> <p><b>Part 8: The Part of Tens 427</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 35: Ten Surefire Ways to Prepare for the GED Test</b><b> 429</b></p> <p>Strategizing Where and When You Will Test 429</p> <p>Taking Practice Tests 430</p> <p>Studying Subject-Matter Books 430</p> <p>Enrolling in a GED Test Preparation Class 431</p> <p>Setting a Time and a Place to Study 432</p> <p>Getting Familiar with the Computer and Calculator 432</p> <p>Preparing for the Test in Your Mind 433</p> <p>Getting Good Rest the Week before the Test 433</p> <p>Making Sure You Have Proper Identification 433</p> <p>Setting Up Your Test Area or Getting to the Test Site 433</p> <p><b>Chapter 36: Ten Tips for Surviving Test Day</b><b> 435</b></p> <p>Wear Comfortable Clothes 435</p> <p>Arrive at the Test Site Early 436</p> <p>Keep Conversations Light and Short 436</p> <p>Arrange Your Work Area 437</p> <p>Relax and Breathe 437</p> <p>Stay Focused on the Task at Hand 438</p> <p>Look at Only Your Test 438</p> <p>Start with the Easy Questions 439</p> <p>Write Clearly and Carefully 439</p> <p>Do Your Best, No Matter What 439</p> <p><b>Chapter 37: Ten Ways to Use Your GED After You Pass the Test </b><b>441</b></p> <p>Getting a Job 441</p> <p>Getting a Promotion 441</p> <p>Updating Your Resume 442</p> <p>Showing Others What You Can Achieve 442</p> <p>Proving You’re Ready for Further Education 442</p> <p>Setting an Example for Your Kids 442</p> <p>Enhancing Your Wall Décor and Social Media 443</p> <p>Making You Feel like Part of a Select Group 443</p> <p>Motivating Yourself 443</p> <p>Improving Your Self-Esteem 443</p> <p><b>Appendix A: Practicing Basic Computer Skills for the GED Test</b> 445</p> <p>Using a Mouse 445</p> <p>Making selections 446</p> <p>Moving around the page 446</p> <p>Editing your text 448</p> <p>Using the calculator 448</p> <p>Finding math formulas and symbols 449</p> <p>Practicing Your Typing on a Keyboard 450</p> <p>Index 453</p>
<p><b>Tim Collins, PhD, </b>has worked in the field of education for over 40 years, and has taught learners of all ages and backgrounds. For over 25 years, he has specialized in materials development for the GED<sup>®</sup> test, and he has helped countless learners prepare for and pass this life-changing test.</p>
<p><b>They’ll say the GED<sup>®</sup> test never even saw you coming</b></p> <p>Getting your GED<sup>®</sup> certification will open doors for you. Let Dummies help you open the door to the GED<sup>®</sup> test. This updated edition covers the trickiest question types and the stickiest subjects. Work your way through a deep review of everything you need to know, and then get cozy with practice tests in the book and online. By the time you’ve worked through all the prep material in <i>GED<sup>®</sup> Test For Dummies,</i> test day will feel easy-breezy. Picture yourself, GED<sup>®</sup> in hand, the wind in your hair, and the future before you. We’ll get you there. <p><b>Inside̴</b> <ul><li>The new GED<sup>®</sup> test format</li> <li>Score requirements for college</li> <li>Ideas for studying smarter</li> <li>Content review for all sections</li> <li>Advice for each question type</li> <li>Practice questions and full tests</li> <li>Tips for succeeding on test day</li> <li>A breakdown of the computer skills needed to take the test</li></ul>

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