Flute For Dummies

Flute For Dummies

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von: Karen Evans Moratz

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Verlag: For Dummies
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 20.11.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470595794
Sprache: englisch
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An excellent primer for those with little or no experience playing the flute Always wanted to play the flute? Are you a former flautist who wants to refresh your skills? Flute For Dummies is the guide for you. Following along with the book's accompanying CD, you will learn the nuances of playing the flute as an accompanying instrument or for playing a solo, in a variety of musical styles. Readers will learn how to play, step-by-step – from the correct angle for blowing into the mouthpiece and controlling pitch, to proper breathing, creating vibrato, and much more The book's accompany CD allows readers to play what they are learning, and listen to the accompanying track to see if they're getting it right Karen Moratz is Principal Flutist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Artist in Residence and Adjunct Professor of Flute at the School of Music/Jordan College of Fine Arts at Butler University Easy-to-understand methods and instructions make learning to play this beautiful instrument as simple and straightforward as possible!
Part I: A Prelude to Flute Playing 7 Chapter 1: So You Want to Play the Flute 9 Chapter 2: Getting to Know the Flute 13 Chapter 3: Choosing Your Instrument 29 Chapter 4: Understanding Music Notation 55 Part II: Playing the Flute: Just Wiggle Your Fingers and Blow! 81 Chapter 5: Getting Down to Basics: Before You Begin 83 Chapter 6: Making Flute Sounds 101 Chapter 7: Putting It All Together: The Flute and You 113 Chapter 8: Playing Your First Notes 129 Chapter 9: Higher, Lower, and in Between: More Advanced Notes 139 Chapter 10: Between the Notes: Slurring and Tonguing 153 Chapter 11: Getting Up to the Second Octave163 Part III: Above and Beyond: Essential Intermediate Techniques 177 Chapter 12: Making That Elusive Big, Beautiful Sound 179 Chapter 13: Adding Vibrato: You Want Fries with That Shake? 191 Chapter 14: High Flutin': Making the Top Notes Sing 201 Chapter 15: Controlling Pitch: Do You Need a Tuneup? 219 Chapter 16: Faster Tonguing and Getting Your Trills 237 Part IV: Darn Tootin’: An Accompaniment to Your Growing Skills 259 Chapter 17: Revisiting the Practice Studio: Establishing a Routine 261 Chapter 18: Taking Your Playing to New Heights: Teachers, Ensembles, and Performances 285 Chapter 19: Repair and Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Instrument 299 Part V: The Part of Tens 307 Chapter 20: Don't Blow It! Ten Bad Habits to Avoid at All Costs 309 Chapter 21: Ten Flutists You Need to Hear 317 Chapter 22: Ten Different Types of Flutes 325 Part VI: Appendixes 335 Appendix A: Fingering Charts 337 Appendix B: About the CD 351 Index 359
Karen Evans Moratz is Principal Flutist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and Artist in Residence and Associate Professor of Flute at the School of Music/Jordan College of Fine Arts at Butler University. She is a founding member of the Greater Indianapolis Flute Club and of the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra.
Learn to: Play the flute as a solo or ensemble instrument Perform a variety of musical styles Clean and care for your flute Play along with the audio samples on CD The fast and easy way to learn flute! Whether you've never touched a flute or want to dust yours off and start playing again, this friendly, easy-to-follow guide walks you through everything you need to know to prepare for and play the flute, from buying your first instrument to playing, practicing, and caring for a flute. So you want to play the flute — get the basics on this popular woodwind instrument, appreciate its great legacy, and receive expert tips on what you need to know before you begin playing Flute 101 — discover the anatomy of a flute, get advice on what to look for when buying or renting a flute, and learn to read music notation Playing your first notes — start making beautiful music with helpful descriptions, illustrations, and exercises incorporating the first octave on the flute Making those high flutin' sounds — move on to more advanced notes using the second octave and practice along with melodies Playing in perfect harmony — fine-tune your sound, add vibrato, and make your third octave notes sing Bonus CD Includes Flute and keyboard tracks for you to reference and play along with Samples demonstrating correct tempo, rhythm, and notes Individual note tracks so that you can compare your pitch and play correctly, right from the start Open the book and find: Hands-on exercises, practice lessons, and examples Tips on posture and breathing The right way to position your hands and fingers Warm-ups, scales, and studies to hone your skills Techniques to correct out-of-tune notes When and how to find a flute teacher Advice on repairing and maintaining a flute Suggestions for building your repertoire

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