Fix Your Team

Fix Your Team

The Tools You Need to Rebuild Relationships, Address Conflict and Stop Destructive Behaviours
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von: Rose Bryant-Smith, Grevis Beard

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Veröffentl.: 27.07.2018
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Transform team dynamics with practical, real-world tools for sustainable change Fix Your Team is the manager’s essential and practical guide to diagnosis and intervention. Packed with expert insight acquired over decades of experience in workplace relations and conflict resolution, this book systematically addresses problems with team dynamics and provides a blueprint for moving forward. Authors Rose Bryant-Smith and Grevis Beard bring a unique combination of legal nous, conflict management expertise, emotional intelligence and business experience to provide a wealth of valuable insights, with robust tools designed for easy implementation. This book offers diagnostic guidance to help you analyse existing issues with confidence, and a clear framework for removing the dysfunction. It includes practical scenarios we can all relate to, and actionable guidance on building buy-in, executing the strategy and looking after yourself through tough transformations. By tackling problems early and providing employees with the opportunity to improve their working relationships, managers, human resources and other internal advisors demonstrate their commitment to productivity, genuine care for employees and dedication to a healthy and ethical working environment. People working in dysfunctional teams will understand better what is going on, and understand what options exist for improvement. Diagnose team problems and learn what tools are available to help Determine the best use of resources and choose an implementable fix Develop a business case for intervention, and get support from the top Build morale, productivity and collaboration within the team Upskill employees to ensure sustainable improvements Build accountability in everyone for a positive workplace culture In today’s competitive environment, managers need to bring out the best in everyone. Team dysfunction affects productivity at all levels, and it’s contagious — managers must stop the problem before it spreads, to prevent larger and more pervasive issues down the road. Remediating team issues reduces legal and safety risks, but it goes deeper than that. Solving problems before they become public or impact other areas of the business improves the team’s respect for managers and leadership, reducing unnecessary turnover and resignations of good staff. Fix Your Team is a groundbreaking handbook for management looking to improve team dynamics, with practical solutions for productivity-killing, unethical and distracting issues. It gives all managers and internal advisors the confidence, strategies and solutions they need to repair tricky, toxic and troubled teams to create a great workplace.
About the authors xi Acknowledgements xiii Introduction xv Part I: What is going on? 1 1 Gossip culture: cruel conversations 3 2 Unprofessional conduct: when bad behavior goes unchecked 9 3 Toxic personalities: one Bad Apple can rot the whole barrel 17 4 Personal crisis: someone is struggling 25 5 Workplace romance: keep it professional 33 6 Family ties: the spectre of nepotism 39 7 Lack of diversity and inclusion: the risks of a white bread workforce 47 8 Unresolved historical issue: skeletons in the closet 55 9 The manager’s style: it’s not the team, it’s you! 63 10 Unhealthy competition: winners and losers 71 11 No clarity, no accountability: the path to Complete Chaos 79 12 Overwork: team stretching, presenteeism and the 24/7 paradigm 87 Part II: The Fix Your Team Toolkit 95 13 Where to start 99 14 The Fix: address unhealthy conflict 121 Tool #1: Train everyone to have important conversations 123 Tool #2: Offer facilitated discussion, mediation or conflict coaching 129 15 The Fix: address unconstructive individual behaviour 135 Tool #3: Counsel the Bad Apple or unprofessional team member 137 Tool #4: Get the organisation to investigate the apparent misconduct and discipline the wrongdoer 143 16 The Fix: develop the team’s character and connections 151 Tool #5: Next hire 153 Tool #6: Develop self-refl ection in the whole team 159 Tool #7: Build the team’s connections 165 17 The Fix: align with values 171 Tool #8: Diversity and inclusion initiatives 173 Tool #9: Make sure the organisation’s values and behavioural expectations are known, clear, understood and real 181 Tool #10: Build a culture of feedback 187 18 The Fix: develop leadership and management 193 Tool #11: Train the manager 197 Tool #12: Ensure clarity — hold people accountable! 203 19 The Fix: care for each other 209 Tool #13: Support the team through personal crises and challenges 211 Tool #14: Dealing with overwork 217 Part III: Making it work 221 20 Create a project plan 223 21 Build a business case 229 22 Ready to launch 237 23 Buckle up! Look after yourself 239 Fix Your Team toolkit 247 Select research citations 261 Index 263
ROSE BRYANT-SMITH and GREVIS BEARD are the co-founders of Worklogic, a respected workplace advisory firm that works with employers to triage problems, resolve disputes, and build positive workforces across Australia.
'Fix Your Team is real, smart and packed with practical advice. It calls on all managers and internal advisors to be brave and bold in their management—and all team members to hold each other accountable to create a great workplace.' —Tasha Eurich, New York Times best-selling author of Insight and Bankable Leadership 'Action-focused, energising, brave and wise. With Rose Bryant-Smith and Grevis Beard as your guides, you really can Fix Your Team. Their unique combination of legal understanding, conflict management expertise and emotional intelligence delivers a great handbook.' —Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Leadership Thinker and #1 Executive Coach, and New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author If you are working in, advising or managing a dysfunctional team, then you know first-hand the destructive impacts of conflict, bad behaviour and poor culture. But a dysfunctional team doesn't have to stay that way. In Fix Your Team, workplace advisors Rose Bryant-Smith and Grevis Beard show you how to take action and get your team back on track. Through tested strategies, useful case studies and practical exercises, this essential guidebook will reveal how to: identify and address the problems that are holding your team back shift and resolve a destructive, inefficient or unethical dynamic improve the team's culture, values and behaviours. Fix Your Team offers real, practical hope to team members, as well as team managers and advisers. You can Fix Your Team.

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