Family Theories

Family Theories

Foundations and Applications
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von: Katherine R. Allen, Angela C. Henderson

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Family Theories: Foundations and Applications presents a comprehensive and accessible approach to the most current perspectives in the field of family theory. Integrates classic and contemporary writings on family theories Features compelling case studies drawn from the authors’ experiences working with thousands of students Represents an integrative use of theory, research, and practice Utilizes the metaphor of “developing your theory app” to translate complex academic ideas into accessible, student-friendly language
Acknowledgments viii About the Website ix 1 What Is Theory? 1 2 Functionalist Theory 20 3 Conflict Theory 41 4 Symbolic Interactionist Theory 61 5 Family Developmental Theory 82 6 Family Systems Theory 103 7 Social Exchange Theory 124 8 Feminist Theory 145 9 Life Course Theory 166 10 Family Ecological Theory 187 11 Family Stress and Resilience Theory 209 12 Conclusion 230 Glossary 243 Index 249
Katherine R. Allen is Professor of Human Development at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, where she is a faculty affiliate of the Center for Gerontology, Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. Dr. Allen is also a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and an inaugural Fellow of the National Council on Family Relations. Her research examines family diversity over the life course. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles and books on topics related to family theory, research, and practice. Angela C. Henderson is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Northern Colorado. She has received several awards for excellence in teaching and is the author of more than 20 scholarly articles on topics related to motherhood, theory, pedagogy, and perceptions of women in various roles.
Family Theories: Foundations and Applications presents a comprehensive and accessible approach to the most current perspectives in the field of family theory. Shedding light on the increasing importance of incorporating theory in contemporary family research and while working directly with families, coverage is provided on a wide range of classic and emerging theories—including functionalist, conflict, symbolic interactionist, family developmental, family systems, social exchange, feminist, life course, family ecological, and stress and resilience theories. Chapters begin with case studies depicting real-world families living in diverse circumstances, and go on to highlight a myriad of intersections across race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, and family structures. Each chapter also covers the theory’s historic origins, major concepts, strengths and weaknesses, alternative perspectives, relevant pop culture examples, multimedia applications, discussion questions, suggestions for further reading, and more. Future directions of theoretical development in the family studies field are considered in a concluding chapter. Featuring up-to-date strategies and a seamless integration of theory, research, and practice, Family Theories: Foundations and Applications offers valuable insight into the key theories necessary to shape an understanding of the rich diversity and complexity of contemporary families.  
“The authors have done an impressive job of providing an entertaining, accessible and interactive text that shares their passion for theory, shows its unique relevance to studying families and illustrates applications to both research and practice.” Ingrid A. Connidis, University of Western Ontario   “Allen and Henderson provide down-to-earth explanation and application of family theories in totally new ways that make them relevant to students and anyone new to family theory … This book is fantastic! It will become a standard for family studies.” Stephen T. Russell, University of Texas at Austin   “A highly readable and informative account of the ideas behind theory, research, practice and everyday family life. All you need to know about family theories housed in one engaging book!” Dr. Fiona Tasker, Birkbeck University of London   “…A highly engaging, innovative, and readable text on family theories. Clearly written and chock-full of interesting examples, eye-catching visuals, thoughtful discussion questions and useful resources … [It] holds great promise to become “the” family theory book of the future.” Abbie Goldberg, Clark University

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