Facilitating Desistance from Aggression and Crime

Facilitating Desistance from Aggression and Crime

Theory, Research, and Strength-Based Practices
Wiley Clinical Psychology Handbooks 1. Aufl.

von: Calvin M. Langton, James R. Worling

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In <i>Facilitating Desistance from Aggression and Crime: Theory, Research, &amp; Strength-Based Practices</i>, Drs. Calvin Langton and James Worling have gathered together internationally renowned authorities in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, criminology, social work, and law, to critically examine desistance as a construct, process, and outcome as well as the place of strengths work in correctional and forensic mental health settings. Integrating theory, emprical evidence, and applied practices, this timely volume is an essential scholarly resource with a clear practical emphasis for policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and graduate students.
<p><b>Section 1: Foundations</b></p> <p>1: Desistance theory and forensic practice<br /><i>Andrew Day and Mark Halsey</i></p> <p>2: Contributions to desistance research from developmental psychopathology<br /><i>Keith Burt, Virginia Peisch and Elyse Rosenberg</i></p> <p>3: Contributions to desistance research and practice from positive psychology<br /><i>Yilma Woldgabreal and Andrew Day</i></p> <p>4: Risk and strength variables in recidivism-desistance prediction research with applied assessment practices<br /><i>Calvin M Langton, Gabriela D. B. Sheinin and James R Worling</i></p> <p>5: Strengths in the Risk-Needs-Responsivity Model of Offender Assessment and Rehabilitation<br /><i>J. Stephen Wormith and Kayla E. Truswell</i></p> <p><b>Section2: Assessment</b></p> <p>6: Desistance from conduct problems during childhood: Potential Explanatory factors and assessment<br /><i>Anna-Karin Andershed and Henrik Andershed</i></p> <p>7: Assessment of protective factors in youth justice settings<br /><i>Chi Meng Chu, Xuexin Xu and DongDong Li</i></p> <p>8: Factors related to desistance from sexual recidivism<br /><i>James R Worling and Calvin M Langton</i></p> <p>9: Women's Desistance from crime: The role of individual, relational, socio-structural factors over time<br /><i>Anne-Marie Slotboom, Elanie Rodermond and Jan Hendriks</i></p> <p>10: Factors predicting desistance from intimate partner violence perpetuation in adults<br /><i>Patti A. Timmons Fritz and Jewels Adair</i></p> <p>11: Factors predicting desistance from criminal and aggressive behavior in mentally disordered individuals<br /><i>Michiel de Vries Robbe</i></p> <p>12: Factors predicting desistance from criminal behavior and aggression in adult offenders: A critical review<br /><i>Kirk Heibrun, David DeMatteo, Rebecca Schiedel, Victoria Pietruszka, Jaymes Fairfax-Columbo, and Shelley Arnold</i></p> <p><b>Section 3: Treatment</b></p> <p>13: Evidence-Based delinquency prevention for children exhibiting conduct problems<br /><i>Dustin A. Pardini and David A Hawes</i></p> <p>14: Strengths-Based approaches to address criminal behaviors in adolescents<br /><i>Alan Carr, Dan Hartnett and Jane Meleady</i></p> <p>15: Strength-Based treatments for adults and juveniles who have been sexually abusive: A review<br /><i>W.L. Marshall and L. E. Marshall</i></p> <p>16. Strengths-Based approaches to the treatment of incarcerated women and girls<br /><i>Gina Fedock and Stephanie s. Covington</i></p> <p>17. Strengths-Based batter intervention programs for intimate partner violence<br /><i>Kristin W. Bolton, Jon C. Hall and Cathleen Jordan</i></p> <p>18. Strength-Based approaches with offenders with mental illness<br /><i>Tonia L. Nicholls, Karen Petersen, Lindsey Kendrick-Koch, Barinder Singh, Hayley Ross, and Christopher Webster</i></p> <p>19: The Good Lives Model: Next steps in research and practice<br /><i>Sophie R. Dickson and Gwenda M. Willis</i></p>

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