Exactly Where to Start

Exactly Where to Start

The Practical Guide to Turn Your BIG Idea into Reality
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von: Phil M. Jones

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 18.09.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781119484684
Sprache: englisch
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Get out of your own way and bring your ideas to life! Exactly Where to Start is a playbook for everyone with a great idea, everyone with a goal in mind, and everyone with a specific destination but no journey. We’ve been told all our lives that “good things come to those who wait”—but that’s a myth. Good things come to those who do. Too often, we get stuck in the “getting ready” stage: research, analysis, brainstorming, and more research; we feel like we need to know everything there is to know about what we want to do before we ever take the first steps. Meanwhile, the people who actually go out and do the thing are taking risks, learning lessons, and making strides toward their goals every single day. Isn’t it time you joined them? This book coaches you through the journey with precise, actionable steps that help you take that all-important first leap and keep the momentum going. Discard the distractions, break through the overwhelm, and get going for real with this real-world blueprint for turning your vision into reality. Snap yourself out of “analysis paralysis” Stop thinking you need to know everything before you even begin Make those big decisions and focus in on your goals Chart your journey’s path, and get up and get started today Many of us have fallen into a trap: we no longer believe that “anything is possible”, yet we are surrounded by proof that everything is possible! But we are distracted, harried, overwhelmed, and maybe a little intimidated. Our dreams remain forever in limbo, and we may go to our graves before we venture beyond the “planning stage”. Don’t let that happen—don’t you deserve to realize your goals? Exactly Where to Start gives you the kick in the pants and the practical plan you need to stand up, step up, and make it happen. 
The Secret Handshake of the Self-Made Man xiii Chapter 1: Getting Started 2 Chapter 2: Stop Waiting for Permission 14 Chapter 3: Stare Down the Monster 26 Chapter 4: Make It Work on Paper 44 Chapter 5: Give Yourself a Fine Reputation to Live Up To 56 Chapter 6: Build Your Squad 66 Chapter 7: Progress Beats Perfection 78 Chapter 8: Indecision Is the Enemy 98 Chapter 9: Upgrade Your Operating System 112 Chapter 10: Control Your Controllables 124 A Final Thought 138 Acknowledgments 141 About the Author 145 A Shameless Plug 149 Index 151
PHIL M. JONES is one of the most in-demand business educators and speakers globally. He has made it his life's work to demystify what it takes to succeed in business and help his audiences to learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears, and instantaneously impact bottom line results. Author of the international bestsellers Exactly What to Say and Exactly How to Sell, Phil continues to pack BIG ideas into small packages with another in this straight talking series for the aspiring business professional.
Exactly Where to Start is your practical guide to getting started on that dream, goal, or vision in your life. The special dream that you want to turn from an idea into something real. Phil M. Jones—an entrepreneur, master salesman, motivator, and influencer—has written the definitive book that serves as a blueprint to get you well on your way to success. Now you have a way to get over the "If Only Blues." If only I had started working for myself; If only I had started earlier; If only I had listened to that advice; If only I had the courage to try. You get the idea. Exactly Where to Start is filled with the down-to-earth advice for taking your idea about something you have been meaning to get started on, have been thinking about working on, and you believe is something that will work well, and finally making that something a reality. Filled with real world experience, critical information, illustrative examples, and helpful action steps, Exactly Where to Start gives you the tools needed to start on your own journey. Your journey to make that elusive dream a reality. Designed to be a short book filled with BIG ideas, Exactly Where to Start has all the nuts-and-bolts information without the unnecessary, irritating padding. It's a "lean mean action-oriented machine" in the clever disguise of a book.
TIME TO TURN YOUR GREAT IDEA INTO REALITY. ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! "For any entrepreneur who wants to move from aspiration to action, this is all you will need to kick start your big idea. Consider it the 'Tao of Possibility'." —Leslie Ehm, founder and chief fire-starter of Combustion Training "Reading Exactly Where to Start was like reading a personal recounting of the exact steps Phil took me through when I was struggling to get started on my own venture. His ability to simplify my idea into sizeable, ordered steps is a skill that cured my overwhelm, defeated my fear, got me moving, and has kept me building ever since. It's exciting to see that he has captured his own coaching techniques into a book that can take anyone with a desire through the process in a humorous and reassuring way. It's an easy read but if I've learned anything from Phil, it's that the application of knowledge is what really counts." —Joy HG, former teacher, now founder of House of Little Miracles "A speedy, concise read, Exactly Where to Start has encapsulated Phil's power-packed, action-based thinking, providing an instant, solid framework on which to build… no matter what the basis of your project. The read is fast, the work is not!" —Poppy S Brytewood, former healthcare practitioner, now creator of The Pathworker Way "Having been on the receiving end of Phil's coaching toward starting my own business, I can share that the steps outlined in Exactly Where to Start really work! Keeping this book on hand is like having Phil in your pocket for those moments when you need to ask yourself the right question or plan your next step. Following Phil's advice has enabled me to turn my 'if onlys' into action steps and my 'what ifs' into confidence that I can achieve my dream." —Rachel Jones, former project manager, now author and entrepreneur

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