Employee Well-being Support

Employee Well-being Support

A Workplace Resource
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von: Andrew Kinder, Rick Hughes, Cary L. Cooper

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Veröffentl.: 30.04.2008
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Employees have a set of needs as part of the 'psychological contract' of employment. However, organizations operate for a reason and they too have agendas and needs. It is how the two come together that determines the capacity for good human relations and optimum productivity. Employee Well-being Support is an edited collection of expert contributions that explores all key issues in this increasingly critical area.
About the Editors. List of Contributors. Foreword – The Fourth Wave. Acknowledgements. Introduction: Adapting to Change (Andrew Kinder, Rick Hughes and Cary L. Cooper). Part 1 Organisational Behaviour Issues and Well-being. 1 In Consideration of a Toxic Workplace: a Suitable Place for Treatment (Michael Walton). 2 Leading to a Healthy Workplace (E. Kevin Kelloway, Mike Teed and Matt Prosser). 3 Understanding and Improving Psychological Well-being for Individual and Organisational Effectiveness (Ivan Robertson and Gordon Tinline). 4 Employee Well-being: the Heart of Positive Organizational Behavior (Debra L. Nelson, Laura M. Little and M. Lance Frazier). 5 Employee Support Strategies in Large Organisations (Steve Boorman). 6 Coaching Skills for Managers (Gladeana McMahon). 7 Behaviour Risk Management (Sharon Clarke). 8 Positive Coping Strategies at Work (Philip Dewe). 9 Organisational Duty of Care: Workplace Counselling as a Shield against Litigation? (Peter Jenkins). 10 Managing Diversity (David Weaver). 11 Understanding Mental Health – a Guide for All Employees(Andrew Buckley). Part 2 Responding to Specific Organisational Challenges. 12 Organisational Responses to Traumatic Incidents (Alison Dunn). 13 Managing Suicide and Sudden Death within Organisations(Andrew Kinder and Emily Duval). 14 Bullying and Mistreatment at Work: How Managers May Prevent and Manage Such Problems (Stale Einarsen and Helge Hoel). 15 Counselling and Coaching in Organisations: An Integrative Multi-Level Approach (Vanja Orlans). 16 What Makes a Good Employee Assistance Programme? (Mark A. Winwood and Stephanie Beer). 17 Tackling the Macho Culture (Mark Brayne and Neil Greenberg). Part 3 Mental Health, Emotions and Work. 18 Rehabilitation of Mental Health Disabilities (David Wright). 19 An Organisational Approach to the Rehabilitation of Employees Following Stress-Related Illness (Louise Thomson and Jo Rick). 20 Stress Management for Employees: an Evidence-based Approach (Stephen Palmer and Kristina Gyllensten). 21 Perspectives on Managing Workplace Conflict (Tony Buon). 22 Whose Agenda Does Workplace Counselling Serve? (Rick Hughes). 23 The Emergence of Coaching as a New Profession and Its Global Influence (Patrick Williams). 24 Mentoring and Employee Well-being (David Clutterbuck). 25 Building Resilience – An Organisational Cultural Approach to Mental Health and Well-being at Work: A Primary Prevention Programme (Derek Mowbray). Index.
"This is an extremely well-researched and referenced work that contains a wealth of information covering organisational and mental health issues in the workplace." (Nursing Management, July 2008) "Would be an excellent reference book for anyone studying this topic in-depth…Good value for a detailed guide to employee wellbeing." (Nursing Standard, June 2008)
Andrew Kinder (Epsom, UK) is a Counseling and Occupational Psychologist, Chair of the UK Association for Counselling at Work, and head of workplace counseling and employee assistance programme services for Atos Origin, UK. Rick Hughes (Glasgow, UK) is Senior Partner at Calma Partnership, a specialist employee support consultancy, and editor of the journal Counselling at Work. Cary Cooper (Lancaster, UK) is Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, UK, and Founding Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior.
‘…I consider this to be an important book. A book which will be seen in the years ahead as containing many of the ideas which defined the Fourth Wave of transformation. The wave which will finally put people where they belong – at the heart of the organisation.’ From the Foreword by David Fairhurst, Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer – Northern Europe McDonald’s Restaurants Organisations today have to place much greater weight on the emotional and psychological health of employees. Those that neglect this are risking reduced productivity, poorer labour relations, adverse publicity and even litigation. Written by an international team of leading practitioners, academics and business leaders, Employee Well-being Support covers current developments in employee support and provides guidance to inform everyday practice in the workplace. It is made up of three parts: Organisational Behaviour Issues and Well-being (includes organisational ‘duty of care’, managing diversity and behaviour risk management) Responding to Specific Organisational Challenges (includes suicide and sudden death at work, workplace bullying and responses to disasters) Mental Health, Emotions and Work (includes stress management, mentoring, coaching and managing conflict) This practical and comprehensive guide covers all aspects of employee well-being support in one volume. It is a must-have resource for a wide range of practitioners and students across occupational psychology, HR, coaching and counselling. Business leaders and students on MBA and other business programmes will also benefit from reading this book.

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