eBay For Seniors For Dummies

eBay For Seniors For Dummies

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von: Marsha Collier

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 13.10.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470593103
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Expert advice helps seniors find bargains and make money on eBay eBay is a great place to help seniors find bargains or supplement their income by selling items. This book offers the basics on buying or selling on eBay with confidence in a format that's ideal for the senior audience, including a larger print format than traditional For Dummies books. Author Marsha Collier is the undisputed authority on eBay. Her advice has helped millions of eBay users navigate the popular shopping and selling site. This book explains how to Get your computer ready to use eBay Go to the eBay site, sign up, and browse Spot good deals, buy items, and pay safely Set up your own sale Take pictures of your merchandise and get them online Receive payment and ship items Understand eBay's fees and rules eBay can be fun and profitable. This book makes it easy to get started!
Part I: Joining the Crowd on eBay. Chapter 1: Getting Comfy with the Spirit of eBay. Chapter 2: Getting Ready for eBay Action. Chapter 3: Navigating the eBay Site. Part II: Shopping at the eBay Marketplace. Chapter 4: Saving Time and Money by Shopping on eBay. Chapter 5: Checking Out the Sales and Sellers. Chapter 6: Bidding and Buying on eBay. Chapter 7: Paying For and Receiving Your Merchandise. Part III: Making Your Mark on eBay. Chapter 8: Giving (and Getting) Essential Feedback. Chapter 9: Setting Up Your About Me and My World Pages. Chapter 10: Enhancing Your Presence and Following the Rules. Part IV: Taking the Plunge: Running a Sale. Chapter 11: Seeing to Your Selling-on-eBay Homework. Chapter 12: Getting Items Ready for Listing. Chapter 13: Constructing and Conducting Your Sale. Chapter 14: Packaging and Shipping What You Sold. Appendix. Index.
Marsha Collier is the undisputed eBay expert, with more than a million copies of her bestselling books in print. She was among eBay's first PowerSellers and has made eBay a full-time business for 12 years. Marsha also hosts her own weekly technology radio show broadcast online and over the air. She teaches eBay newcomers the basics at conferences and in numerous television and radio interviews.
Making Everything Easier! eBay® For Seniors for Dummies Learn to: Get your own eBay account for buying and selling Shop for the best deals and avoid scams Bolster your income by selling items on eBay Pack items for safe shipping Marsha Collier Bestselling author of eBay For Dummies Use the ideal marketplace for budget-beating bargains and making extra money! If you've not begun using eBay, the world's #1 online site for finding bargains and selling your own stuff, there's no reason to keep waiting. This book, written by respected eBay expert Marsha Collier, gets you through the basics of getting online and browsing the Web. Soon you'll be into buying, selling, and enjoying all the benefits of being on eBay. Where to begin — register on eBay and PayPal and learn the rules for buying and selling Ready, set, shop! — discover how to find what you're looking for, how to win auctions, and when it's better to buy outright Such a deal — find out if it really is a bargain and understand add-ons such as shipping and insurance costs Stay out of cyber-alleys — learn how to rate sellers and buy only from reputable ones Turn clutter into cash — find items that are taking up space in your attic and sell them for a nice profit Feed me — discover why feedback is so important to the eBay community and how to get positives in your column Nurture your nest egg — supplement your income with your eBay sales It's a rule — understand eBay rules, regulations, fees, and services Open the book and find: How to speak the eBay language The easy way to find the items you want Tips on bidding to win Steps for separating honest sellers from scam artists Instructions on selling your first item What PayPal is and how to use it The importance of getting and leaving feedback Advice for photographing items you're selling