Eating the Big Fish

Eating the Big Fish

How Challenger Brands Can Compete Against Brand Leaders
2. Aufl.

von: Adam Morgan

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 03.04.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470527757
Sprache: englisch
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EATING THE BIG FISH : How Challenger Brands Can Compete Against Brand Leaders, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded The second edition of the international bestseller, now revised and updated for 2009, just in time for the business challenges ahead. It contains over 25 new interviews and case histories, two completely new chapters, introduces a new typology of 12 different kinds of Challengers, has extensive updates of the main chapters, a range of new exercises, supplies weblinks to view interviews online and offers supplementary downloadable information.
Preface. Foreword by Antonio Lucio. Part 1: The Size and Nature of the Big Fish. 1. The Law of Increasing Returns. 2. The Consumer Isn't. 3. What Is a Challenger Brand? Part 2: The Eight Credos of Successful Challenger Brands. 4. The First Credo: Intelligent Naivety. 5. Monsters and Other Challenges: Gaining Clarity on the Center. 6. The Second Credo: Build a Lighthouse Identity. 7. The Third Credo: Take Thought Leadership of the Category. 8. The Fourth Credo: Create Symbols of Re-Evaluation. 9. The Fifth Credo: Sacrifice. 10. The Sixth Credo: Overcommit. 11. The Seventh Credo: Using Communications and Publicity to Enter Social Culture. 12. The Eight Credo: Become Idea-Centered, Not Consumer-Centered. Part 3: Applying the Challenger Program. 13. Writing the Challenger Program: The Two-Day Off-Site. 14. The Scope of the Lighthouse Keeper. Part 4: Mind-Set, Culture, and Risk. 15. Challenger as a State of Mind: Staying Number One Means Thinking Like a Number Two. 16. Risk, Will, and the Circle of Rope. References and Sources. Acknowledgments for the Second Edition. Photo Credits. Index.
ADAM MORGAN is a partner in eatbigfish (, an international brand and marketing consultancy specializing in Challenger brand strategy, behavior, and culture. Previously an executive with TBWA\Chiat\Day, one of the world's largest advertising agencies, he has worked with clients like IKEA, Unilever, Virgin, and Apple. He and his partners together run The Challenger Project, the evolving research into how Challenger brands think and behave, on which their thinking, writing, and speaking is based.
Once upon a time, spirited David challenged the towering Goliath. Forty years ago, rental car company Avis challenged Hertz—the big fish in its industry—and won a larger, more profitable share of the market by "trying harder." Today, Challengers such as method, JetBlue, Nintendo Wii, and Linux successfully compete with much bigger brands in their markets by redefining in their favor the criteria consumers use to make choices. The leaders in any market are never in reality invulnerable; they just seem that way before a smart, focused, Challenger brand takes them on. Updated and revised with additional chapters and thirty new examples of Challenger brands in action, the Second Edition of Eating the Big Fish reflects recent developments in the marketplace and media since the publication of the bestselling and influential first edition. Author Adam Morgan—who, with his company, has researched and worked with Challengers over the last decade—presents and analyzes the effective marketing tactics Challenger brands use to raise their profiles and take market share. Morgan provides practical advice and plentiful, easy-to-follow examples to show how a Challenger brand can get noticed and steal customers from competitors with much bigger advertising and marketing budgets. He presents eight Challenger credos that stress bringing a fresh perspective to market, building a prominent and emotionally appealing identity, implementing a pervasive communication strategy, and focusing intently on ideas rather than consumers. This new edition explores what needs to change and what needs to stay the same for Challenger brands in the shifting communications landscape of media, technology, and the Web. Most important, it affirms that Challenger brands are alive, well, and hungry. If you want to increase the profile and the profitability of your brand against bigger competitors, this book puts the big fish on your menu.
Praise for Eating The Big Fish "Eating the Big Fish is on fire with ideas. Best in the marketplace." —Steve Hayden, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Worldwide "Adam Morgan's brand advice is among the most practical and useful there is. My team is responsible for helping drive the success of brands like Axe and Degree deodorant in the United States, and Eating the Big Fish has shaped our thinking, driven our teams to adopt 'Challenger' behavior, and helped us dramatically grow our market share." —Kevin George, Vice President and General Manager, Unilever United States "My bedtime reading when we were setting up innocent." —Richard Reed, cofounder, innocent "I devoured Adam's book and used his thinking to create method as a Challenger brand to take on the giants of the soap industry. To say we live his principles daily is an understatement. This book will give you the framework to run through the legs of Goliath—and create relentless growth." —Eric Ryan, cofounder, method "'Challenger' isn't a state of market, it's a state of mind. This way of thinking is as important and powerful for a hugely successful brand as it is for a start-up, and this book will show you why." —Andy Berndt, Managing Director, Google Creative Lab

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