Drug Treatment in Dementia

Drug Treatment in Dementia

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von: Roy Jones

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Veröffentl.: 30.04.2008
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This timely book reviews the current status of drug treatments in dementia, both in practice and in research. It commences with a brief overview of the dementia syndrome and provides guidance in making a diagnosis. It then focuses on treatment of the cognitive function, psychological and behavioural symptoms and co-existing diseases. Chapters devoted to measuring the effects and cost-effectiveness of anti-dementia drugs are included.
Foreword. Introduction. Acknowledgements. List of abbreviations. 1 The dementia syndrome. 2 Making the diagnosis. 3 Assessing the benefits of drug treatment in dementia. 4 Antidementia drugs. 5 Treatment of behavioural and psychological aspects of dementia. 6 Treatment of other medical problems in dementia. 7 General treatment considerations. 8 Cost-effectiveness considerations. 9 The future. Index.
Significant advances have occurred in recent years in the understanding of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders and, in parallel with this, a number of new drugs have been developed. Although the drugs themselves are not difficult to administer or monitor, those unfamiliar with the available and forthcoming dementia treatments tend to find clinical decision making in this field confusing. These drugs have created both opportunities and dilemmas. Doctors are seeing remarkable and obvious improvements in some patients, with potential financial savings and a delay in institutionalization. On the other hand, the cost of the drugs coupled with the large number of patients, has raised concerns about the economics of treatment. Drug Treatment in Dementia will help the physician by guiding them through: Understanding anti-dementia drug effects and side effects Choosing the most suitable drug or drugs for the patient Knowing how to use drugs effectively to manage dementia and its complications, and Knowing whether a drug is having a beneficial effect, by understanding and using suitable criteria The book commences with a brief overview of the dementia syndrome and provides guidance on making the diagnosis. The main body of the book then focuses on treatment of the cognitive impairment, psychological and behavioural symptoms and co-existing diseases. There are also chapters devoted to measuring the effect of anti-dementia drugs and cost effectiveness. Drug Treatment in Dementia offers an essential reference for the GP, hospital doctor, psychiatrist, geriatrician, neurologist and related health care professional.

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