Dictionary of Scientific Principles

Dictionary of Scientific Principles

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von: Stephen Marvin

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 07.11.2012
ISBN/EAN: 9781118582244
Sprache: englisch
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Dictionary of Scientific Principles presents a unique and timeless collection of (almost) all known rules or laws commonly called principles, identified throughout the history of scientific development, their definition, and use. Exploring a broad range of disciplines, the book first lists more than 2,000 principles organized in a standard alphabetical order, then provides a list of subject headings for which related principles are identified. A staple addition to every library, the dictionary will also be of interest to scientists and general readers.
Preface. Acknowledgments. Notes to the Reader. Principles - Definitions. Principles - Applications.
Stephen Marvin is the Reference Coordinator at West Chester University and an adjunct professor at the graduate library school of Clarion University. He has worked with Dialog as business services coordinator as well as director of the Dr. Michael Margolies Coatesville Area Public Library. Marvin has obtained several grants to provide guidelines to library consortia in Latin America and copyright training in China. His recent presentations on library consortia development include mentoring and guidelines in Latin America and cooperation between academia, archives, and museums.
A unique and timeless collection of more than 2,000 principles and their uses The Dictionary of Scientific Principles provides the most comprehensive list of known rules or laws—commonly called principles—identified throughout the history of scientific development, along with complete definitions and uses. Exploring a broad range of disciplines, from science, medicine, engineering, and business to philosophy, society, and even art, the Dictionary provides information on everything from the basic fundamental properties, systems, actions, or phenomena that have become accepted in common use to the language of art in science. No other single source contains the breadth of coverage of the collection of principles found in this volume. Using a traditional dictionary format, the book has more than 2,000 principles that are organized in standard alphabetical order, with cross-references to other principles. The unique addition of a separate list of applications for each principle, covering an equally broad field of multiple subject disciplines and also provided in alphabetical order, is a helpful tool for identifying related principles. The Dictionary leads to many levels of potential discovery and scientific applications to many fields in science, technology, and medicine. References are included to help find further-in-depth information as needed. A staple addition to any and all libraries, The Dictionary of Scientific Principles will appeal to all readers from scientists to students, lawyers to laymen, practitioners to theorists. It also serves as an ideal supplement to course work.

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