Developing the Individual

Developing the Individual

Training and Development 11.9
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von: Tony Grundy, Laura Brown

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Verlag: Capstone
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Veröffentl.: 31.10.2003
ISBN/EAN: 9781841124957
Sprache: englisch
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Effective Training & Development is essential if you are to continuously get the best from your people and extend the knowledge shelf-life of your company. This module explores the vast array of options available to the HR function including on-the-job learning, formal management education, coaching and mentoring. Cost-effectiveness and measurable payback are also dealt with as cornerstones of any training and development activity.
Introduction to ExpressExec. Introduction. Definition of Terms. Evolution. In Practice. The Global Dimension. The State of the Art. Success Stories. Key Concepts and Thinkers. Resources. Ten Steps to Making it Work. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Index.
Fast-track route to a proactive, individually tailored approach to personal development as a long-term strategy with measurable payback Covers options for development including formal training and on-the-job learning as well as diagnosing development needs, developing and evaluation options, and evaluating the return on development Case studies from The Dowty Group, Mercury Communications and Hewlett-Packard Includes a comprehensive resources guide, key concepts and thinkers including Chris Agyris and Peter Senge, a 10-step action plan for developing the individual, and a section of FAQs

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