Developing Talent for Organizational Results

Developing Talent for Organizational Results

Training Tools from the Best in the Field
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von: Elaine Biech

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Praise for Developing Talentfor Organizational Results "Elaine Biech brings together some of the 'royalty' of American corporations and asks them to share their wisdom in increasing organizational effectiveness. In 46 information-filled chapters, these 'learning providers' don't just sit on their conceptual thrones; they offer practical advice for achieving company goals and the tools to make it happen."—Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There "Recruiting, developing, inspiring, engaging, and retaining your talent are critical to the growth and success of all organizations. Developing Talent for Organizational Results is a rich resource that can help you cultivate your most precious resource."—Tony Bingham, CEO & President ASTD and Co-author of The New Social Learning "Hiring and developing talent is the area that I am most passionate about. . . . Developing Talent for Organizational Results covers all the important topics, uses multiple experts, and supports learning with ready-to-use tools to develop talent in your company. It is like having a million-dollar consultant sitting on your book shelf!"—Mindy Meads, former CO-CEO Aéropostale and former CEO/ President Lands' End The best companies win with highly talented, highly committed employees—hiring and developing the best talent is essential. In Developing Talent for Organizational Results, Elaine Biech brings together the work of many of the most renowned learning providers in the world—all of them members of ISA: The Association of Learning Providers. Filled with a treasure-trove of consulting advice from The Ken Blanchard Companies, DDI, Forum, Herrmann International, Bev Kaye, Jack Zenger, and others, this book delivers the answers you want to improve leadership, management, and communication skills; address training, learning, and engagement issues; and shape the culture and care for your customers to achieve desired results.
Foreword xiii Introduction xix Section I: Communicating to Succeed 1 1. Communicate with Stories 3 The Ariel Group 2. Reclaiming Your Peer Power 17 NetSpeed Learning Solutions 3. The Candor Advantage 31 Ridge Training 4. Open Your Business to the World 47 ECCO International Bonus Activity I.1. Turning e-Mail Drains into Productivity Gains: Which e-Mail Would You Rather Read? 59 Better Communications Bonus Activity I.2. Build or Repair: A Tool for Difficult Communication 69 Global Novations Section II: Moving into Management 85 5. Are You Prepared for Your Next Project? 87 Systemation 6. Using Involvement in Decision Making to Increase Engagement 103 Interaction Associates, Inc. 7. How to 10X Your Influence 111 VitalSmarts 8. Speaking Up 127 PowerSpeaking, Inc. 9. Raising the Talent Bar 139 Paradigm Learning, Inc. 10. Eliminate the Us vs. Them Dynamics 149 Learning as Leadership Bonus Activity II.1. 3D Perception Sharing 163 The Dede Henley Group Section III: Executive Essentials 169 11. Brilliance in Brief 171 Zenger Folkman 12. Leading with Integrity 177 Strategic Leadership Collaborative, Inc. 13. How to Tell a Story . . . and Why 185 Kevin Daley Communications 14. Your Invitation to Greatness 193 Impression Management Professionals 15. How Does a CEO Do Engagement? 201 Fierce, Inc. Section IV: Developing Leaders 209 16. Developing Future Leaders 211 ebb associates inc 17. Awaken, Align, Accelerate®—A Framework for Developing Leaders 219 MDA Leadership Consulting 18. Designing Great Leadership Development Workshops 229 Bluepoint Leadership Development Bonus Activity IV.1. Historical Orienteering: Leadership Lessons from History 237 Sonoma Leadership Systems Section V: Shaping a Vital Culture 245 19. Bringing the Twelft h Man Alive in Your Organization 249 The Whiteley Group 20. Creating a Culture of Employee Work Passion 265 The Ken Blanchard Companies 21. Owners and Renters 279 Center for Creative Leadership 22. The Commercial Impact of Employee Engagement 285 Performance Connections International, Inc. 23. Thank God It’s Monday! 307 The Emmerich Group 24. Improving Workplace Cultures Through Respect, Service, and Safety at Work® 317 Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. 25. Building Organizational Change Capability 331 Being First, Inc. Bonus Activity V.1. Exploring Culture Through the Canyon 349 Root Learning, Inc. Section VI: Invigorating Your Training Process for Results 353 26. Getting More from Your Investment in Training 357 RealTime Performance 27. Does Your Organization Have It Backwards? 365 Kirkpatrick Partners 28. Design the Complete Experience 377 Fort Hill Company 29. Engaging All Learners in an Age of Information Overload 387 Herrmann International 30. Behavior Changes That Stick 405 Forum 31. Reinforcement 415 MOHR Access 32. Take Courage 421 Beyond ROI, Inc. Section VII: Timely Training Techniques 431 33. The Seven Separators of Great Facilitation 433 Leadership Strategies 34. How to Teach Wisdom 445 The Steve Trautman Company 35. Maximum Value from Simulations 455 Insight Experience 36. Virtual Classroom . . . Real Results! 467 Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI) 37. Training Triage 475 VisionPoint Section VIII: Focus on Individual Development 497 38. Redirect the Development Dialogue 499 Career Systems International 39. Building Your Business Acumen® 507 Acumen Learning 40. Resilience—Build Th is Essential Personal Capability 515 Resilience Alliance 41. The Promise of Peer Group Coaching to Develop High-Potential Leaders 521 The Eblin Group 42. Maximize the Results and Multiply the Impact from 360-Degree Assessments 529 The Glacel Group 43. How to Present 360-Degree Feedback Effectively 545 West End Consulting Bonus Activity VIII.1. Composing Your Personal Credo 561 James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner Section IX: Caring Customer Service and Sales 565 44. Twelve Building Blocks of an Uplifting Service Culture 567 UP! Your Service 45. Who Killed Service? 581 Sigma Performance Solutions, Inc. 46. Taming the Sales Manager Ego 593 Amplify Recommended Additional Reading 601 Website e-Tools 609 About the Editor 619 Index 621
Elaine Biech is president and managing principal of ebb associates inc, an organizational development firm that helps organizations work through large-scale change. The recipient of ASTD's highest honor, the Gordon M. Bliss award, Biech is the author and editor of over four dozen books, including The Book of Road-Tested Activities, Pfeiffer Annuals of Training and Consulting, 90 World-Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers, Training for Dummies, The Business of Consulting, and others, all published by Wiley. ISA—The Association of Learning Providers, founded in 1978, is the only industry specific association devoted exclusively to the issues and needs of business owners, founders, CEOs, and leaders in the training and performance industry.

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