Developing Deontology

Developing Deontology

New Essays in Ethical Theory
Ratio Special Issues, Band 13 1. Aufl.

von: Brad Hooker

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<i>Developing Deontology</i> consists of six new essays in ethical theory by leading contemporary moral philosophers. Each essay considers concepts prominent in the development of deontological approaches to ethics, and these essays offer an invaluable contribution to that development. <ul> <li>Essays are contributed by Michael Smith, Philip Stratton-Lake, Ralph Wedgewood, David Owens, Peter Vallentyne, and Elizabeth Harman - all leading contemporary moral philosophers</li> <li>Each essay offers an original and previously unpublished contribution to the subject</li> <li>A significant addition to the field for anyone with an interest in the development of deontology</li> <li>The collection is edited by a leading philosophical scholar</li> </ul>
Notes on Contributors vi <p>1 Deontological Moral Obligations and Non-Welfarist Agent-Relative Values 1<br /> <i>Michael Smith</i></p> <p>2 Recalcitrant Pluralism 15<br /> <i>Philip Stratton-Lake</i></p> <p>3 Defending Double Effect 35<br /> <i>Ralph Wedgwood</i></p> <p>4 The Possibility of Consent 53<br /> <i>David Owens</i></p> <p>5 Enforcement Rights against Non-Culpable Non-Just Intrusion 73<br /> <i>Peter Vallentyne</i></p> <p>6 Does Moral Ignorance Exculpate? 95<br /> <i>Elizabeth Harman</i></p> <p>Index 121</p>
<p>“The essays in Developing Deontologyare of high quality, and their richness and diversity means that a wide range of readers will find their pages much interesting.” (<i>The Philosophical Quarterly</i>, 1 January 2014)</p> <p>“Every author offers us a highly insightful and clarifying contribution.” (<i>Ethical Perspectives</i>, 1 September 2013)</p>
<p><b>Brad Hooker</b> is a professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Reading, UK. He has been most closely associated with discussions of rule-consequentialism, although he has published papers on a wide variety of topics in ethical theory, including the idea that moral principles must be suitable for public acceptance. He is the author of <i>Ideal Code, Real World: A Rule-Consequentialist Theory of Morality</i> (2000) and the editor of <i>Rationality, Rules, and Utility</i> (1993), and <i>Truth in Ethics</i> (1997). Professor Hooker is an associate editor of <i>Ratio</i> and the editor-in-chief of <i>Utilitas</i>.</p>
<p><i>Developing Deontology</i> is a collection of six essays in ethical theory by some of the foremost moral philosophers of today. Within the collection, Michael Smith, Philip Stratton-Lake, Ralph Wedgwood, David Owens, Peter Vallentyne and Elizabeth Harman contribute new essays, which not only reflect on concepts that have been prominent in the development of deontological approaches but also offer an invaluable contribution to that development. These include agent-relativity, pluralism about the foundational principles of morality, double effect, consent, moral rights, and responsibility and blame for one’s actions and moral beliefs. The contributions to this book expand the boundaries of thought relating to deontology. Together, they provide a major addition to the field of moral philosophy for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and academics.</p>

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