Deep Adaptation

Deep Adaptation

Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos
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von: Jem Bendell, Rupert Read

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Veröffentl.: 09.06.2021
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<p>‘Deep adaptation’ refers to the personal and collective changes that might help us to prepare for – and live with – a climate-influenced breakdown or collapse of our societies. It is a framework for responding to the terrifying realization of increasing disruption by committing ourselves to reducing suffering while saving more of society and the natural world. This is the first book to show how professionals across different sectors are beginning to incorporate the acceptance of likely or unfolding societal breakdown into their work and lives. They do not assume that our current economic, social and political systems can be made resilient in the face of climate change but, instead, they demonstrate the caring and creative ways that people are responding to the most difficult realization with which humanity may ever have to come to terms.</p> Edited by the originator of the concept of deep adaptation, Jem Bendell, and a leading climate activist and strategist, Rupert Read, this book is the essential introduction to the concept, practice and emerging global movement of Deep Adaptation to climate chaos.
Introduction: what now the limits are breached?<br /><br />Jem Bendell and Rupert Read<br /><br /><br />Part I: The Predicament<br /><br /><br />1. The scientific case of global over-heating and the root of denial<br /><br /><br />2. Deep Adaptation: a map for navigating climate tragedy<br /><br />Jem Bendell<br /><br /><br />3. The reasons for anticipating collapse<br /><br />Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens, Gauthier Chapelle, Daniel Rodary<br /><br /><br />Part II: Shifts in Being<br /><br /><br />4. Climate Psychology and its Relevance to Deep Adaptation<br />Adrian Tait<br /><br /><br />5. Deeper implications of societal collapse: co-liberation from the ideology of e-s-c-a-p-e.<br /><br />Jem Bendell<br /><br /><br />6. Unconscious addictions: mapping common responses to climate change and potential climate collapse<br /><br />Rene Suša, Sharon Stein, Vanessa Andreotti, Tereza  ajkova, Dino Siwek, and the Gesturing Towards Decolonial Collective<br /><br /><br />7. Facilitating Deep Adaptation - enabling more loving conversations about our predicament<br /><br />Katie Carr and Jem Bendell<br /><br /><br />8. The Great Turning: Reconnecting through Collapse<br /><br />Sean Kelly and Joanna Macy<br /><br /><br />Part III: Shifts in Doing<br /><br /><br />9. Leadership and management in a context of deep adaptation<br />Jonathan Gosling<br /><br /><br />10. What Matters Most?  Deep Education Conversations in a Climate of Change and Complexity<br /><br />Charlotte Von Bulow and Charlotte Simpson<br /><br /><br />11. Riding two horses: The future of politics and activism, as we face potential eco-driven societal collapse<br /><br />Rupert Read<br /><br /><br />12. Relocalisation as Deep Adaptation<br /><br />Matthew Slater and Skeena Rathor<br /><br /><br />Concluding the Beginning of Deep Adaptation<br /><br />Jem Bendell and Rupert Read
<p>‘This book is the “red pill” of our times, offering neither certainty nor confirmation of any story you may be holding about where we are heading in the face of so many colliding crises. What it does offer is togetherness in our insecurity and frameworks in our unknowing for coming to terms with and making sense of these times. I look forward to both “deep adaptation” and “collapsology” entering mainstream discourse, so that we might then imagine creating together, as our current paradigm crumbles.’<br /><b>Gail Bradbrook, co-founder, Extinction Rebellion</b></p>
<b>Jem Bendell</b> is Professor of Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cumbria and the originator of the Deep Adaptation movement.<br /><b>Rupert Read</b> is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, a Green Party campaigner and former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

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