Decolonizing Geography

Decolonizing Geography

An Introduction
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von: Sarah A. Radcliffe

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<p>The first book of its kind, <i>Decolonizing Geography</i> offers an indispensable introductory guide to the origins, current state and implications of the decolonial project in geography.</p> <p>Sarah A. Radcliffe recounts the influence of colonialism on the discipline of geography and introduces key decolonial ideas, explaining why they matter and how they change geography’s understanding of people, environments and nature. She explores the international origins of decolonial ideas, through to current Indigenous thinking, coloniality-modernity, Black geographies and decolonial feminisms of colour. Throughout, she presents an original synthesis of wide-ranging literatures and offers a systematic decolonizing approach to space, place, nature, global-local relations, the Anthropocene and much more.</p> <p><i>Decolonizing Geography</i> is an essential resource for students and instructors aiming to broaden their understanding of the nature, origins and purpose of a geographical education.</p>
Author’s note<br /><br /> Preface<br /><br /> List of Tables, Textboxes and Figures<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Chapter 1 Why decolonize geography?<br /><br /> Chapter 2 Postcolonialism and Decoloniality<br /><br /> Chapter 3 Decolonizing Geographies <br /><br /> Chapter 4 Decolonizing Geographical Concepts<br /> <br /> Chapter 5 Decolonizing Geography's Curriculum<br /><br /> Chapter 6 Decolonizing geographical research practice<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Glossary<br />  <br /> Bibliography <br /><br /> Index
<p>‘<i>Decolonizing Geography</i> is both a landmark textbook and a compelling scholarly manifesto. It offers a wide and wise reckoning with geography’s colonial past and lingering imperial and racist substance – with the promise of something better.’<br /><b>James Sidaway, National University of Singapore</b></p> <p>‘This book provides an overview of the issues, presents the stakes and suggests admirably concrete and feasible steps towards producing broad decolonization in the academy. This will become an indispensable text for students, academics and perhaps even university administrators, including BAME/DEI officers. The author should be congratulated for the accomplishment.’<br /><b>Jovan Scott Lewis, University of California, Berkeley</b></p>
<b>Sarah A. Radcliffe</b> is Professor of Latin American Geography at the University of Cambridge.

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