Critical Care Outreach

Critical Care Outreach

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von: Lee Cutler, Wayne Robson

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Following the publication of the department of health document - Comprehensive Critical Care (2000), the majority of hospitals in England have set up Critical Care Outreach Teams. The Government provided a significant sum of money for hospitals to set up outreach services. There are now calls for an evaluation of their impact. The book is set out in five key sections. Each section features chapters that address the conceptual and real life issues. In each section there is a chapter, set out as a case study example, demonstrating how innovative practices and service developments are going on around critical care outreach. The book will draw upon the knowledge, experience and clinical expertise of senior critical care nurses and doctors from a critical care network. The book will have a definite practical application and will provide tips to enhance practice. <br /> * Chapters contain useful 'how to' guides, prompts for critical thinking and case studies.<br /> * Very little has previously been published on this topic
<b>List of Contributors.</b> <p><b>Part I: The Evolution of Critical Care Outreach.</b></p> <p>1. The Origins of critical care outreach <i>Derek Bainbridge.</i></p> <p>2. Designing an Outreach Service <i>David Wood.</i></p> <p>Audit Case Study: Scoring all observations compared with scoring on concern <i>David Wood.</i></p> <p><b>Part II: Clinical Practice in Critical Care Outreach.</b></p> <p>3. The Initial Assessing and Care of the ‘At Risk Patient’ <i>Jeremy Groves, Jayne Tague & Lee Cutler.</i></p> <p>4. Specific Clinical Problems <i>Lee Cutler, Elaine Shaw & David Wood.</i></p> <p>Chapter 5. Sharing Critical Care Skills <i>Kathryn Warren, Rinky Ingles & Lee Cutler.</i></p> <p>Case study: Use of a clinical simulator <i>Lee Cutler & Judith Cutler.</i></p> <p>6. Role Expansion and the Critical Care Outreach Nurse <i>Lee Cutler & Denise Honour.</i></p> <p>Expanding the role of the nurse in Critical Care Outreach: A Case study <i> Elaine Shaw.</i></p> <p><b>Part III: Continuity of Care for the Critically Ill.</b></p> <p>7. Transfering patients from critical care to the ward <i>Wayne Robson.</i></p> <p>8. Critical care follow up <i>Kate Bray.</i></p> <p>9. Patient Diaries <i>Wayne Robson, Gayle Wheeldon, Denise Penny.</i></p> <p><b>Part IV: Managing and Supporting Outreach Practitioners.</b></p> <p>10. Establishing and Managing a Critical Care Outreach Team: A Practical Approach <i>Alex Larkin.</i></p> <p>Case study: The role of the physiotherapist in the critical care outreach team <i>Alex Larkin.</i></p> <p>11. The Learning Needs of Critical Care Outreach Practitioners <i>Lee Cutler.</i></p> <p><b>Part V: Developing and Evaluating Critical Care Outreach.</b></p> <p>12. Managing Change in Critical Care Outreach: A Toolkit for Practice <i>Nicola Platts & Sue Shepherd.</i></p> <p>13. Evaluation of Critical Care Outreach: Are the Resources for Outreach Justified? <i>Paul Whitting & David Edbrooke.</i></p> <p>Index.</p>
<b>Lee Cutler</b>, Nurse Consultant Critical Care, Doncaster Royal Infirmary <p><b>Wayne Robson</b>, Nurse Consultant Critical Care, Royal Hospital</p>
Following the publication of the Department of Health document – <i>Comprehensive Critical Care</i> (2000), many hospitals in England have established <i>critical care outreach</i> teams. This approach to the management of patients who are cared for outside the walls of critical care units is one that is also used beyond the UK with the development of ‘Medical emergency teams’ in Australia. <p><i>Critical Care Outreach</i> gives a comprehensive overview of this new area of critical care practice in five sections covering: the evolution of outreach; clinical practice; continuity of care; managing and supporting outreach practitioners and developing and evaluating outreach. Each section has chapters covering important topics that include:</p> <ul> <li><i>The origins of outreach</i></li> </ul> <ul> <li><i>Designing an outreach service</i></li> </ul> <ul> <li><i>Specific clinical problems</i></li> </ul> <ul> <li><i>Sharing critical care skills</i></li> </ul> <ul> <li><i>Role expansion for critical care outreach nurses</i></li> </ul> <ul type="disc"> <li><i>Critical care follow-up</i></li> </ul> <ul> <li><i>The learning needs of critical care outreach practitioners</i></li> </ul> <ul> <li><i>A toolkit for managing changing in practice</i></li> </ul> <p>The book is written by expert critical care nurses and doctors who have included case studies that demonstrate innovations in practice and useful examples of how the challenges faced in outreach can be managed.</p> <p>This easy to use book provides prompts for critical thinking and tips to enhance and develop individual practice and clinical service effectiveness. Critical care nurses and doctors, nursing students, medical and physiotherapy students and post registration nurses would find this practical book of great value.</p>

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