Cricket For Dummies

Cricket For Dummies

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von: Julian Knight

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 29.03.2013
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A complete guide to cricket for players and fans alike Whether you're a budding player or aspiring armchair expert, Cricket For Dummies helps you get to grips with this fascinating sport. Completely revised and updated for the first back-to-back Ashes series in 38 years, this hands-on guide gives you clear explanations of the cricket's laws, step-by-step explanations of techniques and tactics, and exciting coverage of the tournaments, global rivalries, and great players. Fully revised and updated to chronicle the rise of twenty20 cricket and the IPL, the implementation of DRS, and the changing face of the game Covers cricket basics—the pitch, the laws, the equipment and more Provides an in-depth look at cricket formats Offers a guide to building cricket skills—bowling, batting, and fielding Includes coverage of the best players and the biggest tournaments throughout the world Complete with Top Ten Lists of the greatest cricketers, the most memorable cricket matches, and the biggest controversies, Cricket For Dummies is your one-stop resource on this popular sport.
Introduction 1 Part I: Getting Started with Cricket 7 Chapter 1: Taking In the Joy of Cricket 9 Chapter 2: Getting to Grips with the Basics 21 Chapter 3: From 20 Overs to 5 Days: The Many Formats of Cricket 47 Chapter 4: Grabbing the Right Gear: Cricket Equipment 67 Part II: Playing the Game 83 Chapter 5: Honing Your Batting Skills 85 Chapter 6: Making It Big as a Bowler 115 Chapter 7: Fielding Made Easy 141 Chapter 8: Talking Tactics: Captaining a Cricket Team 163 Chapter 9: Talented Training and Cricket Coaching 187 Part III: Welcome to Planet Cricket 205 Chapter 10: Grasping the Global Rivalries 207 Chapter 11: Taking in Big International Tournaments 229 Chapter 12: The Domestic Cricket Scene 249 Chapter 13: Becoming a Cricket Fan 267 Part IV: The Part of Tens 289 Chapter 14: Ten Greatest Ever Cricketers 291 Chapter 15: Ten Most Memorable Cricket Matches 297 Chapter 16: Ten Mind-boggling Cricket Feats 305 Index 311
Julian Knight is a journalist currently working as an editor at the Independent on Sunday. He was a reporter at BBC News, contributing to the BBC News website and Radio Five Live. A former youth coach and captain at Blackheath Cricket Club, he has played for several clubs in London and the north-west of England.
Learn to: Understand the laws of cricket Talk tactics and strategy Get to grips with the history of the game Follow every format – from Twenty20 to Tests Get involved and participate The definitive guide to cricket for newcomers, fans and players Whether you don't know a bouncer from a leg-break (but would like to), you're a budding enthusiast who wants to know more or you aspire to playing at a higher level someday, this is the cricket book you're looking for. Revised and updated for the first back-to-back Ashes series in 38 years, this edition of the bestselling guide provides crystal-clear explanations of the rules and regs, step-by-step coverage of techniques and tactics, tips on how to improve your game, the inside stories of great global rivalries, player profiles and lots more. Know a wicket from a pitch – get up to speed on the basics, including the rules, the pitch, fielding positions, different game formats and how to kit yourself up to play Get game – improve and fine-tune your game with clear technical explanations and insider tips on the art and science of batting, bowling, fielding, catching and more Learn to see the big picture – get wise to the tactical and strategic aspects of cricket and discover how to devise your own winning tactics as a player or a team Know your way around Planet Cricket – take a guided tour of the competitions and tournaments around the world, from Twenty20 to the Ashes, to county championships and more Experience all the thrills and spills – read exciting accounts of some of the greatest matches of all time along with fascinating profiles of many of the greatest cricketers ever 'A jargon-busting, comprehensive guide to cricket.' – Cricket World Open the book and find: Cricket laws, rules and regulations clearly explained (at last!) A diagram of fielding positions Everything you need to know about game formats – from Tests to T20 Priceless pointers on how to improve your skills How to formulate winning tactics A guide to coaching children's cricket The 10 greatest feats in the history of cricket Profiles of the all-time best players The most memorable games ever

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