Counseling Older People

Counseling Older People

Opportunities and Challenges
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von: Charlene M. Kampfe

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Verlag: American Counseling Association
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This book provides insight into the primary issues faced by older adults; the services and benefits available to them; and the knowledge base, techniques, and skills necessary to work effectively in a therapeutic relationship. Dr. Kampfe offers empirically and anecdotally based strategies and interventions for dealing with clients’ personal concerns and describes ways counselors can advocate for older people on a systemic level. Individual and group exercises are incorporated throughout the book to enhance its practicality. Topics covered include an overview of population demographics and characteristics; counseling considerations and empowering older clients; successful aging; mental health and wellness; common medical conditions; multiple losses and transitions; financial concerns; elder abuse; veterans’ issues; sensory loss; changing family dynamics; managing Social Security and Medicare; working after retirement age; retirement transitions, losses, and gains; residential options; and death and dying. *Requests for digital versions from the ACA can be found on  *To request print copies, please visit the ACA website here. *Reproduction requests for material from books published by ACA should be directed to
Preface v About the Author vii Acknowledgments ix Chapter 1 The Increasing Older Population and Its Characteristics 1 Chapter 2 Counselor Considerations When Working With Older People 11 Chapter 3 Advocacy and Aging Issues 39 Chapter 4 Aging Well/Successful Aging 51 Chapter 5 Health Issues Associated With Aging 71 Chapter 6 Mental Health Issues Among Older People 101 Chapter 7 Special Issues Associated With Aging 125 Chapter 8 Sensory Loss Among the Older Population 145 Chapter 9 Maintaining and Managing Interpersonal Relationships 171 Chapter 10 Social Security and Medicare-Related Programs: Sorting Through the Maze 211 Chapter 11 Retirement and the Need or Desire to Work 225 Chapter 12 Residential Issues for Older People 247 Chapter 13 End of Life, Death and Dying, Grief and Loss 269 References 299 Index 337
“A good counseling book is timely, well researched, relevant, and readable. By this standard, Charlene Kampfe’s Counseling Older People is great. Kampfe has written an insightful and useful text that addresses the challenges, fallacies, and joys of working with older adults. She focuses on the whole person and the environment in a comprehensive and practical way. This book should be of interest to any counselor working with adults over the age of 60.”—Samuel T. Gladding, PhD, Wake Forest University “This book is a bright, shining addition to a growing body of literature on counseling older adults. It is filled with strategies for skill development, which is exactly what is needed in counseling programs in order to prepare for, arguably, the largest population on the horizon who may seek our services. If there is one book to suggest as a supplement to any course in diversity, it would be Counseling Older People.”—Catherine B. Roland, EdD, Editor, Adultspan Journal

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