Connected Planning

Connected Planning

A Playbook for Agile Decision Making
2. Aufl.

von: Ron Dimon

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 06.04.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781119485827
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<p>Ron Dimon’s thought-leading second edition of the book originally entitled <i>Enterprise Performance Management Done Right</i>, published in 2012, is a practical roadmap for using <i>Connected Planning </i>to develop an agile organization and to navigate the complex Enterprise Performance Management landscape.</p> <p>According to esteemed author, researcher, and Management professor Dr. Christopher Neck, “In the same way that one needs to be self-leading to finish a grueling marathon, an organization must be self-leading in order to execute on its plans in an efficient and effective manner. What drives self-leadership at all levels in an organization? The people within the organization of course—and those people must be involved in the planning occurring in an organization. Without a plan, an organization has no direction.”</p> <p>Since 2012, much has changed in the world of connecting strategy with improved performance: new, cloud-based, in-memory technologies have been adopted by the largest organizations in the world. This book is for CFOs, CIOs, their direct reports, and any organizational visionary or aspiring leader who wants to ‘‘bring it all together’’ and create an actionable vision and plan for improving readiness, resilience, and performance.</p>
<p>Foreword by Dr. Christopher Neck</p> <p>Preface</p> <p>Acknowledgments</p> <p>Chapter 1 What’s Broken and What’s Possible</p> <p>Chapter 2 Connected Planning</p> <p>Chapter 3 A Planning Operating System</p> <p>Chapter 4 Debate: What Can We Do, and What Should We Do?</p> <p>Chapter 5 Commit: Who Will Deliver What, by When?</p> <p>Chapter 6 Visualize: Where Are We, Right Now?</p> <p>Chapter 7 Understand: Why Did We Get the Results We Got?</p> <p>Chapter 8 Execute: From Insights to Actions to Results</p> <p>Chapter 9 Strategy: Everyone Aligned with the Right Outcomes</p> <p>Chapter 10 Digital Planning</p> <p>Chapter 11 Bringing It All Together</p> <p>Appendix: An EPM Maturity Model</p> <p>Bibliography</p> <p>About the Author</p> <p>Index</p>
<p><b>RON DIMON</b> has over thirty years of experience in helping clients get value out of their reporting, analytics, modeling, and planning processes and technology investments. A former Deloitte Managing Director, Ron has served organizations including Google, Microsoft, Oracle, ADM, Hyatt, Kraft Heinz, GE, Cisco, Manulife, the U.S. Navy, and many others.</p>
<p>Today’s organizations have enormous amounts of data and lots of technology but, continually, decisions are being made without the benefit of either of those tools. Executives require a structured framework for gathering, analyzing, and “what-iffing” the best ways to deploy people, capital, and time.</p><p>In <i>Connected Planning: A Playbook for Agile Decision Making</i>, accomplished consultant and author Ron Dimon delivers a practical and actionable framework for implementing and managing next generation planning functionality for better insight, focus, and alignment. This book demonstrates that connected planning and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) can have a positive impact on revenue growth, operating margin, asset utilization, and cash cycle efficiency, but that an effective and cohesive blueprint must first be employed.</p><p>This reliable resource expands upon and refines the central framework that first appeared in the author’s previous work, <i>Enterprise Performance Management Done Right</i>. It contains significantly updated technology references and new use cases of a connected planning platform, along with a new chapter on finance in a digital world that addresses technologies currently disrupting the nature of planning.</p><p>Extensive discussions of industry-shaping technologies, like the cloud, shape the book’s central argument of having a single, cohesive financial and operational plan to maximize growth and profit. You’ll learn about using integrated business planning as a cornerstone of enterprise performance management and discover what the future holds for connected planning.</p><p>Perfect for executives, especially CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, managers, and business leaders, <i>Connected Planning: A Playbook for Agile Decision Making</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of IT managers and other technology professionals who seek to get the most out of their data and reporting systems.</p>
<p><b>An insightful fusion of IT, finance, strategy, and operations in a digestible blueprint for performance management and agile decision making</b></p><p>Enterprise performance management (EPM) has seen dramatic growth in the last decade, as predictive analytics and cloud-based solutions transform the technological landscape for organizations in a wide array of industries and sectors. Connected planning is a new category that goes beyond traditional integrated business planning to every kind of planning and modeling done in an organization. Yet at the same time, vision, thought leadership, and value creation is lacking, and technological solutions are often put in place without any thought to developing a coherent plan or strategy for the organization as a whole.</p><p>In this book, you’ll discover a practical roadmap to developing an agile organization that can properly navigate this new connected planning landscape. You’ll also find a cohesive blueprint for establishing a direct and positive impact on revenue growth, operating margin, asset utilization, and cash cycle efficiency. Finally, you’ll find an effective framework for implementing and managing next generation functionality for better decision making, accountability, and alignment.</p><p>Ideal for executives and senior managers in mid-sized and large organizations, <i>Connected Planning: A Playbook for Agile Decision Making</i> is an invaluable guide for any leader who hopes to “bring it all together” and create an actionable vision and plan for improving organizational readiness, resilience, and performance.</p>

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