Hot Spots in Global Politics 2. Aufl.

von: Thomas Turner

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The Democratic Republic of Congo has become one of the world's bloodiest hot spots. 2003 saw the end of a five-year war in which millions lost their lives - one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II. Despite recent peace agreements and democratic elections, the country is still plagued by army and militia violence. Congo remains deeply troubled, since the deep-rooted causes of conflict have not been adequately addressed. The conflict in the DRC has divided opinion; some call it a civil war, or a war of aggression by the country's neighbours; others a continuation of Rwanda's Hutu-Tutsi conflict on Congolose soil, and a war of partition and pillage. The prevalence of rape and sexual violence has led some analysts to mark it out as a hidden ‘war against women'. Tom Turner's insightful book reveals how each of these descriptions accurately captures the separate elements of this complex and multidimensional political conflict. In exploring each of these contributory factors, he shows how current attempts to rebuild the shattered state and society of DRC are doomed to fail. So long as the full complexity of the Congo crisis is not taken into account and a clear consensus as to its precise dimensions reached, the future looks bleak. The DRC, he argues, will likely remain a global hot spot for some time to come.
Maps vi Abbreviations vii Preface xii Author’s Note xvi Introduction: Congo, a Perennial Hot Spot 1 1 Congo as a Playing Field 15 2 African Players on the Congo Field 46 3 Identity as a Driver of Conflict 74 4 Congo's War Against Women 120 5 Congo's "Resource Curse" 147 6 The Responsibility to Protect 179 Notes 205 Bibliography 226 Index 230
"This study is a remarkably compact and honest summary of incredibly complex events in Congo since 1998. Turner is among a handful of Congo observers with the breadth of knowledge and confidence to distill the country?s recent history in such an excellent manner. His digest of both the causes and consequences of Congo's recent tragedies will stimulate the thinking of laymen, students, and scholars alike." John F. Clark, Florida International University "The book on Congo that I have been waiting for: compact, powerful, and judicious. It is clear without oversimplifying the complexity. It provides an important historical perspective, and makes sexual violence central to the set of problems that need to be explained. Perfect for classroom use, and an excellent primer on the central issues for experts and readers of all hues." Nancy Rose Hunt, University of Michigan "With keen attention to historical detail, Turner offers a wide-ranging analysis of the political and humanitarian challenges posed by the Congo's agonies; no one seriously interested in taking the measure of the unfolding crisis can afford to ignore this compelling effort to make intelligible its never-ending quest for peace and stability." Rene Lemarchand, University of Florida"Thomas Turner has written a powerful book about the causes and consequences of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As an American academic and country specialist of Amnesty International, the author has achieved comprehensiveness in a compact and very accessible manner. Excellently researched and wellwritten, the text comes with many advantages, but none of the disadvantages of its academic peers. It is to be recommended as a substantial but digestible introduction to the country, while also offering a large number of facts and interesting reflections to those who are more familiar with it. It demonstrates great understanding of the Congolese context, while also bringing in new perspectives."Political Studies Review
Thomas Turner is a DRC country specialist for Amnesty International USA and author of The Congo Wars.

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