CompTIA PenTest+ Certification For Dummies

CompTIA PenTest+ Certification For Dummies

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von: Glen E. Clarke

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 26.10.2020
ISBN/EAN: 9781119633570
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<p><b>Prepare for the CompTIA PenTest+ certification <br /><br /></b>CompTIA's PenTest+ Certification is an essential certification to building a successful penetration testing career. Test takers must pass an 85-question exam to be certified, and this book—plus the online test bank—will help you reach your certification goal.</p> <p>C<i>ompTIA PenTest+ Certification For Dummies </i>includes a map to the exam’s objectives and helps you get up to speed on planning and scoping, information gathering and vulnerability identification, attacks and exploits, penetration testing tools and reporting, and communication skills.</p> <ul> <li>Pass the PenTest+ Certification exam and grow as a Pen Testing professional</li> <li>Learn to demonstrate hands-on ability to Pen Test</li> <li>Practice with hundreds of study questions in a free online test bank</li> <li>Find test-taking advice and a review of the types of questions you'll see on the exam</li> </ul> <p>Get ready to acquire all the knowledge you need to pass the PenTest+ exam and start your career in this growing field in cybersecurity!</p>
<p><b>Glen E. Clarke</b> has authored many certification books on topics such as A+, Network+, Security+, CCENT, and CCNA, among others. As an independent trainer and consultant, he creates and delivers courses on such certifications as Windows, SQL Server, A+, and Exchange Server. Glen holds a number of networking, programming, and IT security certifications.
<ul> <li>Use the online test bank to prep for the exam</li> <li>Learn the hands-on skills to perform a successful PenTest</li> <li>Earn the PenTest+ Certification and grow your career</li> </ul> <p><b>Easier prep for this essential certification</b> <p>The CompTIA PenTest+ certification assures an employer that you have the knowledge and skills needed to plan an assessment, perform penetration testing, analyze data, report results, and a whole lot more. This book, with its free online test bank and over 40 lab exercises, helps you gain real-world skills and prepare for the PenTest+ certification exam. You'll find everything you need to know plus a map to the exam objectives, test-taking tips, and samples of the questions you should expect on the test. <p><b>Inside, information on...</b> <ul> <li>Assessment planning</li> <li>Compliance requirements</li> <li>Performing vulnerability scans</li> <li>Analyzing data</li> <li>Identifying attacks and exploits</li> <li>Penetration testing tools</li> <li>Effectively reporting results</li> </ul>

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