College Students in the United States

College Students in the United States

Characteristics, Experiences, and Outcomes
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von: Kristen A. Renn, Robert D. Reason

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College Students in the United States accounts for contemporary and anticipated student demographics and enrollment patterns, a wide variety of campus environments and a range of outcomes including learning, development, and achievement. Throughout the book, the differing experiences, needs, and outcome of students across the range of “traditional” (18-24 years old, full-time students) and non-traditional (for example, adult and returning learners, veterans, recent immigrants) are highlighted. The book is organized, for use as a stand-alone resource, around Alexander Astin’s Inputs-Environment-Outputs (I-E-O) framework.
List of Figures and Tables vii Preface ix About the Authors xix PART ONE: INPUTS 1 1 Characteristics of College Students in the United States 3 2 The College Choice Process 28 3 Student Enrollment Patterns 45 PART TWO: ENVIRONMENTS 61 4 Transition to College 63 5 College Environments 82 6 Approaches to College Student Development 114 7 College Student Development Theories: Cognitive, Moral, and Psychosocial Identities 134 PART THREE: OUTCOMES 171 8 Retention and Persistence 173 9 Student Outcomes 197 10 Serving College Students in the United States, Today and Tomorrow 229 References 237 Name Index 277 Subject Index 283
Kristen A. Renn is an associate professor of higher, adult, & lifelong education at Michigan State University. She is a coauthor of Student Development in College: Theory, Research, and Practice, Second Edition (Jossey-Bass, 2010). Robert D. Reason is an associate professor of student affairs and higher education at Iowa State University. He has written many journal articles and contributed chapters including such important texts as in Student Services: A Handbook for the Profession, 5th Edition (Jossey-Bass, 2010).

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