Coaching Football For Dummies

Coaching Football For Dummies

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von: Greg Bach

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Few experiences are more rewarding than coaching a youth football team. Your journey through the season will be packed with moments that make you smile and that you and your players will remember for the rest of your lives. But what if you’ve never coached before? No worries! Coaching Football For Dummies is the fun and easy way to tackle the basics of coaching youth football. This friendly guide shows you how to teach your players effectively, regardless of their age or skill level, and lead your team to victory—even if you’re a first-time coach. You’ll discover how to: Develop a coaching philosophy Teach football fundamentals Encourage good sportsmanship Improve your team’s skills Ensure safety on the field Communicate effectively with parents Packed with valuable information on preparing your game plan before you even step on the field, this hands-on resource gives you expert guidance in building your coaching skills, from evaluating your players and running enjoyable, productive practices to working with all types of kids—uncoordinated, shy, highly talented—at once. You’ll find a variety of fun-filled drills for teaching everything from tackling and blocking to running and catching, as well as advanced drills to take your players’ skills up a notch. You’ll also see how to: Conduct a preseason parents’ meeting—an often overlooked aspect of coaching Gather the necessary gear and fit the equipment to your players Raise the level of play on offense, defense, and special teams Take steps to avoid injuries Deal with discipline issues and problem parents Make critical half-time adjustments Transition to coaching an All-Star Team Complete with tips for working with parents, keeping your players healthy, and leading your team effectively on game days, Coaching Football For Dummies is all you need—besides a whistle and a clipboard—to navigate your players through a safe, fun, rewarding season!
Introduction. Part I: Kids217; Play: Getting Started Coaching Football. Chapter 1: Teaching Football to Children. Chapter 2: Preparing for a Fun and Successful Season. Chapter 3: Tackling the Football Basics. Chapter 4: Meet the Parents. Part II: Building Your Football Coaching Skills. Chapter 5: Evaluating Your Team. Chapter 6: Running a Great Practice. Chapter 7: Game Day. Chapter 8: Refining Your Coaching Strategies. Part III: Working with Beginning and Intermediate Players. Chapter 9: Offensive Fundamentals. Chapter 10: Defensive and Special Teams Fundamentals. Chapter 11: Fundamental Warm-Ups and Drills for Beginners. Chapter 12: Coaching Football Offense 101. Chapter 13: Coaching Football Defense 101. Chapter 14: Taking Your Drills to the Next Level. Part IV: Advanced Football Strategies. Chapter 15: Coaching Offense 201. Chapter 16: Coaching Defense 201. Chapter 17: Coaching Special Teams. Chapter 18: Implementing Advanced Drills. Part V: The Extra Points. Chapter 19: Keeping Your Players Healthy. Chapter 20: Challenges Every Coach Faces. Chapter 21: Coaching an All-Star Team. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 22: (Almost) Ten Ways to Make the Season Memorable. Chapter 23: Ten Fun Ways to End the Season on a High Note. Index.
The National Alliance For Youth Sports provides a wide range of programs for coaches, administrators, officials, parents, and young athletes. Greg Bach is the Director of Communications for the Alliance.
Lead your team through a fun-filled season 212; even if you've never coached before! Packed with drills, play formations, and tips for game days The fun and easy way® to tackle the basics of coaching youth football Volunteering as a football coach can be a fun, rewarding experience, both for you and your team. But what if you've never coached before? Have no fear 212; this friendly guide explains the rules of football, giving you expert advice on teaching essential skills to different age groups, running great practices, and leading your team effectively during a game. Discover how to: Develop a coaching philosophy Teach fundamentals Encourage good sportsmanship Coach offense, defense, and special teams Ensure safety on the field Communicate effectively with parents THE DUMMIES WAY Explanations in plain English "Get in, get out" information Icons and other navigational aids Online cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun Get smart! Find listings of all our books Choose from many different subject categories Sign up for eTips at

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